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april: 'it's a win-win-win-win-win-win for me to get this guy out of here.' - kaysar_and_janie
3:02PM 27/08/2005

April: "I know she (Ivette) says she's playing this game for one of this get-rich-quick" schemes NT - scoobydoo
3:03PM 27/08/2005
This was in answer to Maggie asking April - Disneyisme
3:04PM 27/08/2005

April and Maggie conversing in HoH room about Ivette - Toronto
3:04PM 27/08/2005

April is hoping that the game doesn't get gready when it comes down to - Disneyisme
3:07PM 27/08/2005

April tells Maggie "Don't tell anyone that I am leaving Howie up there for - Disneyisme
3:10PM 27/08/2005

Maggie: I think they threw the veto comp today. - Toronto
3:11PM 27/08/2005

April says that Janelle doesn't care if she leaves. April says that Janelle - Disneyisme
3:11PM 27/08/2005

april and maggie say janie threw the veto comp - kaysar_and_janie
3:12PM 27/08/2005

Maggie and April are heading downstairs now, April says to Maggie "I would - Disneyisme
3:12PM 27/08/2005

Howie assuring Janelle why it's in the best interest of the NH if they evict James. NT - Toronto
3:16PM 27/08/2005

Howie and Janelle are whispering in the GR testing each other on the color - Disneyisme
3:16PM 27/08/2005

Howie is reading the perks to Janelles vacation that she won. He says - Disneyisme
3:18PM 27/08/2005

Ivette pestering Maggie relentlessly to try her apple crisps; Maggie tells her she'll only spit it out, making it pointless. NT - Toronto
3:19PM 27/08/2005

Howie is now adding up the combinations to each safe to come up with - Disneyisme
3:20PM 27/08/2005

Now with James in the GR, Howie is saying how lucky Janelle is, that - Disneyisme
3:21PM 27/08/2005
Now they are talking about Vegas. Howie talks about all the new hotels and how his - Disneyisme
3:24PM 27/08/2005

Maggie called to DR as Howie discusses in GR his encounters with prostitutes and sexual exploits in Las Vegas. NT - Toronto
3:24PM 27/08/2005

James: My best friend was adopted.. FISH NT - DennisMontreal
3:26PM 27/08/2005

Beau is in the GR room now. James is talking about his buddy's birthday party bus - Disneyisme
3:27PM 27/08/2005

GR - Beau, James, Howie, Janelle - X Rated conversation about what Howie likes to do with hookers, Beau is extremely interested asking lots of - Suzan
3:30PM 27/08/2005

Howie is back to talking about the hookers he called to meet him in the lobby - Disneyisme
3:31PM 27/08/2005

Janelle and Beau are prompting Howie, he says "I've got pictures, I'm telling - Disneyisme
3:35PM 27/08/2005

Janelle asks Beau "how can you tell if a man is bi?" - Disneyisme
3:38PM 27/08/2005

Howie says he owns a Lexus, 2001 with 74,000 miles on it. Janelle asks "How much - Disneyisme
3:42PM 27/08/2005

Janelle asks Beau who his best friends are and Beau says I have 4 best friends, he starts to name them, then we get FISH NT - Disneyisme
3:44PM 27/08/2005
Just prior they were talking about who they know and what kind of cars they drive. NT - Disneyisme
3:44PM 27/08/2005

We now have a feed in the HOH, April says, "where's Beau?" - Disneyisme
3:48PM 27/08/2005

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