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Topic #2304396
memyselfandi - Janelle and Howie whispering in gold room, she says James looks nervous 0 Replies #2304396 12:09AM 27/08/2005
Howie says that's a good sign. This is our week for redemption.

Howie says he has a good feeling she'll win the whole thing this year. Janelle says she doesn't have that feeling at all. They want her gone next after James.

Howie says this game is week-to-week. They can take April with them to the final three and tell her to f the friendship if she wants to win this game.

Janelle: I'm nervous still though because what if there's no power of veto.

Howie says but they know they're putting together one. And he says no one has forgotten all the crap James has pulled. No one wants to see him veto his way to the championship.

Howie said something about saving her with the veto, he blames himself for the loss in the HOH this week. And Janelle is saying you can't do that, but Howie is telling her he will. It's his fault they're in this mess. He's going to study his ass off.

Janelle says she just hates herself for... and Howie cuts her off. He is building up her confidence and telling her to look to the future and just get ready for the next HOH. He can't wait til Thursday.

Howie: I'm going to be as ready for this HOH as I have for anything this year. I am going to win this HOH Thursday, I promise you.

Janelle tells him he doesn't have to promise that.
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Topic #2304409
memyselfandi - April, Howie, Ivette in kitchen. Ape can't go to bed this early. Apparently James was called to DR during Fish. NT 0 Replies #2304409 12:12AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304425
memyselfandi - James leaves DR and joins April and Howie for chit-chat in kitchen NT 0 Replies #2304425 12:15AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304435
memyselfandi - April says it's too early to go to bed and there's no benadryl 0 Replies #2304435 12:19AM 27/08/2005
She goes to Gold room to ask Janelle for it. They just gave her advil cold and sinus.

Janelle compliments April on her shirt, asks to borrow it some time. April says she can and says it's from some shee-shee boutique in Houston.

She invites her out for hot chocolate in kitchen.
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Topic #2304449
memyselfandi - When James was 22 he weighed 188 and had 22 percent body fat. 0 Replies #2304449 12:24AM 27/08/2005
But the biggest he's ever been is 192 with 10 percent body fat, when he hit the gym hard but he separated his shoulder and now he's down to 175.

More Janelle calling herself fat as she eats more apple crisp. April tells Howie he looks like sh!t, his eyes are glassy like he's sick or something.

April is whining about not being able to sleep.

Camera zooms in on "It's time to get in shape" sign as Janelle drops two scoops of ice cream on her apple crisp.

More chit-chat.

April: "What is so jacked up is Ivette was saying season 5 had so many more luxury comps than we've had."

Howie talks about how all the people who got to watch four brothers aren't here now. That was bad luck.
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Topic #2304469
memyselfandi - Ivette says what is screwing her in BB is that she's not selfish NT 0 Replies #2304469 12:32AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304471
drummer_inblack - FISH. NT 0 Replies #2304471 12:33AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304493
memyselfandi - James/Howie educating April/Ivette on fiber and body plumbing 0 Replies #2304493 12:37AM 27/08/2005
Howie: Cheese is a binder. It'll bind your ass up.

Howie is telling them to eat apple and pears. James says you really shouldn't use fruit to be your fiber.
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Topic #2304501
memyselfandi - Janie tells April if they're in sequester together Janelle would hook April up with her big bottle of xanax NT 0 Replies #2304501 12:39AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304513
memyselfandi - FISH again as Janelle talks about some "busted" looking porn star in talk with Ivette/James/Howie/April in kitchen NT 0 Replies #2304513 12:43AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304521
Fable - Ivette says Janelle was in better shape at Fight Club.....(Pre-show hotel).... 0 Replies #2304521 12:45AM 27/08/2005
Janelle says she wasn't, she only went to the gym once. Ivette says "no that isn't true I saw you in there all the time." Janelle says, "I think you are thinking of someone else" Ivette says, "No, I know exactly who I'm talking about, I saw you there more then once, and I know that because you are the only person who I thought was a threat" Janelle laughs "I never saw you as a threat"
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Topic #2304532
memyselfandi - James is just pacing around the kitchen sullen and aimless 0 Replies #2304532 12:49AM 27/08/2005
as Ivette/April/Janelle/Howie bust up with laughter at each other's stories.

