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Topic #2307359
Toronto - April: They [BB] said we're going to be locked in for a while. 0 Replies #2307359 1:45PM 27/08/2005
She also asked Janelle if she was taking Michael with her on her trip to the Bahamas, to which Janelle vehemently replied, "I'm not taking Michael!"
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Topic #2307369
Seny - Ivette is begging maggie to try the apple crisp she just made 0 Replies #2307369 1:46PM 27/08/2005
james has been called to the diary room
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Topic #2307374
Toronto - James summoned to DR. NT 0 Replies #2307374 1:46PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307382
Seny - Janie is helping ivette with the apple crisp NT 0 Replies #2307382 1:47PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307384
kaysar_and_janie - james called to dr. ivette asks janie if james knows he's going up. 0 Replies #2307384 1:47PM 27/08/2005
janie says he's freaking out.

ivette and janie are making april crisp.
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Topic #2307395
kaysar_and_janie - ivette imitating 'oh, boy' lines. NT 0 Replies #2307395 1:47PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307404
Seny - Ivette is making fun of howie and janie 0 Replies #2307404 1:48PM 27/08/2005
in an obnoxious voice ivette is saying JANIE YOUR SUCH A BEEFCAKE HOWIE YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL GEE GOLLY YOUR SO PERDY GEE GOLLY. April is gossiping as usual
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Topic #2307416
scoobydoo - April & Maggie Convo 0 Replies #2307416 1:49PM 27/08/2005
April: Let's say we send Janelle home this week and James wins HOH. He puts up Howie but he still has to put one of us up.

Maggie: I know.
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Topic #2307417
Seny - Ivette said Id like you all to look for the word "weak" in the dictionary NT 0 Replies #2307417 1:50PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307425
Doofannes - (After she leaves DR) April to Maggie: Let's say I send Janelle home this week 0 Replies #2307425 1:50PM 27/08/2005
James gets HOH. He puts up Howie and then--? He has to put up one other person.

Maggie: I want to talk to you later, sometime when others can't hear.
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Topic #2307467
Seny - maggie called to storage room to exchange micraphone NT 0 Replies #2307467 1:55PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307504
scoobydoo - Janelle wants to go to Thailand, Fiji or Tahiti NT 0 Replies #2307504 1:59PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307506
kaysar_and_janie - janie says the only place she's going is home to minnesota when bb is over NT 0 Replies #2307506 1:59PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307514
scoobydoo - April having imaginary conversation with her dog 0 Replies #2307514 1:59PM 27/08/2005
April: "Roni, are you proud of your mama today? Give me a kiss." (makes kissing noises)
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Topic #2307517
Seny - Update from 1:55 to 2:00 0 Replies #2307517 2:00PM 27/08/2005
April is talking about the bahamas and janies vacation telling her not to go right away because its cold

Maggie is doing situps on the floor, its actualy kind of funny shes practicly in the middle of the kitchen doing it..

Lockdown is still on due to the veto comp cleanup

Howie and janie and beau are talking about the airport

Janie said as soon as she gets back she will be happy to be in minisota

They continue to talk about cruises and the bahamas

More to come in 5 mins

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Topic #2307525
kaysar_and_janie - beau going on about his trips to bahamas...'i don't think i've ever paid to go.' 0 Replies #2307525 2:01PM 27/08/2005
talking about a 27-bedroom treehouse that he was invited to.
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Topic #2307535
Doofannes - April: America, I really want to talk to my husband. NT 0 Replies #2307535 2:02PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307537
kaysar_and_janie - april asks america to let her talk to her husband. NT 0 Replies #2307537 2:02PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307539
scoobydoo - April: I thought there was going to be a phone call in one of those safes 0 Replies #2307539 2:02PM 27/08/2005
Beau: That would be an America's Choice.

April: I really wanna talk to my husband.

Howie: If I get it, you can have it. My family goes two months without me talking to them anyway.
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Topic #2307547
scoobydoo - Ivette: If April gets a phone call before, 1 Replies #2307547 2:03PM 27/08/2005
I'll be mad (or something like that).

Ivette jealous everyone else has photos. April yells, "How is that our fault?"
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Doofannes - I think she said she'd "cut (April) to pieces" NT #2307567 2:05PM 27/08/2005
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Topic #2307552
kaysar_and_janie - evilette complaining she doesn't have any pictures bc she hasn't won. maggie says 'how is that our fault.' 0 Replies #2307552 2:03PM 27/08/2005
howie, 'if james was nice, he'd give me a veto. james, you should cash in those vetoes for cash.'
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Topic #2307556
Toronto - Janelle called to DR by BB. 0 Replies #2307556 2:04PM 27/08/2005
Ivette reminds her to not to forget all her prizes.
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Topic #2307562
Seny - Update from 2:00 to 2:05 0 Replies #2307562 2:04PM 27/08/2005
Houseguests are now talking about getting a phonecall and americas choice (its really the worlds choice tho because im from canada and i voted kayser back in so did my friend from austrailia so i dont no why they call it americas choice)

ivette is complaining about how many family pictures the houseguests have and that its not fair April: ITS NOT OUR FAULT?

Howie is on about james always winning vetos again

Janelle called to the diary room

Ivette said dont forget all your prizes vefore u go to the diary room (mean)

Howie is holding a giant purple power of veto they are arguing about what color they were representing in the POV compitition. they are yelling now
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Topic #2307609
kaysar_and_janie - evilette says silver keys should've been just for prize, not veto 0 Replies #2307609 2:10PM 27/08/2005
evilette says it would have been interesting to see who would waste time trying for the prize before the veto.

maggie: 'you already know the answer to that one,' referring to janie, implying she's greedy, i think.
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Topic #2307614
scoobydoo - James wants to play chess with Ivette in the Gold Room 1 Replies #2307614 2:11PM 27/08/2005
Ivette: Why the Gold room?
James says something about being irritable and wanting to get away.
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Toronto - Maggie asks James why he doesn't play chess on the dining room table. James: Don't want to. NT #2307625 2:12PM 27/08/2005
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