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Topic #2422925
MonsterDubs - ivette states that janelle probably IS human but she does not care NT 0 Replies #2422925 10:33PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2423014
memyselfandi - April is not unpacking until the power of veto comp and other stuff... *PG-13* 0 Replies #2423014 10:41PM 08/09/2005
Ivette on Janelle: The thing is I actually think she is human, but I don't care. (something unintelligble, I think about her playing the game dirty)

Then later... "There's got to be some truth to her."

April: I always get blamed first.
complaining about getting blamed for locking them out of HOH room, not flushing the toilet after using it.

Ivette: She makes it all about her.

April explains how it wasn't her with the toilet, but says "toll-itt" which Ivette makes fun of her for.

Ivette: You make it all about yourself always!!

Lots of sniping then Maggie tries to interrupt... "Man my hands are so dirty"

Maggie and April talking about visiting Ivette after the show. April won't stay in her apt. because it's a studio.

April is talking about staying in hotel instead, Maggie can't afford that plus they've been sleeping in the same bed for two months anyway. beau-beau knows everybody in Miami. we're getting deals.

Ivette seems skeptical of this.

Then randomly.. Ivette got devirginized in an hourly hotel. April: Was it a guy or a girl?

Ivette angrily says what do you think? My girl friend I could just have come over in my bedroom.

They all hated their first times. April says she thinks it was the guy she was with. "nasty"

Discussion of hotel prices. Maggie says you can get hotels in Vegas for $20. Ivette doesn't believe her, but Maggie says if you pick the right hotel you can get it cheap.

Maggie just stays with friends on trips, never in hotels. ivette calls her a hippie. Maggie says she doesn't mind being called a hippie.

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Topic #2423034
BHnoah - Ivette: " I don't like staying at a hotel that stinks (smells) Maggie: "I don't think anybody does" lmao 0 Replies #2423034 10:43PM 08/09/2005
so funny-- cause Maggie said it so straight faced

they all are talking aabout prices of hotels
M: saying you can get a hotel for $20/40 in vegas -- Ivette doesn't believe it

just a relief that they aren't trash talking
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Topic #2423048
ferretkiss - IV - MAg - APR talk in Kitchen (Jan is up in HOH alone) (about 5 mins ago) 0 Replies #2423048 10:45PM 08/09/2005
iv: i think the rats love janelle
apr: what
iv: (repeats)
apr: why would you say that
iv:i just have a good feeling they do.
apr: what
iv: (Repeats)

apr: (something) you know what im saying, and to be on 24 hours a day, you know what im saying
apr: im hungry i will eat this whole bowl of trix, milk maybe not. bb doesnt want to throw a competiton my way ill waste the milk a bit.

apr: she was just sayig the rats like janelle. she is funny to laugh at, they are just behind the walls laughing but they dont get to go home.
mag: they dont give a f*ck aobut us, they dont care.
iv: i f*cking burnt my eyelashes for these b*stards.

talk about the soy milk, who drinks it (ashlea, janelle, maggie). maggie eats cereal "raw" she puts it in her lunchbox.
maggie talks about trix, its just a puff of colored sugar. disgusting.

iv: i think there gotta be some truth to the way she is acting.
apr: did you not see what she was weraing in both of her family pictures, come on.

iv: you know what those b*stards told me, he said you did not put your microphone on the ledge, and you usually do. i usually put it on the windowsill. you are breaking routine.

apr and mag say ivette is like rachel, and that they (apr and mag) fling that m*th*rf*ck*r.
mag talks that iv did not flush the toilet the other day.

by ferretkiss
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Topic #2423084
memyselfandi - Janelle is up in HOH I think reading the BB rules for what HOH gets NT 0 Replies #2423084 10:48PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2423112
Kaysaaarrr - April took the cross she was hiding in her bra for luck in HOH comp. and.... 0 Replies #2423112 10:49PM 08/09/2005
threw it on the table saying "well that sure didn't help me".
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Topic #2423370
memyselfandi - Herd readying for bed and Maggie directing the organizing of stuff in barracks 0 Replies #2423370 11:12PM 08/09/2005
Maggie to IvettE: Do you want your pictures up there or do you want them on the shrine?
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Topic #2423378
BHnoah - Janelle in HOH room listening to her CD and painting her nails NT 0 Replies #2423378 11:13PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2423418
ferretkiss - mag going to put the jenga in the storage room becase nobody is playing it... Apr/Ive .... 0 Replies #2423418 11:17PM 08/09/2005
tell her to leave it out , they will play tomorrow.
now maggie is putting something in the fridge for them.
now maggie is calling out janelle (3X). apr tells her janelle is probably listening to her music and cannot hear her.

