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Topic #2321650
billw84 - Howie's face on Feed1, Ceiling view on Feed 3, seems to be second guessing himself NT 0 Replies #2321650 2:29AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321654
billw84 - Howie completely hiding himself under the covers NT 0 Replies #2321654 2:30AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321670
billw84 - Mission complete... Howie's jerked it... throwing away the tissues and condom NT 1 Replies #2321670 2:34AM 29/08/2005
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billw84 - "Godd*mn, its great to blow a f*ckin load! Heavenly.... Woo! " NT #2321697 2:43AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321683
billw84 - Howie tosses the "stuff" in the kitchen garbage bin.. celebrating with chocolate NT 0 Replies #2321683 2:38AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321705
amIsane - How in shower and brushing his teeth NT 0 Replies #2321705 2:47AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321740
amIsane - How eating something and looking at HG pictures on the wall NT 0 Replies #2321740 3:03AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321746
amIsane - Howie seems to be studying for HOH comp...sitting in front of HG pic wall NT 0 Replies #2321746 3:08AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2321755
amIsane - How in bed now NT 0 Replies #2321755 3:17AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322073
Veruta - All HGs still sleeping NT 0 Replies #2322073 7:01AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322203
Veruta - Still no morning movement by the HGs. NT 0 Replies #2322203 8:00AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322340
PawPrint74 - TRANSCRIPT - April, Beau, Maggie - Sunday August 28 - 5:00 p.m. BBT - TRANSCRIPT 0 Replies #2322340 8:36AM 29/08/2005
NOTE TO READER FROM TRANSCRIPTIONIST: Please note that my transcripts are USUALLY from the previous day's conversations. Sometimes you'll get A morning conversation transcript that same evening, but it's usually going to be the previous day's conversations. You'll also notice that I generally post the transcripts in the morning when a lot of the houseguests are still sleeping. I figure it gives the fans of BB something to read out there while nothing is going on in the house. I am a court reporter so I am working during the day, but I record the feeds and come home and transcribe some of the conversations so you, the readers, have a very in-depth and real feel for what's going on in the house. I certify that my transcripts are true and correct to the best of my professional ability. I am a certified machine shorthand writing, so these transcripts are verbatim.

Sunday - August 28, 2005 - Around 5:00 p.m. BBT.
APRIL: I was like, "Janelle, you have a huge target on your back. You've won everything and anything in this f*cking house."
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: "For you to think that you don't have a target on your back" --
BEAU: Right.
APRIL: -- "that would be stupid."
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: And then, she's like, "Well, is everyone saying" -- I don't even really know what she was talking about, but I was like, "Look. The deal is, I'm sick of the he said/she said sh*t. I just want to let you know I don't believe James; I don't believe you; and I don't believe Howie."
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: "So let's just stop all the game playing, because if I'm going to believe James, then I need to believe y'all."
BEAU: Right.
APRIL: "If I'm going to believe y'all, I need to believe James."
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: "So, therefore, I don't believe anything that y'all say."
BEAU: Right. That's why I --
APRIL: None of it.
BEAU: That's why I just say --
APRIL: That's the best --
BEAU: Totally.
APRIL: -- thing to say. It's not fair to take sides here. I don't believe any of them.
BEAU: Exactly.
APRIL: And I'm not going to. So -- I mean, I was very nice to her. I just wish -- it just makes me really sad -- because I told her, I was like, you know, "If money wasn't at the end of this game, people would be acting so differently."
BEAU: Of course.
APRIL: Bottom line.
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: And --
[Maggie enters the HOH room.]
MAGGIE: I'm so -- I'm all, "Ooh, Janelle, what did you do? Everyone got up." I'm sorry. It's bringing out some really sh*ttiness in me. It is.
APRIL: They're all mean. They're all --
MAGGIE: Did you hear what I said to Howie about leaving?
BEAU: No. What did you say?
MAGGIE: I said, "Howie, what happened? When we were all going to talk about how we felt about each other, you left."
BEAU: Um-hmm. What did he say?
MAGGIE: He was like, "What do you mean, Maggie? I wanted to come see how Ivette was doing."
APRIL: He avoids -- they're all liars. They're all liars.
MAGGIE: I said, "You're not" -- I said, "You didn't avoid confrontation because you started one with April, so that wasn't it."
BEAU: Yeah. Oh, my Lord.
