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shesblazzzing Ivette tells James that if she gets HOH she will take out Janelle for not only herself, but also him. NT 0 1:59PM 31/08/2005
Taffy April to maggie and Ivette about the pictures...I'm going to leave these one in here 0 2:02PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney Ivette says that James is her only sanity in the house. That when he leaves, she will just have Maggie 1 2:07PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney James comes in from the BY and finds his suitcase 0 2:11PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Maggie wants a pickle but there arent any (ed. note haha!!) Ivette is going to clean the fridge out. NT 0 2:11PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Iv to Beau: You are always grooming him!(howie) NT 0 2:14PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Maggie found pickles. NT 0 2:15PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney April and Maggie bitching about Beau 0 2:21PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape: I cant believe I said the wh (whore) word, lets not say it anymore, I usually dont say it, but I've heard it so many times. NT 0 2:23PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney Maggie wonders why people think Maggie is more of a threat than April 0 2:23PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape is bashing Jam, but of course Iv has to stand up for him. NT 0 2:25PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney April frets about not having a job when she returns. 0 2:25PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape, Iv, Mag bashing Jan now. Iv: I wonder how she finds anything. Mag: We cant change people's behavior, we just gotta f*cking deal with it. NT 0 2:26PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney April bashing James and Janelle 0 2:28PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx Ape: James is such a f*cking piece of sh*t, Iv returns to standing up for him. NT 0 2:28PM 31/08/2005
just1fan Back Yard Bashing Starring Maggie April Ivette 0 2:30PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney April still going off on James... 0 2:30PM 31/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: April please go to the DR. Mag: Have fun! NT 0 2:31PM 31/08/2005
just1fan April thinking about telling America the Friendship is sorry for returning Kaysar so soon. And that she knows they are mad 'cause... 0 2:32PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney April joking about her blog 0 2:32PM 31/08/2005
knifey_spooney April in HOH bathroom, primping before heading to the DR NT 0 2:34PM 31/08/2005
Taffy f1 James packing... 0 2:47PM 31/08/2005
Fable F1 & F2- Beau and Ivette, Ivette doing laundry... F3 showing pics on the memory wall ... F4 - Janie and James in kitchen not talking NT 0 3:29PM 31/08/2005
Panda4 I came in end of conversation in GR Janelle & Beau were talking about people in Miami while Howie 0 3:33PM 31/08/2005
Panda4 Beau and Janelle are at the memory wall looking at new photos of all the HG's they are changing constantly. It appears they may be from the HoH camera 0 3:38PM 31/08/2005
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