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L34F Janie kind of snapped at Howie, she wants to be alone because she's doing her hair (dying her roots) 0 12:33AM 31/08/2005
L34F F1 on Janie in bathroom doing nails (i think) and waiting for hair to be done... Howie in gym doing elyptical NT 0 1:08AM 31/08/2005
L34F lights out in HOH, but still yapping... Janie showering, Howie staring at memory wall NT 0 1:31AM 31/08/2005
L34F howie/janie in front of memory wall going over some more game stuff in preparation for hoh comp 0 1:53AM 31/08/2005
cussler Jan cannot wrap her head around how many quarters are in $10.00..Howie keeps 0 1:58AM 31/08/2005
Crissy126 Howie is in the box trying to jerk off NT 1 2:12AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie in BY pool cabana *with mic on*... *adult* 1 2:16AM 31/08/2005
drummer_inblack Howie's all finished now... 0 2:22AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie and Janelle in WR doing more HoH comp studying. NT 0 2:41AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie and Janelle in MBR in bed studying more for HoH comp. NT 0 3:13AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Jan: Goodnight Howie - Howie: You going to sleep? - Jan: Yeah - Howie: Goodnight Janie NT 0 3:22AM 31/08/2005
billw84 All HG's asleep... Howie sleeping in main BR for once NT 0 3:26AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie back up in kitchen getting something to eat. NT 0 3:41AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie snacks and calls himself a fat @ss. NT 0 3:50AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie in WC peeing with the door open. Sprays lysol. Rinses hands. NT 0 3:51AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie back in kitchen. Snacking on potato chips, and staring at the memory wall. NT 0 3:52AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie in kitchen eating chips. Again: "I'm a fat @ss". Eats more and watches fishtank. NT 0 3:54AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie still in front of fishtank eating chips: "I'm gonna puke" -- keeps eating NT 0 3:58AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Howie still eating... "Oh my god! What a fat piece of sh!t!" NT 0 3:59AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Janelle up... goes to kitchen 0 4:05AM 31/08/2005
Veruta Janie and Howie in MBR. Howie doesn't think NH is as prepared for HoH as he and Jan are: "good job [janie]" NT 0 4:07AM 31/08/2005
Veruta All HG's finally tucked in for the night. 0 4:26AM 31/08/2005
Vidiette All HGs still sleeping. NT 0 5:36AM 31/08/2005
Mirage ZZZZ - Sleeping arrangements - Iv/Beau, M/A, in separate beds H and Jan. James is not on camera. NT 0 7:13AM 31/08/2005
notchbaby Howie is sleeping on his side, no pillow with his hand over his forehead. LOL NT 0 9:01AM 31/08/2005
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