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amIsane The girls hear alot of noise and people outside NT 0 5:17PM 31/08/2005
amIsane IV wants to go upstairs and wants Magg to go with her 2 5:18PM 31/08/2005
amIsane Janie and her complication w/depo provera (birth control shot) 0 5:22PM 31/08/2005
amIsane They are still trashing Janie. Same old stuff repeated over and over as before NT 0 5:25PM 31/08/2005
Sluggo Janelle and Beau talk about being bored 1 5:27PM 31/08/2005
amIsane BB calls outside lockdown NT 0 5:30PM 31/08/2005
Sluggo Outside lockdown called... they all curse and wander outside. NT 0 5:31PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB(again repeats): This is a lockdown, please go outside and close the sliding glass door. NT 0 5:37PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Iv and Jam playing chess, Ape and Maggie lying in the hammock, How and Beau chatting with them NT 0 5:42PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx How starts singing about ape.. and S-W-E-E-T-O was her name-o (ed. note right..)..we go to FISH for a few seconds because of the singing NT 0 5:48PM 31/08/2005
joannie James to Ivette: "You alright?" 0 5:49PM 31/08/2005
Iris Iv to James: Of all the things I've ever seen, I've never seen anyone like you. NT 1 5:52PM 31/08/2005
joannie James: "I consider myself a strong person, but twice in this house 0 5:52PM 31/08/2005
Iris James: I could make up dates in history, make up wars and the people in this house would not know the difference. NT 0 5:52PM 31/08/2005
joannie James: "They're trying to compare me to Roddy. 0 5:54PM 31/08/2005
Iris Iv and James in the BY talking over 0 5:56PM 31/08/2005
joannie Ivette: "If you had to do it again, what would you have done differently?" 0 5:57PM 31/08/2005
Toronto April whispering to Maggie how she would love for James to discuss strategy with her. (Or that's what I gathered; her voice was nearly inaudible.) NT 0 5:59PM 31/08/2005
Iris Iv asks James what he would have done differently in the game 0 5:59PM 31/08/2005
Iris James: You guys are f*ed without me, there is no scapegoat anymore. NT 0 6:00PM 31/08/2005
Iris James: Big Brother I'm hungry, let me inside. NT 0 6:01PM 31/08/2005
bakerladee April and Maggie talking in the hammock 0 6:08PM 31/08/2005
bakerladee All talking about what's for supper. NT 0 6:09PM 31/08/2005
Iris James to Iv: It's going to be wierd Friday morning, not waking up to this....craziness. 0 6:09PM 31/08/2005
Iris James says Ap and Jen retracted everything they said about Mike after he left. Saying the stuff they said about Mike 0 6:10PM 31/08/2005
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