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Iris Ap and Jan playing Jenga on the coaster table. NT 0 6:44PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Ivette says the meal shall be ready in ninety minutes or so. NT 0 6:47PM 31/08/2005
Iris Beau is talking about decorating purses and jeans with his bedazzler. NT 0 6:48PM 31/08/2005
Iris Ap and Jan still playing Jenga. Iv says she loves Jenga, then asks: "How do you say it?" They all say "JENGA!" NT 0 6:48PM 31/08/2005
Iris Iv teasing James she'll be right behind him in sequester. This catered meal seems to have really cheered everyone up. Still no site of Mag. NT 0 6:49PM 31/08/2005
Iris Iv reading the history of pirate ships from the kit Howie got. (Ed: I'm out for the night!) NT 0 6:50PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Ivette reads the needed materials to assemble the model pirate ship and realises he doesn't have all of them. NT 0 6:52PM 31/08/2005
amIsane April screams as the jenga falls when she places a piece on top. LOL NT 0 6:53PM 31/08/2005
Goddess200xxx Janie won against April in Jenga! NT 0 6:53PM 31/08/2005
Toronto James summoned to DR and April screams at losing in Jenga [Why did I think Ivette?] NT 0 6:53PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Ivette collapses on floor in unbridled pleasure at the prospect of fried ice cream. NT 0 6:56PM 31/08/2005
amIsane Ivette scream, falls on the floor rolling around while saying "April, can you believe if they give 0 6:56PM 31/08/2005
amIsane Ivette making something with clay at kitchen counter NT 0 6:58PM 31/08/2005
Toronto James joking that BB made an error in timing the comps and that it was actually Howie who won four vetos. NT 0 6:59PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Ivette and James criticising Janelle for saying that she never wins anything. NT 0 7:01PM 31/08/2005
princessbride Ivette complaining about all the work she did in the house today 0 7:03PM 31/08/2005
amIsane Jam/IV in kitchen 0 7:04PM 31/08/2005
Toronto James joins Ivette, who is in BY doing laundry; tells her that he really likes Maggie. 0 7:07PM 31/08/2005
Toronto James about Howie: That's another reason to evict him; he's already got a Lexus. NT 0 7:08PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Janelle: Have you ever supported your boyfriends, Beau? Beau: God, no! But I'm a bitch. Janelle: *laughs* So am I! NT 0 7:12PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Janelle: You guys don't think Michael would ever want me to support him, do you? I can't imagine it. Ever. NT 1 7:14PM 31/08/2005
amIsane I did not see this, was watching IV/Jam. But people in discussion 1 7:16PM 31/08/2005
Toronto Ivette and James in BY by pool, discussing Janelle's strengths and how they believe she merely acts stupid; nothing they haven't said before. NT 0 7:20PM 31/08/2005
princessbride James working Ivette in the BY AGAIN. (Ivette WAKE UP) 0 7:20PM 31/08/2005
Toronto James reveals to Ivette that the only we he wouldn't give Janelle his jury vote is if she were in the final two with Ivette. NT 0 7:20PM 31/08/2005
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