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Topic #2304538
memyselfandi - F1 just zoomed in on something on memory wall. There was a bunny or squirrel or other stuffed animal on the top left picture. NT 1 Replies #2304538 12:50AM 27/08/2005
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Deazne - It's Jennifer's Kangaroo, April put it on her key NT #2304619 1:04AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304545
memyselfandi - Now F1 has boots placed under a gold room bed like someone is looking for something under it NT 0 Replies #2304545 12:51AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304548
Fable - Howie, Ivette and April learn something new about Janie..... 0 Replies #2304548 12:52AM 27/08/2005
Janelle can fart on command.... and she demonstrates... LOL

She asks them not to tell anyone
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Topic #2304557
memyselfandi - Beau comes down from HOH room for kegel muscles discussion 3 Replies #2304557 12:53AM 27/08/2005
He opens fridge and gets some water.

Janelle is telling them she takes a lot of fiber pills which leads ot more farting talk. Howie doesn't say silent but deadly, he says silent but violent.
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awshucks - It's Ivette who says "silent but violent." Howie decides he likes it better than "silent but deadly." NT #2304569 12:55AM 27/08/2005
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Fable - and they are refering to April's, when they are talking about this..... TMI? NT #2304573 12:56AM 27/08/2005
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memyselfandi - Beau is going back upstairs now. April says she and ivette will beup in a min. NT #2304566 12:54AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304578
Fable - F3 &F4 showing James reading the bible NT 1 Replies #2304578 12:57AM 27/08/2005
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Fable - Now he went into the GR....and said to himself "It's one o'clock in the morning"... NT #2304584 12:58AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304579
memyselfandi - James is reading the Bible intently in gold room NT 0 Replies #2304579 12:57AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304585
memyselfandi - April and Ivette doing more speculation that Janelle is not conservative enough for Michael NT 1 Replies #2304585 12:58AM 27/08/2005
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Fable - April saying that Michael told her he doesn't want his GF wearing skimpy outfits out NT #2304612 1:03AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304607
Fable - Ivette thinks Howie is better looking then Michael. NT 0 Replies #2304607 1:03AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304624
Fable - James has gone to bed in GR - Howie, Ivette, April, Janelle still talking in kitchen NT 0 Replies #2304624 1:06AM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2304626
memyselfandi - Ivette and April still trying to talk Janelle out of her Michael crush 0 Replies #2304626 1:06AM 27/08/2005
Ivette says he is creepy. April says Janelle should find someone in the same city since he's in California. They are discussing Michael licking Rachel's arm and how weird that was.

Ivette says he is very Euro.
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Topic #2304646
memyselfandi - Ivette is doing her Janelle impression right in front of Janie now 0 Replies #2304646 1:10AM 27/08/2005
She's doing the hair toss and Oh Howie you big beefcake that she usually does behind Janelle's back and Janelle is just laughing at her.

Now it's back to hating on Michael. She's complaining about Michael joke slapping Howie on the back the first week and Howie doesn't even seem to remember it because he is not contributing to the story.

Ivette: His behavior is So... Uncalled for.

April is now telling her own Michael freaked out story.

Janelle says Michael just made her laugh a lot.

Then Ivette makes April lay down flat on kitchen table so Ivette can demonstrate the Michael butt-biting incident.

Ivette is also bothered by something Michael said about how much money he made outside of BB and how he was here for a vacation and he didn't need this.

Janelle is trying to get them to admit he was funny. They won't.

Ivette is bothered by him quoting a lot of movies.

Howie is cracking up by Ivette remembering things Michael said word for word. He says Ivette has a good memory for that.
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Topic #2304649
Fable - Ivette and April are doing demonstrations of what Michael did to them.... 0 Replies #2304649 1:11AM 27/08/2005
April demonstrates on Ivette how Michael came up and faked kissed her, then Ivette gets April to lay on her tummy on the table.. and bites April's butt the way Michael apparently did to her.
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Topic #2304656
Mrguytvblog - group talks about 'i am sam' movie in kitchen and ivette says "remember the one retard who use to say 'wizard of oz, wizard of oz'." NT 0 Replies #2304656 1:13AM 27/08/2005
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