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More FISH NT - Toronto
9:16PM 27/08/2005

Back from FISH, Howie says there's a 100% chance of a luxury comp tomorrow. NT - Toronto
9:17PM 27/08/2005

James tells Ivette Janelle has not said a bad thing about her, but that she told James that Jen and April were Kaysar's assailants. - Toronto
9:22PM 27/08/2005
She said Rachal never said a bad thing about Ivette not Janelle NT - Deazne
9:27PM 27/08/2005

Maggie: I wonder if Ivette is going to flat out tell James [that he's being backdoored]. NT - Toronto
9:27PM 27/08/2005

Maggie says that chlorine in the hot tub smells like semen. NT - Toronto
9:28PM 27/08/2005

James opens the fridge and a glass falls out, scrapes his hand, and breaks on the floor. NT - Toronto
9:36PM 27/08/2005

After James cuts his hand on the glass, Ivette starts cleaning it up and James goes to get the glass out of his hands and then fish NT - boo2
9:37PM 27/08/2005

James is called to the DR room for the third time today; April complains that she has all the power and he's still called more. NT - Toronto
9:40PM 27/08/2005

James was summoned to the DR because BB wanted to know if he needed medical aid for his cut, which is bleeding through the bandage. NT - Toronto
9:49PM 27/08/2005

The houseguests cover the hot tub and prepare to enter the house. NT - Toronto
9:49PM 27/08/2005

April: Why is it that if he [James] tells her [Ivette] something, he's always right? Cut to FISH NT - Toronto
9:52PM 27/08/2005

April telling Janelle that James implied that if Janelle were evicted, the house would get cleaner. - Toronto
9:59PM 27/08/2005

Janelle: "Oh, Howie, you're a beeefcake!" Howie: "You're gorgeous-er!" NT - IhateAprilandJen
10:02PM 27/08/2005

Maggie and Beau start horseplaying by whipping each other with towels and slapping each other's bums. NT - Toronto
10:03PM 27/08/2005
They go to hug and Beau starts tickling Maggie, she is laughing hysterically, then FISH. NT - Sunflake
10:06PM 27/08/2005

Back from FISH, No more laughter, Maggie is picking glass out of her foot, glass went through the flip flop. James apologizes. - Sunflake
10:09PM 27/08/2005

James and Ivette discussing adoption and childbirth; Ivette wants to bear a child, James wants to adopt. NT - Toronto
10:09PM 27/08/2005

Ivette and James are playing coasters. James says that "someone stole a coaster - Disneyisme
10:09PM 27/08/2005
James asks Ivette how she would go about it, if she had a person - Disneyisme
10:11PM 27/08/2005

Ivette is asking James "why is it that the rockers have the best looking chicks? - Disneyisme
10:13PM 27/08/2005

James tells Ivette that Sarah wants to name her first daughter Isabella, then goes on to say that his father's and her father's name is James. NT - Toronto
10:15PM 27/08/2005

Ivette would like to have her child the first week of August. - Disneyisme
10:16PM 27/08/2005

James : I'll be 30 soon, and I'm still tryin to finish school, what kinda f-ed up life is that ? NT - bbfangurl86
10:17PM 27/08/2005

BB: Beau please center your microphone. NT - Janie_Roxx
10:17PM 27/08/2005

James says "In Miami no one has the name James. In Atlanta - Disneyisme
10:17PM 27/08/2005

James says he has 2 friends back at home that both want him to work for them in sales. - Disneyisme
10:21PM 27/08/2005

James: I'd propose to her [Sarah] when I got out of here if I had the money. NT - Toronto
10:22PM 27/08/2005

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