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neysa54 - James in kitchen fixing something to drink...Howie taking shower. NT 0 Replies #2348372 10:32AM 01/09/2005
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neysa54 - Fish!!! NT 0 Replies #2348398 10:37AM 01/09/2005
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neysa54 - Janelle up...going to BR... 0 Replies #2348421 10:41AM 01/09/2005
Janie: There you are beefiecake.
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neysa54 - Ivette..Morning .all in kitchen NT 0 Replies #2348426 10:42AM 01/09/2005
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cags - Howie telling Ivette that Beau also found a quarter last night NT 0 Replies #2348431 10:43AM 01/09/2005
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - james saying ppl are cowards for not saying anything about finding more quarters NT 0 Replies #2348451 10:47AM 01/09/2005
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neysa54 - Ape, Beau, Mag in HOH Cleaning ....to move back downstairs. NT 0 Replies #2348530 10:58AM 01/09/2005
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Zazny - James: I'd ask them to play Papa Roach 'Broken Home' because I thought it'd be funny for the house. 0 Replies #2348559 11:00AM 01/09/2005
I: Really, would it be a hoot? Or would only you get it.
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Zazny - A: I forgot to thank [on my blog] the person taking care of my dog... which is my mom. NT 0 Replies #2348590 11:04AM 01/09/2005
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neysa54 - Most everyone either eating or cleaning for tonite. NT 0 Replies #2348694 11:16AM 01/09/2005
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CougarSpy - Janelle, Howie and Beau – Aliens and BB3 Lori Impersonations – around midnight. [Long] 0 Replies #2348753 11:22AM 01/09/2005
[Okay, I didn’t lie, but decided to recap where I came in on feeds. The good stuff is coming. ***Ed. Note – Some wording may not be exact.]

~11 pm BBT – April and Maggie in HOH. April talks about Jennifer.
April is going on about how Janelle “owes her a$$” for saving her this week. That she could be out this week. April is telling Maggie that they can get Howie on their side.

April talks about “Fabulous Friendship”. How Beau might be mad if they use Fabulous.

April thanks Maggie for tickling her arm. Maggie says she needs to take a shower but doesn’t want to take a cold one [I believe the hot water has been run down from others taking night showers and not that she needs one from stroking April’s arm and not being satisfied. April, “up here it heats up quick.” Maggie, “nothing bothers me more than a cold shower.” April, “Duh?” Maggie, “I’ll wait until 11:15 or 11:20.” April, “uhm…” <followed by silence>