APRIL: What do you -- what do you think?
BEAU: I'm done with them. I mean, honestly, it's just like one thing after another. I mean, and today was like the icing on the cake, when I'm outside, everyone was like "Where's everybody?" You know, and Howie is talking to me, "So do you think we're" -- "Are we going on with the deal? Are we going on with the deal?" I'm like, "I guess." I mean, you know, "Ask April. I mean, have you asked her?" "No. Well, I'll ask her; I'll ask her," you know. I'm just -- you know, like, whatever. And then Janelle comes out. She's like, "Oh, you know, I just went upstairs, you know, and James is like consoling her, and I'm sure he's talking sh*t about me."
APRIL: And James just now said that he wasn't talking sh*t about Janelle. Yes, he was.
BEAU: When I walked up here and he's like, you know, "Janelle didn't deserve it," that's sh*t talk. Whatever you --
BEAU: However you define it, if you don't say that somebody else deserves it in front of somebody else, that's sh*t talk. [This is what Beau said. Probably meant "If you say somebody else does not deserve it..."]
APRIL: He said, "I told y'all that they were bad people." Is that not sh*t talking? That's sh*t talking.
BEAU: Of course.
APRIL: Everyone was sh*t talking.
MAGGIE: He wants to say --
BEAU: He's told -- he's told them --
MAGGIE: -- someone evil -- or whatever.
BEAU: He's told them that he's going after you guys if he gets HOH. He's told us that he's going after them if he gets HOH.
APRIL: I believe that.
MAGGIE: Right.
BEAU: Point blank, he's sh*t talking everyone, and he's making everybody against everybody else, and whatever.
APRIL: That's why you don't -- don't -- don't believe him.
BEAU: I don't believe him; I don't believe Howie; and I don't believe Janelle.
APRIL: Yeah. And that's what we need to all say: "We don't believe any of y'all." And that's why I went up to James, and I said, "James" --
MAGGIE: Wait. Shhh. Where's the spy screen, because he's right outside the door.
BEAU: Who is?
MAGGIE: No, he's right downstairs.
APRIL: And James is like, "April, you know, I know I might be getting backdoored, but I just really -- if you pick me, I will feel personally -- I will -- I will take it personal because that just means that they won over me."
MAGGIE: [Burps.] Yeah.
APRIL: This isn't a win -- whatever.
BEAU: First of all, it's not about him.
APRIL: It's not about him.
BEAU: It's not.
APRIL: It's not. And he said, "I stopped playing the game three weeks ago, and I don't want to play it anymore." And I was like, "Let me tell you something, James. I have to think somewhat for myself in this game. You will not put up Ivette nor Beau, which he would put you up as soon as he --
BEAU: Yeah, of course.
APRIL: You know what I'm saying?
-- as soon as he could, but not Ivette.
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: Which he'll never deny that. He won't.
BEAU: Right.
APRIL: And I was like --
MAGGIE: Who cares?
APRIL: -- "Let's say next week you f*cking stay here, you win HOH, you put up Howie, I am most likely next to Howie or Maggie, one of us will be next to Howie." I was like, "You will never put up" --
MAGGIE: The only way to make sure that the two of them are up at the same time --
APRIL: We keep them around --
BEAU: Yeah, exactly.
APRIL: -- and we win.
APRIL: We've gotta win for that to happen.
BEAU: We have to.
MAGGIE: Right. For one of them to go home, yeah.
APRIL: But if James -- if James -- I mean, anyway, so he said --
MAGGIE: Any way you slice it --
[Note from transcriptionist: I am so tired of Maggie saying "any way you slice it." It makes me gag. Sorry for the interruption. Transcription continues.]
-- it sucks if they win HOH.
APRIL: He was trying to tell me -- and I said, "Wait, wait, wait." I was like, "I don't know why you're just saying me, because if you think that I didn't get my group's opinion as well" --
BEAU: Right.
APRIL: I was like, "It's not all about me, James, and what I think." I was like, "I talk to my group as well, and I value everyone's opinion."
MAGGIE: Right.
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: "So me doing what I might do tomorrow is not just my decision."
MAGGIE: That's right.
BEAU: Right.
APRIL: I was like, "So this isn't just a one-way deal." I was like, "It's" -- you know...
