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Topic #2407674
memyselfandi - Maggie: This is my time. I have my coffee and I have nights with you girls in the HOH room. Everything else I hate. 0 Replies #2407674 8:05PM 07/09/2005
Ivette is telling Maggie she wishes she could be as good as her about exercising and calls her disciplined about the stairclimber. Maggie says that's a good compliment.

Maggie: This house makes it very difficult to be disciplined in any way, shape or form.

Stairclimb time done.

Maggie is now going to go do situps and I think invited Ivette to join her.
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Topic #2407785
PandeMOANium - Janelle was being sincere with Ivette. Ivette goes to tell the story to Mag/April & they turn to b*tches again, saying Jan is telling a lie/evil. NT 0 Replies #2407785 8:12PM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2407850
memyselfandi - Ivette is telling April and Maggie how Janelle and her bonded over baby stuff and then... Maggie launches into damage control 0 Replies #2407850 8:15PM 07/09/2005
Maggie immediately goes into damage control telling her Janelle just must have heard her talking about babies. She made up all the stuff about her wanting a baby, too.

Maggie: She's lying. That's my impression. She's picked up on something that she can talk to each one of us about.

Maggie says that Janelle is also trying to bond with her over medical questions.

April says that Janelle has manipulated four guys, why wouldn't she try to do it to one of us.

April: I know it's hard for you to believe that people could be that evil and use you like that and not have anything to do with you outside of the game, but she's one of them.

Ivette is saying that she doesn't think she talked about baby stuff that much. Maggie and April are saying she talks about it all the time.

April: She does not know any of us really really well, she just has to get to know us in case there is a game that is played where she has to get to know us. Everything that she does is just for strategy only.

Maggie: It's mean. It's not something I'd get involved in but it's game.

April is saying Janelle has said really really mean things about Ivette and her. They know this. She's just getting closer to the money.

Ivette isn't saying anything to their comments.

Maggie: First of all she called us the f'ing dorks. She said she was too cool to hang around us and now she wants to learn stuff from us?

Maggie says she's making cookies, asks if Ivette will eat some.

Ivette whimpers no.

Maggie: You're not taking this personally are you?

I: No.

April: You know she is an evil person. If anyone should know she is an evil person you should the most.

Ivette says she just wants to get back to reality and her f'd up family.

April tells Ivette to be careful what she tells Janelle when they talk, that she's just trying to get answers for HOH contests.
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Topic #2407864
fnfish - And so the Janie bashing begins 0 Replies #2407864 8:16PM 07/09/2005
Ivette reports that Janelle really wants to have babies and that she loves to look at baby clothes, etc, and Maggie IMMEDIATELY shoots this down.
Maggie: I don't think so. (said with BIG attitude). She's never talked about that before, she's just saying that now because she knows how much you love babies.
Ivette: She was saying how she gets Parent magazines
Maggie: She's lying. That's my impression. She's picked up on something that she can talk to you about. That's why she's asked me medical questions lately.
April: Well Howie told her everything that you've said, and so now she's trying to manipulate us.
Ivette is silent and pensive over these comments.
Ivette: I would never think that she'd be manipulating like that.
Maggie: Like my job, I take it really f'n seriously
Maggie: We were just talking about you wanting to have babies with Tush when you get out of this house. She's picked up on that and she's just playing you now.
Ivette looks hurt and she believes what Maggie and April are saying.
April: We know that she's said some very mean things about definately Ivette and me, so what's she doing? she's just trying to get closer to the money.
Maggie: I can't mock her for it. It's mean, but it's game.
April; Everythign she does is for a reason.
Maggie: First of all, she called us the f'n dorks for how long? She's too cool to hang around us and now she wants to hang around us all of a sudden?
Maggie: You're not taking this personally are you?
I: No (quiet). I just want to get back to my reality, whether I have a f'd up family or not, I just want to get back to my reality.
Ivette: It's my reality and it doesn't f- with me.
April: Just be careful what you tell her cause she's just doing it for the game to get answers for HOHs.

(ed. note: here's the part where I get disgusted, since I watched Ivette's & Janies' convo earlier. And with that, I am out, I cannot watch this garbage for the rest of the night).
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Topic #2407946
Diana - Ivette says the reason she's down is because she is nervous she can't play for HOH NT 0 Replies #2407946 8:21PM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2407996
ostra - Janie and Howie in BY, Janie walking around the yard as usual, Howie working out NT 0 Replies #2407996 8:24PM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2408017
Diana - April lecturing about money again...oh and here comes God 0 Replies #2408017 8:25PM 07/09/2005
We all need to realize that money does not make the world goes round. Whatever God wants to happen will happen.