Maggie – Ready (?) peanut?
April - <yawns>
April – Six people out of 14 …and 4 of them are still here. That’s a lot. Amazing and four of them are in the final six. <pause> Last week when I won HOH they were like, so, how does it feel to be in the final six. I was like, what? I wasn’t getting it that I was safe this week. It’s just weird.
Maggie – Yeah.
April – god I didn’t come into this game <interrupted by Maggie>
Maggie – I miss Jennifer
April – I know
Maggie – Like I know you guys were partners and stuff, I spent all of my time with her.
April – mmm
Maggie – I did
April – Hmm…before the whole partnerships came out, I mean, you and her hung out all day long and I hung around…like you know she liked you a lot and I, you know, said hey you know we split ourselves up and you become friends with someone on the team and I, you know, was hanging out with Ivette a lot… It was like she liked you, you liked her, it was like…went.
Maggie snickers
April – She was funny as hell.
Maggie – I don’t think a lot of people got to see…her…
April – No, I don’t think people did
Maggie - ?
April – I’m just saying…when I first met her, I didn’t see that side of her. <missed a line> I only saw her like 3 times and right before we came on her she’d come over a couple of times and she was so silly, uhm, and I just didn’t uhm, she is one thing I noticed outside of here that I noticed which I did not see in here…was like….oh my god…she uhm…every time I talked to her she would say...I wouldn’t say every time because that is an exaggeration…she’d be going like, “I was at this restaurant and this guy looked at me and he kept staring at me, and blah,” it was like in here I know it sounds so funny <missing> I was like we’re going to get to know these people…
Maggie – Yeah [I wonder if Maggie understood that rant…I couldn’t tell you the point April was trying to make.]
April – We’re going to get to know these people so differently outside of these doors. You know, ah, but like she’d come to LA and uhm and she was like on the phone with me and she was here with one of her cousins and she was walking down the street on the phone and she’s say on the phone, “Hey dude, stop looking at me. Fine, I know I’m good looking but stop…” I’m like…that’s how I knew her coming into her, right?
Maggie – Really
April – So, I’m not saying she was all high and mighty on herself…she…you know what I’m saying?
Maggie - …that’s how she looks
April – yeah, so she would always make comments about it, always, so I would never compliment her because she was constantly making comments about herself.
Maggie – Right
April – and like, even when Matt and I, like the first time I met her I was like oh my god, she was like the biggest bi@tch, liar (?) at that audition. Oh my god, she came over to the table and she was trying to be...??...and nobody knew her and she’s like swinging her hair across...she had like really long, long, long hair and she’s like… [I can’t type prissy sounds April is making about Jen’s voice.] and she’s like talking all about herself and stuff and I was like she is such a bi@tch and I’m like oh my god and I went and told Matt about her and oh my god, this girl thought she was…
Maggie – Shut up
April -…some model…You don’t even understand…went on about her and then the next day I was like I wonder if she is going to go to the second audition and the next day I saw her there.
Maggie – Oh my god
April – and she actually came over to me and I felt bad and I guess were kind of in it to use one another. So we were like fine, let’s exchange phone numbers, blah, blah, blah…and so we got each others phone numbers and we talk and stuff but it was always about Dallas Des….Oh… [stopped herself] anyway this is the website, go look at me, da, da, da, da…
Maggie – Shut up
April – No, I swear, I swear, I just knew her as being all about herself, all about herself, and knowing that she was attractive, … all these things. So we went awhile without talking then we started talking again…I always liked her, it’s just she was younger than I was…
Maggie – HmmHmmm
April – You know…we just had different lives and…then she emailed me and asked me and Matt to go to the game and we found out a bunch of his friends knew her, blah, blah, blah… So at the game of course she was like, she was like doing her little dancing…
Maggie – Yeah
April – Oh my god <hyena laugh> she was like everything I thought and more, you know, that’s all I thought. <Maggie with another Hmmhmmm> and then she uhm, she came over to my house and I hadn’t seen her like in forever, I mean besides the game which was like far away and I didn’t even talk to her, except for on the phone to thank her for the tickets and all that and…she came over to my house and I just remember her wearing this tight, tight…she’s all about her boobs and just like she was here but she was wearing this tight, tight, tight and she’s like I got this Miss Daniel t-shirt [That is what I made out on one hearing] made so I’m going to wear it…so like wore this tight, tight, tight <April laughing> shirt and she came over and she’s…well she’s cute as a button but what it came across to me was she was all about her looks and stuff…all about herself… Then I met her…

HOWIE & BEAU********Thankfully BB switched to feeds of Howie, Janelle and Beau. This is the conversation I wanted to share. ********

