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James in kitchen fixing something to drink...Howie taking shower. NT - neysa54
10:32AM 01/09/2005

Fish!!! NT - neysa54
10:37AM 01/09/2005

Janelle up...going to BR... - neysa54
10:41AM 01/09/2005

Ivette..Morning .all in kitchen NT - neysa54
10:42AM 01/09/2005

Howie telling Ivette that Beau also found a quarter last night NT - cags
10:43AM 01/09/2005

james saying ppl are cowards for not saying anything about finding more quarters NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:47AM 01/09/2005

Ape, Beau, Mag in HOH Cleaning ....to move back downstairs. NT - neysa54
10:58AM 01/09/2005

James: I'd ask them to play Papa Roach 'Broken Home' because I thought it'd be funny for the house. - Zazny
11:00AM 01/09/2005

A: I forgot to thank [on my blog] the person taking care of my dog... which is my mom. NT - Zazny
11:04AM 01/09/2005

Most everyone either eating or cleaning for tonite. NT - neysa54
11:16AM 01/09/2005

Janelle, Howie and Beau Aliens and BB3 Lori Impersonations around midnight. [Long] - CougarSpy
11:22AM 01/09/2005

Janelle and Howie still in bed. NT - joannie
11:34AM 01/09/2005

Ape, Meg, James, Beau, Ivette in kitchen...April just admitted that Meggie is her leader!!! NT - neysa54
11:36AM 01/09/2005

Beau, Janelle, and Howie in the GR - erniebert
12:13PM 01/09/2005

Ivette: Screw America they are not playing this game... - cags
12:37PM 01/09/2005

April: I just don't want the mean people to win - cags
12:38PM 01/09/2005

bo bo going on and on and on.... - skywalkerone
1:04PM 01/09/2005

Maggie on tread mill saying "they"said they have to be - skywalkerone
1:09PM 01/09/2005

Ivette using Janies flat iron NT - cags
1:13PM 01/09/2005

All h/g move into the kitchen area except for james who is still dressing - skywalkerone
1:17PM 01/09/2005

What i got from the conversation between ap. and mag. - skywalkerone
1:25PM 01/09/2005

April and Maggie are hiding behind nomination chairs whispering NT - Zazny
1:37PM 01/09/2005
It sounds like they are whispering about what they think HOH comp might be NT - Zazny
1:38PM 01/09/2005

A: Your vote and my vote will keep one of them here. I already know who I'm keeping. - Zazny
1:41PM 01/09/2005

A: Beau is up Howie's ass; M: There's nothing we can do about that - Zazny
1:44PM 01/09/2005

Yvette is ragging on Howie for not helping with the cleaning - bakerladee
1:55PM 01/09/2005

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