James is lying; they're lying, bottom f*cking line, because that's whenever --
BEAU: Everybody's a f*cking liar.
APRIL: -- I know Jan- -- I know Ivette got p*ssed, but I -- he kept trying to say that he has not lied at all, so finally I said --
MAGGIE: No? No, he didn't?
APRIL: I was like -- yeah. So finally I said, "Well, for instance, I know you've lied, because you told Ivette that I was campaigning against Jennifer." He denied that. He was like, "I never said that." I was like, "Well, that's what Ivette told me, and the only people I trust in this house are Maggie, Beau, Ivette and myself."
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: "Those are the only people I believe, so if she told me that, I believe you said it." He was like, "I never said it like that. I just said that you wanted my vote for Jennifer, and Jennifer said she wanted my" -- and I'm like, "Whatever, whatever. You're just trying to dig yourself out of a f*cking hole now."
MAGGIE: Anyhow, I was outside and Janelle goes -- as I was leaving, I said, "Whoa, what happened, guys?"
APRIL: Because we all got up and left.
BEAU: I got up and left, walked inside --
MAGGIE: James got up and left. You got up and left, and I was out there picking up the towels and the pillows. And I said, "What happened, guys?" Janelle goes, "I don't know what I did." I said, "Oh, you know what's going on."
BEAU: It's funny because --
MAGGIE: "Y'all" --
BEAU: -- Howie even said that next week is every one man for its own. I'm like, "Good." I was like, "Exactly, because your buddy, Janelle, will f*cking kick your *ss out of here anyway."
MAGGIE: Well, if that's true, then he needs to take out Janelle because she's the strongest player. It's not every man for himself.
BEAU: No sh*t.
MAGGIE: He would much rather see --
BEAU: Well, next week he's -- I mean, he's probably -- he even said that if he gets up next -- he goes, "Before," he goes, "I would have saved Janie or she would have saved me." I'm like, "Well, next week is a different story." He goes, "I know. I can't save anybody else but myself." I'm like, "Yep, exactly."
[Feeds time out.]
NOTE TO READERS: This is the first of many conversations I have from yesterday. I will be posting yesterday's conversations throughout the day today. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my transcripts.
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Topic #2322443
Veruta - Howie awake. Uses WC. Brushes teeth. Takes asthma inhaler... NT 0 Replies #2322443 9:02AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322450
Veruta - Howie kisses Janelle on the cheek. Back to bed in GR. NT 0 Replies #2322450 9:04AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322462
Veruta - Janelle up. Uses WC. Rinses fingers. Back to bed in MBR. NT 0 Replies #2322462 9:06AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322690
Veruta - James up for the day. Storage room battery change. Using WC. NT 0 Replies #2322690 10:00AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322752
John_DK_ - A few mins ago BB announced Veto ceremony in 90 mins. So that should be around 11:30am BBT. NT 0 Replies #2322752 10:10AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322838
Veruta - James taking over Rachel's morning duties. Cleaning. Washing towels. Hanging out in the BY. NT 0 Replies #2322838 10:31AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322879
lacycatherine - James is in the weight room working out NT 0 Replies #2322879 10:35AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322881
Veruta - James working out in gym. NT 0 Replies #2322881 10:36AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322909
lacycatherine - FISH NT 0 Replies #2322909 10:40AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322913
Veruta - Maggie up using HoH WC. FISH NT 0 Replies #2322913 10:40AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322948
Veruta - Feed back from morning wakeup song. Lights on, HGs moving around. NT 0 Replies #2322948 10:48AM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2322964
Veruta - Maggie and April in HoH talking about April's snoring. 0 Replies #2322964 10:50AM 29/08/2005
April: I couldn't breathe
Maggie: It was so friggin' cute.
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Topic #2322974
Veruta - Howie recalling last night's.... *adult* 0 Replies #2322974 10:52AM 29/08/2005

Howie: I was thinking of jenny and ray-ray. I was thinking of Jenny's shaved muffin.

Shows everyone the condom he used from the trash can. HGs screaming.
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Topic #2322985
Veruta - Howie in BY continuing recalling last night's.... *adult* 0 Replies #2322985 10:55AM 29/08/2005
jerking off session.

Howie: Two f*cking months since I blew a load.
Howie: I made a jack shack, and [BB] told me to get rid of it.
Howie: I can be in and out [of jack shack] in 30 seconds.
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