Howie - …about the universe. There are worlds that are going on before we were ever here. They are technologically advanced and moving around. They’re doing it.
Beau – You really believe that?
Howie – Yes! 100 percent!
Beau – That’s funny.
Howie – Oh yeah, there’s life out there for sure. <pause> We’ll never know about it. Our government won’t release that type of information. It’s better people don’t know about it. First of all, this nation is 86% religious. <Beau, hmm> You start throwing aliens and Martians out at people all of a sudden they can’t believe we don’t control the skies, they aren’t safe, it starts contradicting religious beliefs, it’s not…we, we, wouldn’t be able to take it.
Beau – What about all these meteors and sh!t, like…coming through the atmosphere and…
Howie – They’re there all the time. I just took a class on that stuff. Stuff has hit the earth before and it’s going to hit the earth again. Our atmosphere will destroy most of the, the meteors or asteroids that hit the earth. They will burn up in the earth’s atmosphere. Some will make it through and some the size of the moon will hit the ocean…continent and some may wipe out…it happened before…
Beau – When?
Howie – The dinosaurs got wiped out in Cancun area 65 million years ago. A meteorite hit there…dust; water went flying, blocked out the suns rays, temperatures too cold, the dinosaurs died. The dinosaurs were here at one time, why did they leave? We got the bones to prove it. They died.
Beau – So why like the, the bones, like how did they preserve them if they wiped everything out?
Howie – The found a woolly mammoth frozen in the Artic years ago; intact, the whole body. <pause> Why are human bones found years later after a murder, why aren’t they gone? They get preserved by the right temperatures or air pockets or the rocks in the middle of them and they stay to hold the form. They are pretty fragile, the archeologists have to dig them out, it’s not like oh here we got one and this one fits here and this one fits here, we got it, tyrannosaurus rex. <Beau laughs> They’ve got to start digging and it takes weeks, months…to dig that crap out and finally they get the whole body out and whatever, I mean…we’ve been here how long and we don’t know sh!t…knock on wood, we’ve been able to cure a lot of diseases and stuff like that but do you think we are going to know the answers to everything else that is out there? Not for a long time, if ever. It’s a long time away from us. You and me will be a long time gone before they learn the answers and secrets to this stuff.
Beau – It’s funny.
Howie – I believe in that stuff.
Beau – Wouldn’t they just, like…start believing in that stuff? [My wording is off. My brain has a hard time processing Beau’s way of speaking.]
Howie - ??
Beau – I have an open mind about it, but there are some things…
Howie – The Loch Ness Monster isn’t any bullsh!t
Beau – What?
Howie – The Loch Ness Monster’s been proven to be bullsh!t. They have guys faking pictures but there are things unknown. {next sentence paraphrased} With today’s technology they can find out a lot of stuff, but people can fool with that technology and bullsh!t us…they’ve been faked.
[***Ed. Note – I’m not going back to replay the last 10 or so minutes, but I’m not sure if Howie thinks the Loch Ness monster is real or not. I thought he contradicted himself, but it’s probably my hearing and own belief that the Loch Ness monster exists, but many photographs have been faked. ]
Beau – of course.
Howie – Is there a skunk-ape [What?] monster found in the Everglades?
Beau – What?
Howie – There is a big foot in the Everglades supposedly.
Beau – Shut the f&ck up!
Howie - …go to the ….look up Skunk Ape [I just checked on internet. It is referred to as Skunk Ape.]
Beau - ….you believe there is a Skunk Ape running around in the Everglades?
Howie – Probably not. They got that *****…
Beau – Let’s be real. Come on…
Howie – Want me to spot? <Beau lies on weight lifting bench>
Beau – No, I got it.
Howie – I’m just saying there is. There’s a guy…
Beau – yeah, yeah…f&ckin in the sun…there’s orange and green, okay…
Howie – The sun’s yellow
Beau – No *****
Howie – His name is Saul?, stole? [Didn’t quite catch it]
Beau – You’re funny <can hear Beau lifting weights>
Howie – Where do you think the predator came from?
Beau – Shut up <laughing>
Howie – I’m sorry <Beau going oh, oh, oh – I think weights got stuck on him>
Howie – 1, 2, 3 <sounds like Howie helped Beau lift weight off him> Sorry
Beau – laughing
Howie – I’m sorry
Beau -…it’s not fair. It’s hilarious. Are you kidding?
Howie – I don’t know. It came from somewhere.
Howie – I used to caddy for this doctor years ago.
Beau – …species…species really exists?
Howie – Species…out there too. <Pause> I used to caddy for this doctor and he would say if you can think about it, it can be done.
Beau – Laughing, oh my god.
Howie - …where did we get the mindset to comprehend this stuff? Where did we get the mindset to comprehend this stuff in our mind?
Beau – Right
Howie – If it’s in our mind why can’t it exist somewhere?
Beau – uhaa
Howie – Who knows? If we meet alien life forms it’s one step closer to why are we here? But then you can say the Lord did it, whatever.
Beau – Uh ha
Howie – That’s what you believe, right?
Beau – yeah. I believe like you know like…I don’t really believe in evolution.
Howie – You don’t?
Beau – No.
Howie – Do you believe in Adam and Eve?
Beau – Of course. I mean sometimes I look at that like …Ivette’s kind of dumb…but I grew up to believe it, ya know... [No idea why he tossed in Ivette is kind of dumb.] My mom and my whole family and that is pretty much what the church teaches you to believe. I grew up in church so what else am I supposed to believe? You know, I don’t believe in the Big Bang Theory…
Howie – You don’t believe that?
Beau – Not, not at all. <pause> Darwinism
Howie – You don’t believe that?
Beau - …well certain things you can like…kind of say yaw, you know that can happen or I can see that happening, you know, but, you know…
Howie – Right
Beau – half the other stuff I can’t pull myself to believe. I’d feel like a fricken fool if I ever thought…some of that sh!t was true…
Beau – When do you ever become of fan of Star Wars and stuff…when you were little?
Howie – I saw the first one in the theatre in 1977.
Beau – Really
Howie – Yeah <Beau, how old > you weren’t even born yet
Beau – yeah
Howie – I was 6 or 7 or 8, in 77 I was 6 ½
Beau – What year were you born?
Howie – 71
Beau – 71, okay
Howie – So that was the hugest thing when that movie came out. Everyone had there birthday party that summer so we …. I saw it 6, 7 or 8 times. [for those to young to remember, the opening of Star Wars was huge. I was 20 ½ LOL, but quite a few of my siblings and I met at a theatre in a town 30 miles away that was showing this. It was a night I will never forget and always remember. Star Wars was great!]

