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Topic #2388938
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - Janie saying she will get her period tomorrow and something about 0 Replies #2388938 6:38PM 05/09/2005
she was ovulating last week not sure why she said that out of the blue
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Topic #2388946
bbfaninaz - Janelle said her period will start tomorrow, because she was ovulating last week lol NT 0 Replies #2388946 6:38PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2388957
bbfaninaz - Howie in Dr, Maggie, Ivette, April talking about how they would have recieved bbq food, but since Ivettes inncident, they get Mcdonalds NT 0 Replies #2388957 6:41PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2388965
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - april said also she will be getting her period tomorrw to and 1 Replies #2388965 6:43PM 05/09/2005
ivette is pmsing Now god help poor howie in that house with 3 woman and they are all pmsing or gonna be pmsing by tomorrow
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crayons - Ivette said she started her period this morning NT #2389025 6:51PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389038
bbfaninaz - Maggie, Iveete, April in BY counting fooseball players, and how many points to win NT 0 Replies #2389038 6:53PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389151
PandeMOANium - McDonald's is here ... 0 Replies #2389151 7:05PM 05/09/2005
and everyone is gathering at the dinner table to eat.
Right now they are sorting out which dish belongs to which houseguest.

All seem to be very excited!
*FISH* at the moment
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Topic #2389272
Yaya007 - Dinner talk...Ivette saying VooDoo is a religion liken unto Chatholic... 0 Replies #2389272 7:18PM 05/09/2005
She said she and Beau were dancing some of thier voodoo dances before he left.
She says she knows alot of ppl that believe this stuff.
She has gone to fortune tellers who has told her things about her life.

She don't believe in 'spell casting' cause it is best NOT to believe in it so it won't happen to you.
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Topic #2389279
Yaya007 - Ivette says they take hair from your brush to cast spells. Jan says she believe in this. NT 1 Replies #2389279 7:19PM 05/09/2005
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HalleyG - Maggie asked Janelle " so you believe in this" and Janie I think answered I believe they believe in it. NT #2389319 7:21PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389294
Yaya007 - Ivette knows someone who put a hex on someone...fish NT 1 Replies #2389294 7:19PM 05/09/2005
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HalleyG - Ivette said that her god daughters mom believes her husbands first wife did something... and then we got fish NT #2389335 7:23PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389311
Yaya007 - Ivette says, what happen in Cuba is that there is alot of mixed religions, but most it is a black religion. NT 0 Replies #2389311 7:21PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389322
Yaya007 - Talking about Cuba still being communist. Talk about the products that come from Cuba. NT 0 Replies #2389322 7:21PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389330
Yaya007 - Ivette got here when she was 9 years old, when Castro came into power. She said Castro gave them permission to leave 3 times. NT 2 Replies #2389330 7:22PM 05/09/2005
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applecrisp - Her father was 9 years old when he got here. Ivette was born here. NT #2389452 7:32PM 05/09/2005
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crayons - I didn't hear Ivette say that, but Castro took control of Cuba in the late 1950s, so Ivette couldn't have been 9 years old at the time. She may have #2389411 7:28PM 05/09/2005
meant her mother, though.
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Topic #2389357
Yaya007 - Ivette saying the beach of Miami was a slum back when she was a child. NT 0 Replies #2389357 7:24PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389373
Yaya007 - fish then more talk about the beach community of Miami. NT 0 Replies #2389373 7:25PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389387
Yaya007 - Ape says she was South Beach, and there were so many gays. Ivette laughs and says, we are everywhere. 0 Replies #2389387 7:26PM 05/09/2005
April: I love them! There great.
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Topic #2389404
Yaya007 - Jan wondering how young girls who can't talk English are getting here. 0 Replies #2389404 7:27PM 05/09/2005
Ivette says they get on rafts and come on the current.
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Topic #2389405
mountainmama - Actually, Ivette said here mom and dad came to America when they were 9 and 12 0 Replies #2389405 7:27PM 05/09/2005
years old. They came over when Castro first came into power. He gave everyone a choice to leave or stay when he first took over. That is when they left.
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Topic #2389502
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - april outside by herself getting in hot tub NT 0 Replies #2389502 7:37PM 05/09/2005
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Topic #2389524
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - maggie coming outside to hang with april and mag is talking 0 Replies #2389524 7:39PM 05/09/2005
and maggie is saying that now that its coming to the end the conversations are getting aggressive
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Topic #2389539
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - april defending herself to maggie about ivette saying 0 Replies #2389539 7:41PM 05/09/2005
that she believes janie will take april to the end if april stays and maggie says explain this to me april why do you think i would pick janie over you
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Topic #2389548
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - april saying they (ivette and maggie ) are pushing 0 Replies #2389548 7:42PM 05/09/2005
her (april ) to think stragity and april says i dont wanna think that way about yall but i feel like i have too
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Topic #2389561
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - maggie said janie would take ivette to the end because 0 Replies #2389561 7:44PM 05/09/2005
janie feels she could beat ivette and win the game and maggie says well if she takes you april to the end she would just to keep me (maggie) from getting the money
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Topic #2389592
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - maggie saying she picked april over beau but ivette 0 Replies #2389592 7:49PM 05/09/2005
thinks that maggie and april are a team now and april is trying to talk her way out of being the one evicted and trying to convience maggie that ivette is turning against the friendship
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Topic #2389605
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - april is howie and ivette bashing right now she ( april ) is trying 0 Replies #2389605 7:50PM 05/09/2005
to keep maggie on herside so she can keep ivette on herside so she doesnt get evicted now april is saying on more than one occasion janie said she hates ivette
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Topic #2389622
Zazny - April worries she's getting shut out 0 Replies #2389622 7:54PM 05/09/2005
M: I picked you over Beau. She thinks it's me an you and she thinks she's alone
A: I can see that
M: She says actions speak louder than words
A: That's not our fault
M: I know that.
A: She likes to do her own thing
M: You and Janelle talk.

They say that earlier this week, Beau said Howie wanted him out but Janelle said Howie wanted Ivette out.

A: I was like Beau, did Howie say directly I wanted you out. He didn't say it directly and Janelle told me he wanted Ivette out...I went on what I took from the conversation. We are all guilty of [changing information what we hear]. Because Howie said it the way he said it, Beau took it to me [that].
M: Howie's a great player. He made people feel comfortable with him. Well not you.

A: Janelle has told me how much she hates her [Ivette]. I don't believe anything she says.

A: I feel like I'm working against ya'll instead of working with ya'll when it comes to Janelle.
M: I don't see it that way at all

A: If Janelle was in the final 3...
M: It's a crap shoot. We don't know who she'd pick.

M: Do I think janelle has an attachment to you over either of us? Absolutely. [It's not your fault] She talks to you about game more than us. For some reason she likes you.
A: I don't think she does.
M: I rather not study this option. I want her out. I want it to be good game playing. You win a competition you go on. I want to take the ***** out of this and add sportmanship.
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