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Janie_Roxx James working out again.. this time howie held this legs NT 1 10:31AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ivette is going to workout now.. Jam giving her instructions. NT 1 10:32AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape and Beau in the kitchen, looks like they are making something to eat.. NT 0 10:37AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Attention HG's there are new batteries in the storage room.. please destribute them NT 0 10:42AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Howie please go to the diary room (x2) NT 0 10:43AM 24/08/2005
notchbaby Beau in HOH robe, Maggie, April and Rachel chatting in kitchen. NT 0 10:45AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape, Maggot, Rach, & Beau talking in the kitchen (discussing a food comp.. pb&j) and making breakfast NT 0 10:46AM 24/08/2005
notchbaby Rachel, looking back on everything, this has really been a fun summer. NT 0 10:46AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Beau is going back to bed, and Janie went back to bed after changing her batteries. 0 10:49AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Janelle, Good Morning HG's its time to get up for the day. NT 0 10:51AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx ape is going to put on decent clothes and then she is going to play cards with maggot and rach. NT 0 10:53AM 24/08/2005
abbybb How wonders why they were so bent to get them up this morning.. 0 10:53AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Beau please go to the DR NT 0 10:54AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Rach is watching dishes again and how is talking to her NT 0 10:55AM 24/08/2005
abbybb Rach asks How if he said something nice in the DR..How assures her he did NT 0 10:56AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape: Did you already have to do your goodbyes? Mag: Yes. NT 0 10:56AM 24/08/2005
abbybb Rach saying she misses Bing and Grenier (sp) cherries NT 1 10:57AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Howie whispers to Rach. 0 10:59AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Iv is going to make BF for herself- well she said she was- but now shes talking to How 0 11:00AM 24/08/2005
abbybb Iv saying she mixes skim milk with Chocolate milk so it's not so rich and so it doesn't constipate her 0 11:02AM 24/08/2005
notchbaby Howie is having chocolate milk (shake?) with eggs in BY NT 0 11:02AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Iv was talking about how she made chocolate milk everyday... 0 11:03AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Ape please put on your mic NT 0 11:03AM 24/08/2005
notchbaby April has on green sweat pants with pink stripes down the side this morning. NT 0 11:03AM 24/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Ivette please go to the diary room. 0 11:04AM 24/08/2005
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