Beau – Really
Howie – Yeah, everybody had there birthday to go see Star Wars.
Beau – how funny
Howie – Then you were born in 79
Beau – Really
Howie – I remember perfectly going to see “The Empire Strikes Back” in 1980 [so do I. LOL!]
Beau – Really
Howie – 1980 and I saw it opening day and again in 83’ I saw “Return of the Jedi”. [Me too. LOL!]
Beau – hmm
Howie – It was awesome man. Awesome man…
Beau – So what did you think of the new ones.
Howie – I thought the last one was the best one of them all
Beau – Really?
Howie – yeah! Did you see it?
Beau – No I didn’t see it.
Howie – Awesome
Beau – What’s it called?
Howie – Star Wars Episode 3, Return of the Sith. [Actually “Revenge of the Sith”.] Awesome, just awesome. You see how Darth Vadar becomes Darth Vadar.
Beau – hmmhmm
Howie – It’s just awesome man. Awesome light saber battles. You see the rise of the galactic empire, you see the Sith, just bad, it’s awesome man. When I get back, I can’t wait to see it again. I’m serious.
Beau – really?
Howie – Yeah
Beau – Are you that much of a fanatic?
Howie – Love it
Beau – Wow <pause> what makes you a fanatic about certain things?
Howie – I like it, it’s what George Lucas did, he put cowboys, Indians, ninjas and karate guys…
BB – April – please go to the diary room
Howie – he put them all together in space
Beau – Hmmhmm
Howie – He just took what we do on earth and made it a highly technologically advanced.
Beau –
Howie – Like swordsman, marksman and ninjas are your Jedi with the sword and there ability to do flips and there power to control their mind and the power of the chi…ninjas used to…???? Ninja if you hit them on the chest with a baseball bat rolls off them ….they use there chi power to focus all the energy of there body.
Beau - yeah
Howie – Which is symbolic of the Force…and there fighting ability and tactics are the ninja, with their swords, its like they’re back to the King Arthur days and jousting and stuff like that…
Beau – hmmhmm
Howie - …technologically advanced so there sword is with the illumine crystal, like a laser sword, a light saber…
Beau – I was like touching your genital boobs??? [what?]
Howie – Were they like asking about the clay things? [Clay was one of the prizes from gum ball machine earlier that day. Maggie and others were making clay models of each other.]
Beau – No they didn’t ask me about the clay thing. Uhmm…have you gone to the diary room yet?
Howie – No
Beau – No? hmm
Howie – Do you think they will vote James out tomorrow? What do you think? You think it will be 4 to O? Okay, yeah, you don’t think so? They’re voting me out? Really? Why, what happened?
Beau – He told Janelle and Janelle said she was voting for him to stay.
Howie – Really?
Beau – I think they had some kind of thing going on
Howie – No sh!t
Beau – I honestly think they do but maybe not, who knows. I’m just like speculating...
Howie – So you think that will be the only vote he’ll get?
Beau – Probably
Howie – Really! I think so too. I believe that.
Beau – If you think about it, the only way he could win the money is if he took her with her [Beau talks so confusing, but I think he meant Jan could only beat James in final, but who knows with Beau]
Howie – Right
Beau – Don’t tell her I said that though
Howie – Did she discuss it with one of you guys/
Beau – No
Howie – I believe that

