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Beau rehashing his convo with Howie to Ivette - shesblazzzing
9:51PM 01/09/2005

Beau tells Ivette that if he won veto he would take her off because she brought him here. - shesblazzzing
9:54PM 01/09/2005

Maggie comes out of DR and Beau tells her about his convo with Howie. - shesblazzzing
9:57PM 01/09/2005

Beau says that now April is trying to cover her ass with Janelle so he is the target. - shesblazzzing
10:01PM 01/09/2005

Fish on all feeds. - shesblazzzing
10:03PM 01/09/2005
Before we went to FISH, Howie was talking about the Star Wars movies, and how if George Lucas doesn't make episodes 7-9, someone else will. NT - drummer_inblack
10:05PM 01/09/2005

Feeds back, - erniebert
10:28PM 01/09/2005

Ivette thinks Beau has a better chance of staying - erniebert
10:34PM 01/09/2005

Now Beau is blaming Julie for Howie's eviction - erniebert
10:35PM 01/09/2005

Maggie, this is how I feel about the veto,,,,,,, - erniebert
10:39PM 01/09/2005

I switched feeds to Janelle and Howie in the gym - erniebert
10:41PM 01/09/2005

Howie asks Janelle,,, (Eviction info inside) - erniebert
10:48PM 01/09/2005

Janelle admits that her response to Julie about AC was to piss off the HG's NT - erniebert
10:49PM 01/09/2005

Maggie: America's not going to hate us NT - c0conuts
10:56PM 01/09/2005

I changed feeds,,, back to the Nerd Herd.... - erniebert
10:57PM 01/09/2005

Ivette: I told God I hated Him today. NT - jimdkc
11:00PM 01/09/2005

Maggie- It's game on... - erniebert
11:00PM 01/09/2005

BB to Janelle in HOH room: "Hey Janelle, we haven't interviewed you yet, you wanna come in?" Jan: "Sure." Then fish. NT - drummer_inblack
11:09PM 01/09/2005

Janelle in DR still (or possibly in shower); Mag/Iv are laying in bed, How/Beau are in the bedroom playing with the lightsabers. - drummer_inblack
11:29PM 01/09/2005
Howie kept saying... - jimdkc
11:30PM 01/09/2005
Beau & Howie have abandoned the lightsabers, and have decided to play coasters. NT - drummer_inblack
11:30PM 01/09/2005

Ape/Iv/Mag talk about when the finale will be... - drummer_inblack
11:40PM 01/09/2005

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