A: At this point all of us are equally deserving of it, even her <gasp>

A: we just have to put our hands in God.. we just have to put our hands in God (ed: this is obviously a phrase she hasnt used often..LOL)

A: And she cant win the 500..not unless America comes in out of the blue.

A: She's heard how you want to help your family out, she'll prey on that <pause> unfortunately
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Topic #2408035
memyselfandi - April says Janelle has told her that she is voting to keep Howie and evict April and more damage control 0 Replies #2408035 8:26PM 07/09/2005
Maggie says it's nice that she told her to her face.

April says Janelle straight up

Then Maggie says well I guess if you're sent home then you know I voted you out, making a joke.

April points out that Ivette will be the first tie-breaker of HOH.

April is asking Janelle if she talked any game with her or anything. "She hasn't talked game with you at all?" Ivette said nothing audible if she said anything at all and just kept doing dishes.

Maggie tells her she doesn't have to do the dishes, but Ivette keeps doing them.

She has her back to Maggie and April who are hunched over the counter closest to the sliding glass doors.

Once again April asks if Janelle

It was all personal. Personal. Personal.

Ivette: I don't think I share anything in common with her. I find it hard to believe that she does that in her spare time.

APril: She doesn't. She's evil.

Ivette is saying she could see Janelle thinking what Ivette did was stupid. Ivette says the only security for sure this week is HOH and she can't go for it and that's why she's upset.

April points out that she has two people working for her though. Ivette says but the only 100 percent security is getting HOH. April says but two people will

April is telling Ivette to be thankful she got HOH. Maggie is telling Ivette she feels horrible that Ivette can't win HOH. Ivette tells her not to feel guilty.

Ivette: I feel like there's a lot that's out of my hands. This is a very, very tough point in this game and it's out of my control. ANd it's out of my control until veto competition.

April is saying the game is God's will and whatever will happen will happen and everyone is equally deserving of the money and all of their lives are great enough that even if they don't get the money their lives will still be fine.

April: We just have to put our hands to God and hope whatever happens happens for the best.

April is telling Ivette to think about the wonderful things she got this week even if she's worried now. "I know you wouldn't change that for the world."

April throws out that Janelle has heard how much Ivette wants to help out her family and she's going to prey on that, unfornunately.
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Topic #2408069
Diana - Maggie tastes the cookie dough and it doesn't taste right. Ivette: Let's get Janelle, she knows how to bake. 0 Replies #2408069 8:28PM 07/09/2005
Maggie: I don't want to get her. I'll add vanilla..maybe some more sugar.

April walks out and Ivette says to Maggie: It's not about the money. with april it's always about the money. that's not what i meant. i don't want to talk about the money.
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Topic #2408086
memyselfandi - April walks away and Ivette complains to Maggie how April always talks about the money 0 Replies #2408086 8:29PM 07/09/2005
I think she was trying to tell Maggie that Janelle wasn't talking about the money.

Ivette also said she wanted to have Janelle taste the batter because she's good at baking and Maggie told her she didn't want Janelle to taste it.

And now April is back from her laundry again.
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Topic #2408213
memyselfandi - A/I/M discussing packing, chitchat 0 Replies #2408213 8:39PM 07/09/2005
They're laughing about April overpacking. Ivette says her Tushie always overpacks, they should have seen how much she overpacked when they went skiing in North Carolina and then skiing talk.
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Topic #2408273
memyselfandi - Randomly April interjects: Boy I'm horny and I can't wait to see Matt *adult* 0 Replies #2408273 8:43PM 07/09/2005
Maggie asks where that came from. April starts talking about some trip to Denver she went on...

Then Maggie and April discuss how great hotel sex is. April says sometimes she tries to get Matt to go rent a hotel room so they can have sex there even though they have a house. Matt doesn't let her.

Then they move onto Janelle being fat talk as they watch her through sliding glass doors.

Ivette then says how mean Janelle is to HOwie when she was dismissive of him tonight at dinner and asking why he lived in Boca Raton instead of somewhere else.

Maggie: The more she makes other people feel bad the better she feels about herself. (Ed: Pot? It's kettle. Black.)
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Topic #2408389
memyselfandi - I heard this before but discussion confirmed it: April told Ivette she was the only COLORED houseguest left 3 Replies #2408389 8:51PM 07/09/2005
but Ivette didn't go Cuban on anyone's @ss and just kind of ignored the comment.
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rleeco - She meant "colorful". #2408676 9:15PM 07/09/2005
She meant "colorful"
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jmfan - she said COLORED but she meant COLORFUL. Ivette wasn't offended by it. NT #2408444 8:56PM 07/09/2005
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birdiebogie - Maggie tried to correct her, but April insisted Colored is the term she meant NT #2408496 9:01PM 07/09/2005
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Topic #2408443
memyselfandi - Cookies are done and Howie and Janelle come and get them. 0 Replies #2408443 8:56PM 07/09/2005
Mostly chitchatting about different people's sayings in the house.