Janelle in background – HI!
Beau – hello?
Howie – Hi Janie!
Beau – Do you have that camisole still on under there? Oh yeah, I see it, I see the lace.
Janelle – yeah
Howie – You’re cute Janie.
Janelle – I can’t help it if my nipples are always hard guys
Howie – You’re beautiful Janie.
Janelle – Some people pay to have their nipples permanently hard.
Beau – No they don’t
Janelle – Jennifer Lopez did
Beau – She didn’t
Janelle – Hmmhmm
Beau - <higher voice> she didn’t!
Janelle – She put ice cubes down her bra. Music video. Yep!
Beau – Do you think so, for real?
Janelle – Hello, I read it, why do you think they have…
Beau – I know Jenny Lo…she wouldn’t do that *****.
Janelle – In her video, …on the block…
Beau – Jenn on the block, I thought you meant…
Janelle – She put ice cubes down her …so her nipples would be hard. ??? You didn’t know? It’s not my fault. And look why would they sell those ??? fashion boobs, the ones that go in to stick in…
Beau – Right.
Janelle – …the bras that have the hard nipple.
Beau – they all do otherwise it wouldn’t look like a natural nipple…
Janelle – But was it hard?
Beau – Yeah it has to look like that. It has to, if it doesn’t …you have a fake boob
Janelle – it’s not a fake boob, it’s that thing with the hard …it’s basically a hard nipple that you put into your bra. Yeah.
Beau – Really
Janelle – Yeah, Yes!
Beau – I’ve never seen that.
Janelle – I’ve seen it a million times.
Beau – Interesting
Howie – You’re cute Janie
Janelle – Oh Howard, you’re a beefcake.
Beau – You’re beefy
Howie - ???? [something about Janie’s vote]
Janelle – Oh Howie, you’re a beefcake.
Howie – You’re going to vote me out, what do you think?
Janelle – NO! Are you f&ckin crazy?
Howie – Really?
Beau – You’ll still be here tomorrow.
Howie – You really think so? Really?
Janelle – Howie, stop it.
Howie – You’ll vote for me Janie
Janelle – What do you think?
Howie – You’d tell me if you weren’t, right?
Janelle – Have you been to the diary room yet?
Howie – Nope
Janelle – You cute little thing
Howie – You think you’ll vote for me though?
Janelle – Howie, I already told you!
Howie – Beau, will you vote for me?
Beau – Only if you give me head tonight
Howie – Okay
Beau - <laughs> I’m kidding. I’ll take jack off, a jack off
Howie – Okay
Beau –
Howie – He’s so nice to me, isn’t he Janie?
Janelle – Yep

Beau – Okay, it was so funny because…here I am ??? to the set and me and Howie were like talking about aliens and stupid aliens…
Janelle – I’ve been abducted before.
Beau – Shut the f&ck up
Janelle – You don’t believe me, I have.
Beau – What’s you story?
Janelle – Okay, I’ll tell you the story. When I was in high school I was driving in the car with my brother, and two of my best friends, Holly and ???.
Howie – Holly from season 5?
Janelle – No
Howie – go on
Janelle – Holly Adams, okay. We were driving and we were on a dirt road going to a party…
Beau – Like a Rave?
Janelle – No, there wasn’t raves in my small town, this was like a town of 5,000 people. Okay, so basically uhm, we were driving and then we were on…no…we got off the dirt road and we were on this road that was dark and there were a lot of stars…and this road went like straight. Okay…we were in like by where I live, then all of a sudden the radio went like ‘ssssssshhhhhhhhhzzzzz ssshhhsshhh shh shh’ and literally I don’t know what happened but everything got really, really quiet in the car and everyone was like zoned out, like they were on pot or whatever and so we were in the car and stuff
[grrrr…can’t pause my feeds anymore]
We ended up on a road 30 miles away. Aliens did experiments on us. Janelle swears they were not high. Her friends were going like oh my god, what just happened.

