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Friendship in kitchen - James, Jan, and Howie in GR. Howie rubbing Janelle's back in bed. NT - Bonita
10:07AM 27/08/2005
Sorry, yes, James is now in kitchen NT - Bonita
10:08AM 27/08/2005

April and Beau hypothesising what it would be like if Beau and her brother dated. NT - Toronto
10:14AM 27/08/2005

James and Maggie laughing about South Park. NT - Bonita
10:17AM 27/08/2005

Maggie whispers to April that either Janelle's or James's eviction would be beneficial to the Friendship. NT - Toronto
10:23AM 27/08/2005

Howie joins the NH in the kitchen for breakfast; Janelle remains alone in the GR. NT - Toronto
10:24AM 27/08/2005

Howie telling the houseguests how he used to work for Miss Cleo. NT - Toronto
10:27AM 27/08/2005
But was shut down cuz 1st min was suppose to be free, 2.99 after that,but he says they charged right away NT - PinkPanther
10:45AM 27/08/2005

Janelle asleep? in the GR, James and Ivette playing chess, Maggie, April, Beau & Howie eating/making breakfast. NT - Sunflake
10:29AM 27/08/2005

BB just showed outside... Veto comp... shows veto in the box and then it showed 3 HUGE vetos with locks on em. NT - makmadden
10:35AM 27/08/2005

Beau still cooking something, Howie, Mag, April at island eating. James & Ivette playing chess at the table. Nothing to report. NT - Sunflake
10:37AM 27/08/2005

April shouting at Janelle, ordering her to wake up. NT - Toronto
10:43AM 27/08/2005

Janelle finally gets out of bed and joins the rest in the kitchen. NT - Toronto
10:44AM 27/08/2005

Janelle now up and in the kitchen. April said something about "15 minutes" (POV is supposed to be at 11:00, 15 minutes from now). NT - Sunflake
10:45AM 27/08/2005

FISH. NT - Sunflake
10:47AM 27/08/2005

Back from FISH, HGs just wandering around kitchen same as before. NT - Sunflake
10:47AM 27/08/2005

FISH again NT - Toronto
10:48AM 27/08/2005

Back from FISH, James grooming in BR. NT - Toronto
10:51AM 27/08/2005

Back from FISH, all 4 feeds on James in the bathroom. NT - Sunflake
10:52AM 27/08/2005

Beau to James: Who are you playing for? James: No one. NT - Toronto
10:54AM 27/08/2005

FISH yet again NT - Toronto
10:55AM 27/08/2005

James & Beau - scoobydoo
10:56AM 27/08/2005
J said something like "because they can beat you" B: I can beat Howie NT - Rockett
10:59AM 27/08/2005

Back from FISH, James complaining to Jan in GR about how he hates not playing for PoV. NT - Toronto
10:56AM 27/08/2005

Janelle going to wear her one-piece bathing suit NT - scoobydoo
10:59AM 27/08/2005

Howie believes the comp may revolve around basketball because he heard balls being dribbled outside. NT - Toronto
11:01AM 27/08/2005

Like TV...the show is soft....then LOUD fish break in NT - Rockett
11:04AM 27/08/2005

Fish now up for 15 minutes, it would definately appear that the POV is under way. NT - fnfish
11:21AM 27/08/2005

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