Howie says that the M&M cookies are better than his jekoff session

Then discussion of Howie's jacking.

Then they discuss 40 days and 40 nights after Ivette struggles to describe it and figure out the title. Janelle said 46 days and 46 nights.

As Ivette is describing the sex in it, April says "I need to see that"

Maggie says, "Is that a porno?"

Ivette excitedly describes the movie and Janelle thinks Josh Hartnett is really cute and is telling about the movie too.
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Topic #2408671
deebopalula - Drunk Janie Stories 0 Replies #2408671 9:14PM 07/09/2005
Everyone is commenting/remembering the night Janie was drunk. Ivette imitating Janelle "hey Maggie!" "What" Go F yourself" and they all have a nice laugh. Janelle says she wasnt drunk when she said that. Cue dirty look from Mags
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Topic #2408682
deebopalula - A- "Dills in this game come a dime a dozen" 0 Replies #2408682 9:16PM 07/09/2005
Jan said she believes that most deals are kept
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Topic #2408689
deebopalula - HG discussing previous BB seasons 0 Replies #2408689 9:17PM 07/09/2005
Howie wants to see them all. Ape wants to see BB5. Jan says 5 was better than 4. Jan said to try buying from ebay. Mags has never used ebay
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Topic #2408709
deebopalula - HG talking about the pairs 0 Replies #2408709 9:20PM 07/09/2005
and remembering when they realized there were other partners. Maggie said someone told her that H & R were seen together at 4 in the morning and they thought it was weird. Howie says "that's weird since Rachel was never up at 4 in the morning"
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Topic #2408735
deebopalula - Iv & Howing-Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda 0 Replies #2408735 9:24PM 07/09/2005
Iv & Howie are talking about how they SHOULD have played the game where the partners were concerned. Maggie VERY quiet. April trying to talk, but Howie and IV talking too much and too fast. Janie kinda spacing out.
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Topic #2408760
deebopalula - Jan-The surfboard agreement saved us 0 Replies #2408760 9:27PM 07/09/2005
They all marvel at the thought that they were all the original alliance of the surfboard. Jan-"The surfboard agreement saved us"...they all giggle. Mag-"to the end!" (with evil sarcasm)
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Topic #2408788
deebopalula - HG's all getting along 0 Replies #2408788 9:30PM 07/09/2005
remembering the surfboard comp and the food comp from 1st night. It's kinda nice to see them all laughing together (with janie around, too!!!) but it is also boring and I am going to bed! goodnight!
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Topic #2408880
memyselfandi - April tells Ivette she is SO WEIRD 0 Replies #2408880 9:45PM 07/09/2005
for peeing in the backyard, now that she thinks about it and what she knows about Ivette. "She's one of the cleanest people I know."

Janelle: "You peed in the backyard?!?!"

Ivette says it's very common to pee in the backyard in Miami.
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Topic #2408898
memyselfandi - Other tidbits from Final 5 in kitchen *some adult* 0 Replies #2408898 9:48PM 07/09/2005
Howie is going to use his jack shack one more time tonight after getting a woody. That was brought on by Janelle mentioning what April had told her about her husband calling her the "can opener" because of the way she latches onto it during sex.

Then more April and Janelle peeing/poo stories.

Maggie is pretty much not a part of any of these conversations. She is deep in thought with a sour face and clenched jaw during most of the talking but she doesn't leave except to do some dishes a little bit.
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Topic #2408946
memyselfandi - April: Ivette can't get mad at me because I never asked him. He told me. 0 Replies #2408946 9:54PM 07/09/2005
In between stupid f'ing fish we get brief snippets of April and Maggie alone in barracks.

April says that she had a talk with Howie. She asked him about him campaigning to stay over April and why he's not doing that and he just laughed apparently. He has told her he isn't campaigning but that HOH has approached him to ask what he thinks the best strategy is.

Maggie: So Howie's become quite a liar.

when we come back from fish...

They are discussing something that came up in the earlier conversation where Howie and Janelle told Ivette something about earlier in the game that they insisted would have been a bad strategic move.

Maggie/Ape say well how good of a strategy can they have if there's one of them left and three of us.

Talking about Janelle Maggie says, "If Howie was part of the strategy then how nice was it to have a friend who threw HOH this week."

April doesn't think Janelle threw the HOH contest and then FISH
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Topic #2408949
memyselfandi - Maggie is watching April pack while Ivette/Howie/Janelle hang out NT 0 Replies #2408949 9:55PM 07/09/2005
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