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Howie's back in the BY, going at it again in the pool box. NT - drummer_inblack
2:59AM 01/09/2005
He left his mic on again...Adult - Dracorana
3:05AM 01/09/2005

Howie proceeds to use the lotion on his face, without washing hands. NT - billw84
3:07AM 01/09/2005

Howie goes back to bed in GR. "What did you just do?" - Janelle NT - billw84
3:10AM 01/09/2005

Howie in cabana... *adult* - Veruta
3:12AM 01/09/2005

Howie gets up again, 2 WC... NT - John_DK_
3:22AM 01/09/2005
Now sitting at the dinner table doing nothing. (Nervous about live show?) NT - John_DK_
3:27AM 01/09/2005

Howie still sitting quietly alone at kitchen table. Seems to be...uhhh...thinking? NT - Veruta
3:46AM 01/09/2005

Howie still sitting quietly at kitchen table. Seems to be practicing for HoH. NT - Veruta
3:58AM 01/09/2005

Howie still sitting quietly at kitchen table. NT - Veruta
4:15AM 01/09/2005

Howie snacks on a banana. Heads to the WC to pee; door ajar. Rinses hands. NT - Veruta
4:20AM 01/09/2005

Howie snacks again, and heads to GR bed. NT - Veruta
4:24AM 01/09/2005

All sleeping. Howie/James/Janelle in GR. Coven in HoH. NT - Veruta
4:47AM 01/09/2005

My realplayer is down. I dont know it is for everyone but they are doing some stuff on - pooh5983
7:47AM 01/09/2005

Feeds are back -- everyone sleeping. NT - jettheadpb
7:55AM 01/09/2005

I am receiving feed now. All HGs still asleep. NT - neysa54
7:56AM 01/09/2005

Camera 2 focused in on remnants of leftover food from last nights catered feast NT - fnfish
8:01AM 01/09/2005
Looks like it is zooming in on the clay people made yesterday NT - Bonita
8:01AM 01/09/2005
Feed 2 flashed every room in the house until stopping at the gym NT - Bonita
8:27AM 01/09/2005

All the noise must be from outside...sounds like BB building something. NT - neysa54
8:50AM 01/09/2005

I must be going carzy....I hear voices....all HGs asleep!!! NT - neysa54
8:59AM 01/09/2005

I believe its James in GR........snoring like a freight train...LOL NT - neysa54
9:16AM 01/09/2005

James is up.......in WC .......with sound effects.....LOL NT - neysa54
10:00AM 01/09/2005

Sorry..........brushing his teeth..darn I cant tell who it is....... NT - neysa54
10:03AM 01/09/2005
That was Howie in WC and brushing his teeth... NT - neysa54
10:18AM 01/09/2005

It is definatly James up now in BR...guess Howie went back to bed. NT - neysa54
10:19AM 01/09/2005

howie is in sr james is in bathroom NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:23AM 01/09/2005

James in BR....Howie in kitchen. NT - neysa54
10:24AM 01/09/2005

james is so nasty he just told howie that (james) just gave birth to a small child - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:27AM 01/09/2005

James and Howie in BR... - neysa54
10:27AM 01/09/2005

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