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Bo is ironing Howie clothes for tonight that he picked out for him to wear. NT - bakerladee
1:56PM 01/09/2005

Maggie giving Ivette strategy in the HOH game -- how to get certain points - Zazny
2:07PM 01/09/2005

we have fish heard some man say hello house guests and it wasnt the computer voice that said it - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
2:18PM 01/09/2005

feeds back NT - erniebert
2:20PM 01/09/2005

fishies gone all hgs in kitchen eating ivette and james playing chess - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
2:21PM 01/09/2005

Fish on all feeds NT - amIsane
2:45PM 01/09/2005

Before Fish - Lots of side conversations going on around the house. - Suzan
2:47PM 01/09/2005

seems like HOH involves balls - Madelyn
2:57PM 01/09/2005
Seems there is one big hole at the end and... - just1fan
3:02PM 01/09/2005
depends on how they put them in... - puck71
3:01PM 01/09/2005

Thursday Recap up til 3pm - Tweeds
3:13PM 01/09/2005

April telling Ivette that she likes the order they picked for the HOH - Ivette says it was by accident. NT - augie
3:18PM 01/09/2005

April in BR asking James if Howie would ever put up Janelle. - bbaddict2005
3:27PM 01/09/2005

April & Maggie in B/R - bbaddict2005
3:30PM 01/09/2005

Janie and Howie are in the gold room, really stressing out over the HOH comp - Sluggo
3:37PM 01/09/2005

Howie & Janie in G/R discussing HOH tonight - bbaddict2005
3:38PM 01/09/2005

James tells Howie and Jan he thinks the point values in HOH comp will be moved around because they are not stuck on (then FISH) NT - Zazny
3:40PM 01/09/2005
During this time Howie told Janelle that James has said Janelle is voting for him not Howie. Janie assured him that was not true. NT - Panda4
3:48PM 01/09/2005

FISH are on. NT - joannie
3:45PM 01/09/2005

Howie trying to masturbate in BR, reprehending his penis for not complying. NT - Toronto
3:57PM 01/09/2005
April listens at the door as Howie climaxes and scurries to the LR, exclaiming that she has been scarred for life. NT - Toronto
3:59PM 01/09/2005

April has her ear to WC door! - joannie
3:59PM 01/09/2005
she told everyone she heard him talking so she went to listen NT - aloha1961
4:02PM 01/09/2005

Howie bragging to the whole house - joannie
4:01PM 01/09/2005

Howie: I'm like a squirrel; I don't hide my nut. NT - Toronto
4:02PM 01/09/2005
"I'm Not a Squirrel, I dont have to hide my Nut." Was the Correct Quote. NT - FrIeNdShIpRoXs
4:11PM 01/09/2005

April announcing that she's going to change her top - joannie
4:03PM 01/09/2005

Beau is dressed all in black with a white hat - joannie
4:06PM 01/09/2005

Does April actually believe Howie was doing himself....I think it is all talk where Howie is concerned. - neysa54
4:08PM 01/09/2005

Maggie and Beau discussing HoH comp strategy in MBR; Ivette's pessimistic regarding her own abilities - Toronto
4:09PM 01/09/2005

Beau and Maggie are in the barracks whispering. - joannie
4:10PM 01/09/2005

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