Howie asked if they reported it. Janelle says no, who would believe it. Janelle goes on the say they ended up about 30 miles away and it was really dark, like almost in another time.

Janelle tries to explain to Beau using towns in Florida to show comparison.

Janelle says when she was little, she was abducted almost everyday. Started from the cartoon Scooby doo. She is serious about this. There was a scary monster in Scooby Doo, a big ball of static. Her dreams had the static monster in it. She had the dream for over a year and then one day it just stopped.

Beau doesn’t believe her. She said she was abducted another time. Just ask her friends. It happened when she was about 16 and on a raft. They saw a shooting star and they all made a wish. A spaceship started coming towards them, but they couldn’t paddle fast enough. Other friends were in a paddle boat. They woke up a friends mom and she saw it too. This was in Minnesota.

Beau asked how many times she was abducted. Janelle says those were probably dreams when she was a kid (Ages 3 -7), but the driving one was real. The raft incident they were able to get away.

Howie said he was abducted by 3, they were boobies.

Beau tells story about when he was 6 and living in Italy. Gives location of where is room is in location to parents and sister. He saw a flowy spirit or ghost that went into his Mom’s room. He said it was weird, but gentle thing. Beau tells his Mom and asked if it was her. She said no, and asked if it was his sister. Beau says no, and Mom says maybe it was a friendly ghost. Probably around 3 in the morning.

Janelle has never seen ghosts, but was with her brother when he saw ghosts.

Beau’s mom believes in the spiritual world. She does something with life course research at the university? Has people fill out questionnaires over their lifetime and reviews them - statistical data for analysis purposes. After Mom gets done with work she goes right to church.

Janelle talks about some “stiff as a board game” and didn’t know it was witchcraft where you tried to get people to rise off the ground. Beau talks about his Ouija board experiences.

Beau – What time was it when you came in here?
Janelle – Around 11.
Beau mentions facials and they all want to do them.

Howie questions Janelle again about James and her vote. She reassures Howie that there is nothing with James and she is voting for Howie to stay.

Howie mentions Michael and how cute he is.

Maggie comes out and to say good night to the gang of Howie, Janelle and Beau. They talk about cookies. Howie talks about taking 9 dumps that day. How he was put Vaseline on his butt hole [my word]. Someone makes a crack about that, but then Maggie goes on to say preventative measures. She says it was meant to be funny and not mean.

Beau asks if she’s going to bed.

Howie talking about not being called to DR yet, but he might get called in with his facial.

They are talking about Beau’s pee pee and Maggie thinks it was shown on TV.

Talk of what words could be said on TV

***I’m so disappointed I couldn’t pause on this conversation with Janelle imitating Lori from BB3. It was hilarious with Beau and Howie chiming in. I couldn’t type fast enough but her are some of the comments I was able to type…Janelle was hilarious with the accent. Hopefully someone has this on tape and can post in PIC forum.****

Janelle - 16 pieces of candy. 16 pieces of candy
Who is the spokesperson here?
You’re darn right
I just want you to be a okay.
Where do I go from here? Julie, where are you?
I’m from a small town in Wisconsin

I’ve been evicted, welcome to my banishment.
Here good
Well you guess, it’s been good getting to know you or should I say do you.

This is studio lighting
Who was the spokesperson here
It was you
You’re darn right
Howie and Beau comment about Lori BB3’s eyes. How big they are.

What did she say in the tree?
She didn’t want it, she was ready to go.

They hope Lori from season 3 comes to the wrap party.
Janelle imitating again - You were the spokesperson trying to destroy my life, you and Beaubeastly.

Don’t you know, I’ve been evicted, welcome to my banishment

Beau comments on her Nasty frumpy dump bikini.
Janelle wishes they would have kept Lori on the show longer. She was funny.

Then I walked into the kitchen and they were discussing the matter about Gerry’s hands.

Who was the spokesperson? I’m from a small town in Wisconsin; I’m ready for the big time.

