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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - fishies here again NT 0 Replies #2359536 10:03AM 02/09/2005
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beckysko - ivette, maggie, april in living room 0 Replies #2359537 10:03AM 02/09/2005
talking about spanish show 'que pasa usa'.
I: 'it's about a family who comes from cuba and they settle in miami...try to learn american ways'

then someonoe from another room says something
maggie: Yeah? Oh, we thought you guys went home"

and then FISH
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bbfaninaz - quad cam came on for a second, you could hear April NT 0 Replies #2359572 10:08AM 02/09/2005
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augie - Someones cleaning the fish tank NT 0 Replies #2359799 10:34AM 02/09/2005
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Disneyisme - RECAP of the feeds today. 0 Replies #2360480 12:01PM 02/09/2005
7:30 AM BB says it’s time to get up!

Just about 7:45 this morning, BB cut the feeds and it was obvious that the HG’s were told it’s time to get up! Just before 8:00 BB said “the lights must remain on!” Beau and Howie both tell BB “screw you!” BB then says “the veto competition is in 30 minutes.”

April, Ivette and Maggie are in the kitchen making breakfast. April says to Maggie how odd it is that they are not up in the HOH, since they have been up there for ‘so many weeks’. During their chit chat and breakfast making, Janelle walked by the kitchen at least 4 times and no one said a single word to her. Ivette at one point looked up and gave her a dirty look. She says “I almost said something vulgar to her, but I restrained myself.”

Howie is in the kitchen now; the girls are making his eggs. Maggie says “at least we all get to play for veto.” Howie says “Beau-Beau has one more veto that I have j-offs.” Then he says “have we been up at this hour since we've been here?”
Ivette answers “no”.

While eating, Howie says “are you sure James is gone? Did you check the house? What if they bring him back?” Beau says “Oh, could you imagine?” Talk then changes to what to wear for the competition and Maggie hoping that it is something to play and not think about too hard.

“Another One Bites the Dust” was the song choice to get them up this morning and Beau mentions at the table “how much does that suck?” (LOL) Beau says something about BB playing 3 songs this morning, one of them being a Looney tunes song.

8:30 AM

Janelle and Maggie are both in the bathroom primping, and not saying a single word to each other. Maggie leaves and Howie comes in and starts to practice certain questions with Janelle that may be asked for the competition. When Howie leaves Ivette comes in and Janelle asks her “do you want me to leave my flat iron on?” Ivette (almost too nice) says “no thanks”, and goes about brushing her teeth.

Janelle is now in the GR brushing and spraying her hair. Maggie and Ivette are in the bedroom; Howie comes in and says “I jerked it right before the HOH competition. It worked, you should try it, it made me roll the ball straight.” Thye has some small talk about the dreams they had last night. Howie says to Maggie “America noticed how ripped you’re getting.” Maggie says “f*** you.”

Now Ivette and Maggie are whispering. Maggie tells her “if you come off the block today, I am going home.” After more whispering, Ivette said that if Beau & April were nominated that she & Maggie should vote for Beau to stay because they'd have the votes, Maggie did not respond.

April came in to the bedroom and Maggie left. April says to Ivette “whoever stays has got to win HOH. Bottom line is one of us has to go” Ivette didn’t have much to say and seems as though she does not want to discuss the game with April so she gets up to leave and April follows suit.

9:00 AM

Now once again we have April, Maggie and Ivette with their heads together. Maggie says how mean it was to play ‘Another one bites the dust’. April says “These people are not nice, just look at the rats running around, we have been trying to get rid of them for eight weeks now.” Maggie says “I just hope its fun today.” They whisper that Janelle must have taken her flat iron upstairs. Maggie says “When you have to spend that much money to look good and you still don't look good, you have a problem.” Ivette says “I just want to take all her stuff and burn it.” Beau enters and the girls get quiet.

April says that Jen will be happy and sad to see James. Maggie says “how cool is that? That two people will appear at the jury house before Jen sees somebody from our group?” Ivette talks bout the interviews you do first before you head to the sequester house. April says “I love that stuff!” Ivette says “don't leave me alone in sequester house with one of them, I will drown them in the pool.” (Try the Lake honey…LOL).

April comments that ‘someone gets to meet Julie in person tonight, how fun!’ April then says how much Howie wants to win veto and Maggie says “he just might.” April again saying “we’ve got to try really hard.” At that Maggie and Ivette walked away.

April notices that there will be no competition host. However, we notice that HOLLY is on the feeds in the backyard getting ready to host today’s big event. (I was so hoping to be spared Holly.) There is BB staff talking to her and telling her how to host the competition. Holly is holding a bunch of circle disks with houseguest’s faces on them.

Everyone is back in the kitchen now, waiting for the competition to start. April says by the questions they were given last night that American must f’n hate them. Maggie said when Julie asked her last night about her weight loss she should have said, "Well, Julie, I didn't really lose the weight. I gave it away. Some one else found it very quickly."

Howie and Janelle head up to HOH, Janelle feels sick; she is trying to eat a banana. She and Howie are practicing more for the HOH.

Ivette and Beau have finished playing chess and are now lying down in the bedroom. Beau says “if I get it, I take myself off, Maggie goes up; she is a target ahead of you.” Ivette says “and if Maggie gets it we send April home, right now she is playing both sides.”

April wants to take a nap too. They are all complaining now about how much sleep they didn’t get last night and that the POV competition is taking much longer to start than what BB told them.

Now April and Maggie are in the LR talking. April says “just think tonight one of us will be sleeping in a dark hotel room.” April says “as much as I hate to see Ivette go, ‘they’ could bring her so much further, they think they would have a better chance bringing her to the end.” Maggie says “if I go up, you have to vote for me to stay because Janelle wants me gone.” April “same if they put me up, but they might just want to make sure one of them goes. If one of them comes off, YOU will go up.” Maggie: “I'm not ready to go home, and I don't want to be back doored.” April says “you can't backdoor anymore.” Maggie “but you can go after someone who was not the original target. They don't want to put me up; I’m way too tempting of a target.” Maggie giggling says “If we take one of them out, the other will have no one to hang around with.”

Ivette and Beau are now in the LR, and April is picking her nose again and it is bleeding again. April says “sorry.” Ivette says “you pick your nose everyday!” Beau went and got tissue for April, all the while they are cussing out BB for the big delay, saying if this is a mental competition, they are being screwed with.

10:00 AM

Finally BB says “you guys ready?” Maggie says “we though maybe you went home!” Then we got FISH.

We will have FISH now until Saturday after the airs on the West Coast (9:00 PM).

Keep in mind that Jokers Updates is always 24/7. There are many forums that you can visit while you are waiting for the feeds to return. The discussion forum will still be active and there are forums for almost every show on TV. There are forums to catch up and discuss the news. You can find new recipes in the ‘Jokers Stewart’ or read about new book releases in the ‘Book Nook’. There are games and riddle forums and there is the lounge if you need to stop in for a drink. Have fun!

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