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Topic #2328537
just1fan - April: Winning HOH was the best day of my entire life. NT 0 Replies #2328537 9:54PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2328620
shesblazzzing - April complaining... 0 Replies #2328620 10:06PM 29/08/2005
that Janelle asked her for "some f*cking Oreos" and April said "take the F out."

(Ed- What a hypocrite!! Every other word out of Ape's mouth is the F-shot)
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Topic #2328629
shesblazzzing - April and Mag working Ivette 0 Replies #2328629 10:08PM 29/08/2005
Telling Ivette that Janelle said that James promised to take her to the end because he knew he could win against her. Ivette says she told James that if that was true, he wouldn't have their votes because he played dirty like them (J/H, I'm assuming).
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Topic #2328670
boo2 - Ivette: the REAL reason America picked Janie to win is because my alliance wtih james NT 0 Replies #2328670 10:12PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2328675
Suzan - I/M/A obsessed with Janelle - trashing everything about her. Her heigth, the fact that she doesn't sweat when she works out 1 Replies #2328675 10:12PM 29/08/2005
she doesn't put her hair up to workout. Then talk about how her heigth helped her in the competitions.

Ivette says Janelle is just trying to stir up sh*t.
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Suzan - They are watching the spy cam where they've got it on the LR. Beau, Howie and Janelle are in there having fun - this is giving them fuel for their #2328707 10:15PM 29/08/2005
Janelle bashing. Maggie comments that Beau entertains them.

Ivette commented that they (H/J) are trying to prove that Ivette has an alliance with James. Evidentially earlier in the kitchen someone said "you take away Howie and Janelle has nobody".

Maggie saying she's not going to raise her voice in the HOH because she really thinks they can hear. April comments on being all "zitted up for Julie". Maggie tells her she'll have makeup on.

Maggie's going to take the watermelon back downstairs now. She's been in bed the last couple of hours.

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Topic #2328721
Suzan - Ivette now retelling an earlier conversation in the kitchen 0 Replies #2328721 10:17PM 29/08/2005
the comment was made that if you take away Howie Janelle has nobody and Howie said well James has Ivette.
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Topic #2328732
Suzan - April back to their NEED to get "them out" that they should review, review review 0 Replies #2328732 10:18PM 29/08/2005
review tomorrow and Wednesday and she's hoping HOH comp is a skill. Telling Ivette that the HOHs are so important. Saying during the day she doesn't think about it then when she gets ready to lay down she can't sleep because she's thinking about it.
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Topic #2328774
Suzan - Screams can be heard as Beau chases Maggie around the kitchen and up the HOH stairs NT 1 Replies #2328774 10:22PM 29/08/2005
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Suzan - Everyone but James is now in the HOH, Beau and MAggie still goofing with her screaming. Ivette wants them to stop - #2328800 10:25PM 29/08/2005
JAnelle asked April for more cookies and April complains that she hasn't even had one. Beau has been chasing Maggie with a water bottle trying to touch her with the cold. April now complaining the bed has a wet spot because of it.
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Topic #2328781
InTheCave - Jan/Howie/Beau in LR. Beau still grooming Howie.... 0 Replies #2328781 10:23PM 29/08/2005
All engage in play fight talking.
Repeated use of the phrase, "That's a foot foul!"
Beau finds an ingrown hair on Howie's nipple.
They all mock Janelle's hosting the POV Candy Competition (including Janelle--one of only 3 people capable of self-mockery).
J & B both tell Howie that he needs to shower more and that he stinks.
Janie says that if Julie ever asks her what she would do with the money if she wins, she will say that she will take Howie shopping because she feels sorry for his pathetic wardrobe.
Janie asks Beau what could she possibly give Beau to j@rk Howie off. Her PB&J pass?

Man the feeds suck (technically speaking) tonight.
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Topic #2328805
MonsterDubs - jan, howie, and beau come up to hoh to ask for oreos iv sits and looks flabbergasted that they asked for them. maggie and beau begin to wrestle 0 Replies #2328805 10:26PM 29/08/2005
giggling like school girls and screeching. jan and howie leave- someone says jan should take her skanky breath having self out of their room (may not be exact wording). beau begins to say he was violated by howie-howie grabbed his "c**k."
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Topic #2328821
shesblazzzing - April whining about "them" (Jan/Howie) taking all her Oreos. Boo hoo. NT 0 Replies #2328821 10:27PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2328828
Suzan - Okay here's the bashing of Janelle for coming into the HOH for more oreo's Ivette is still stuck on Janelle didn't share her HOH goodies 0 Replies #2328828 10:28PM 29/08/2005
I: where are they? They are on her ass
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Topic #2328954
Janellefan02 - Fish NT 0 Replies #2328954 10:45PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2329180
drummer_inblack - Around the feeds in the last little while (through the periodic interruptions of FISH) 0 Replies #2329180 11:27PM 29/08/2005
F1 & F2 Janelle in bathroom, showering and cleaning up her face; Howie coming in and talking more about possible HOH questions.

F3 & F4 Friendsheep in HOH room, Ivette getting berated by BB to put her mic on, Maggie getting scolded for talking about her DR sessions; and just general bash chat going on amongst them all the rest of the time.
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Topic #2329219
drummer_inblack - Jan & Howie talk about blackheads. Howie: "Everyone in the world has blackheads. President Bush has blackheads." (LOL) NT 0 Replies #2329219 11:33PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2329259
drummer_inblack - James joins How/Jan in BR (BB is keeping him up because of the NH) 1 Replies #2329259 11:41PM 29/08/2005
James: "You guys'll have to pick on someone else this week after i'm gone."

Howie: "April was telling us you were swearing to God you were gonna put us up."

James: "Here's what sucks: there are 12 people in this house, and not one can get a friggin story straight."
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kfndawg - actually he wasn't counting himself or sarah so that makes it 12 NT #2329324 11:59PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2329277
InTheCave - James to Howie & Janelle in Bathroom: "You guys are all f&(king idiots... 0 Replies #2329277 11:46PM 29/08/2005
8/29/05 11:42PM BBT - James to Howie & Janelle in Bathroom: "You guys are all f&(king idiots. 12 people in this house and not one of you can get a friggin story straight." Then goes on to explain his swearing on the Bible incident. "I said, 'If they (Howie & Rachel) throw one more HOH contest, I will put them up because that would mean they're not working for the team. Those were my exact words.'"

Anyone have vidcap of James/Ivette in Gym with the Bible swear?
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Topic #2329284
drummer_inblack - FISH. NT 0 Replies #2329284 11:48PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2329292
drummer_inblack - Back from FISH, James/Howie/Janelle are in the BY; Jam/Howie are at the table, Janie's doing her laundry. NT 0 Replies #2329292 11:50PM 29/08/2005
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