It’s been fun getting to know you, or do I?

She got lost 5 feet in front of her, Julie, where to I go.
Janelle repeats this to Ivette when they go inside.

Ivette and James talking after Janelle does impression of Lori BB3 inside. James says he really doesn’t want to leave.

[That’s all for me folks. Once my Pause button doesn’t work, I’m done trying. I can’t keep up.]
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neysa54 - Ape, Meg, James, Beau, Ivette in kitchen...April just admitted that Meggie is her leader!!! NT 0 Replies #2348888 11:36AM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2349132
erniebert - Beau, Janelle, and Howie in the GR 0 Replies #2349132 12:13PM 01/09/2005
Goofing around, yelling "do me do me do me", talking about Howie jerking it, talking about Beau trying to jerk it in the shower but being worried about getting caught, making fun of someone from a prev season who was from Wisconsin.

Basically no game talk, which is the reason that Beau came in there, to keep them from studying for HOH.
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Topic #2349295
cags - Ivette: Screw America they are not playing this game... 0 Replies #2349295 12:37PM 01/09/2005
April: They don't see what we are seeing apparently.
James says they play dirty, why does America love her.
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Topic #2349315
cags - April: I just don't want the mean people to win 0 Replies #2349315 12:38PM 01/09/2005
I know we've all done stuff that is dirty and mean, whatever.

Beau told us they made fun us.
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Topic #2349466
skywalkerone - bo bo going on and on and on.... 0 Replies #2349466 1:04PM 01/09/2005
about janies sex life whenever she answers a question bo-bo says i dont believe you (ed:bo-bo just getting ammo to have a janie trashing session tonight i hope its not in HOH!!!)
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Topic #2349492
skywalkerone - Maggie on tread mill saying "they"said they have to be 0 Replies #2349492 1:09PM 01/09/2005
out of the HOH room by 1pm and that maybe they would let them outside to practice april said that they would for sure be going out to practice if they said maybe and ran off to alert the rest of the nerd herd(ed:this is probably the HOH comp.)
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Topic #2349514
cags - Ivette using Janies flat iron NT 0 Replies #2349514 1:13PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2349543
skywalkerone - All h/g move into the kitchen area except for james who is still dressing 0 Replies #2349543 1:17PM 01/09/2005
and evilette who is still doing her hair then maggie and bo-bo start yelling are you ready are you ready and they yell back yes! (even though they arent) and we get fish.
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Topic #2349587
skywalkerone - What i got from the conversation between ap. and mag. 0 Replies #2349587 1:25PM 01/09/2005
is they are going out side to practice for the HOH contest later this evening. I thought someone said 1hr (dont quote me)we will see.
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Topic #2349694
Zazny - April and Maggie are hiding behind nomination chairs whispering NT 1 Replies #2349694 1:37PM 01/09/2005
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Zazny - It sounds like they are whispering about what they think HOH comp might be NT #2349705 1:38PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2349739
Zazny - A: Your vote and my vote will keep one of them here. I already know who I'm keeping. 0 Replies #2349739 1:41PM 01/09/2005
April: They're talking again! Beau and Howie! They were! They were!

James comes around and sees them huddled

J: Are you guys okay?!

James walks off

A: He's gonna tell everybody
M: He'll say we're talking strategy. We had nowhere to go. Can't go to gold room. (Maggie laughs) No one will believe him!

They are crawling on the floor now around the living room.
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Topic #2349757
Zazny - A: Beau is up Howie's ass; M: There's nothing we can do about that 0 Replies #2349757 1:44PM 01/09/2005
Maggie says something about talking to "them" (I assume Howie/Jan) but if they don't want to talk there's nothing they can do about it.

Beau, Janelle, James, and Howie are walking around where they are whispering now. Janelle promises to wear a bra tonight (sorry, boys).
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Topic #2349856
bakerladee - Yvette is ragging on Howie for not helping with the cleaning 0 Replies #2349856 1:55PM 01/09/2005
today. He asked if James and Janelle cleaned to day and she said that James cleans all the time.

How: I took out the garbage and I washed some dishes. If you keep me tonight I'll wash the tolet.

Yvette: That is not the point Howie.
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