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Now Ivette and April are dredging up stuff Michael supposedly said trashing Ashlea NT - memyselfandi
1:16AM 27/08/2005

DANG! Ivette indirectly inuslted April by saying that she goes for faces more then bodies because a body can be fixed but a face can't unless you - fitty_little_me
1:24AM 27/08/2005

Now Ivette and April are picking apart Janelle's friendship with Ashlea - memyselfandi
1:25AM 27/08/2005

Now beeper discussion - memyselfandi
1:28AM 27/08/2005

April thinks one of the fish is waving at her, his "mama" as she, Ivette, Howie gaze at fish tank NT - memyselfandi
1:28AM 27/08/2005

Howie and Ivette speculate that another Double Eviction is coming soon NT - Nextgen
1:33AM 27/08/2005

April and Ivette head up to HOH bedroom - memyselfandi
1:39AM 27/08/2005

Howie finally went to bed; Janie went to the barracks to read the bible. - drummer_inblack
1:52AM 27/08/2005

All HG's asleep except Janie, who's reading the bible in the barracks. NT - drummer_inblack
1:53AM 27/08/2005

Janelle's the last one to go to sleep; All HG's are asleep now. NT - drummer_inblack
2:15AM 27/08/2005

All House guests still asleep. Veto Comp at 11:00 - JenniLee
7:24AM 27/08/2005

howie farts -- once, twice, three times -- and actually says sorry. not sure if his farts woke him up or if he was up already... NT - kaysar_and_janie
7:47AM 27/08/2005

Howie awake... uses WR. Brushes teeth. Looks at memory wall. Back to bed. NT - Veruta
8:00AM 27/08/2005

howie gets up, takes some meds, pees with door shut -- farts again and says "sorry, bb" - kaysar_and_janie
8:04AM 27/08/2005

FISH NT - Toronto
9:17AM 27/08/2005

Still Fish NT - JenniLee
9:30AM 27/08/2005

The houseguests all appear to have woken up. NT - Toronto
9:37AM 27/08/2005

The NH trying to pinpoint exactly when they all went to sleep; discussing Janelle's ability to fart on command. NT - Toronto
9:43AM 27/08/2005

Howie and James waking up for the day - fnfish
9:53AM 27/08/2005

James tells Janelle that they need to stop reading the Bible and praying to God and should instead start worshipping Eric. - Toronto
9:55AM 27/08/2005

Howie and James tell Janelle they should stop praying to... - heyace37
9:55AM 27/08/2005

James: You look a lot more stress-free this week, April. - Toronto
9:58AM 27/08/2005

We get a brief glimpse of the veto course, but not enough to determine what it exactly is. NT - Toronto
10:03AM 27/08/2005
POV symbol with padlock on it NT - symmadownow
10:04AM 27/08/2005

Cut to FISH NT - Toronto
10:03AM 27/08/2005

James joins the NH in the kitchen; Howie and Janelle stay in GR discussing her boobies. NT - Toronto
10:07AM 27/08/2005

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