(since she probably had to go up to hoh, i switch cams).

mag: janelle? i was screaming.
jan: oh i was listening to my music.
mag: i even knocked.

mag telling jan: april told you we are all on competition mode. we like slumber parties but not on nights that we are stressing. see we are on totally different schedules, see, we are in bed by 11 and asleep by 2.
(maggie seems to be inviting janelle down there, as opposed to accepting janelle's invitation to go to hoh.)

jan: thanks maggie good night.

jan now lstiting to music on her bed (Same as before maggie went there).
alsodoing her nails, and drinking ice mountain bottled water. you can hear her music, its pretty good dance music type (dj mix type thing no vocals)

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Topic #2423424
memyselfandi - Sneaky Maggie goes up to HOH to invite Janelle to hang out with them in barracks 0 Replies #2423424 11:18PM 08/09/2005
Maggie was yelling for her and knocking on the door but Janelle didn't hear her because her music was cranked up.

Janelle declined to hang out after Maggie said she was hanging in barracks. Janelle doesn't like that room. She said she just wanted to hang out in her room and listen to music.

Maggie told her she could come down later on if she felt like it, but when Maggie said they were just getting in bed, Janelle declined again. She said she'd probably stay up until 3 or 4.

Then Maggie comes back to report the convo.

Ivette says Janelle stays up all night studying. Apparently Maggie noticed Janelle's spyscreen was on but it was just on an empty room.
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Topic #2423427
BHnoah - Maggie popping her head into HOH-- saying that the girls are all in comp. mode so they are sleeping downstairs, 0 Replies #2423427 11:18PM 08/09/2005
but we can have slumber parties after noms./veto. Then she told Janelle she could come down and hang with them. Janelle asked what they were doing, M said just laying in bed
janelle said I'm just gonna listen to my cd
M; okay, and said goodnight for the girls

hmmm-- nicest convo. I've heard maggie have with Janelle
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Topic #2423521
memyselfandi - Lights out in barracks but IAM still gabbing 0 Replies #2423521 11:30PM 08/09/2005
April and Maggie still complaining about not having enough time.

April: "In all fairness we should have been given a minute per question."

Ivette: No way. If you give everybody a minute then everybody will know the question. It's common sense.

Ivette says the games would last forever and everyone would get everything right if they had all the time they wanted.

Ivette is telling them this was her kind of event.

Maggie: Well you're a better Big Brother person than we are.

Ivette then points out how they have all been able to have HOH room since Week 6 with the exception of two nights.

Maggie: Our alliance has dominated this game! They needed to give her breaks. Our alliance has DOM-inated!

Maggie then laughs about how up until then they wouldn't call it an alliance. Then talk about how Sovereigns weren't really an alliance. They turned on each other, didn't enjoy each other, weren't really friends.

Maggie thinks what her team has done was "groundbreaking." Her team enjoyed each other. "We formed a family. Each of us had different roles in this family." (ed: CULT CULT CULT!!!)
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Topic #2423577
memyselfandi - more from slumber party 0 Replies #2423577 11:38PM 08/09/2005
Maggie: "God if they had done any other competition tonight we would have won. We studied SO hard!"


April is curious what everybody thinks of her up there. Maggie doesn't care.

Maggie says she's going to get a lot of advice from all the know-it-all nurses, medics, firemen who will tell her she played the game wrong. Says Marcellas must be so annoyed how he didn't use veto and people tell him about it all the time.

Ivette: They promised him though that he'd be OK if he didn't use it.

April: They did?

Now talk of past strategy.

Maggie said first two weeks were awful. She had to change her game and shrink back when Eric got so powerful, they couldn't hang out with the same people. Her best week was when the six of them came together and all the times since then. Ivette loved nap time.

Then discussing clothes. April says she dresses conservatively, but form fitting for work. She can't wear button-ups because of her boobs and the gap.
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Topic #2423624
Dracorana - Janelle has joined the NH in the barracks 0 Replies #2423624 11:47PM 08/09/2005
They are talking about dogs and heartworm, how they can contract heartworm and heartworm treatments. Now talking about dog treats.
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Topic #2423700
memyselfandi - Janelle joins the party and tells lots of stories and discusses dogs a lot 0 Replies #2423700 11:57PM 08/09/2005
But we get lots of fish because it seems like she might be discussing people who hadn't signed waivers.

When she first came in they complimented her lots on her velour sweatpants asking if it was something BB gave her. Talking about how the fad is a few years old now but they are still so comfortable.

Janelle tells how her mom was a nurse before she started selling Mary Kay, she could make more money that way. Janelle sold it too for a while when she was in LA but didn't have enough time for it and the modeling.

Then they talk about dog food a lot. April and Janelle seem to give similar treats to their dogs. Ivette asks a lot of questions about them and Maggie just sits there finally saying something about how they're too expensive for her big dogs that it's not worth it.

Later Janelle shares that Bear got run over once by one of Janelle's neighbors. Janelle got really mad because the guy wouldn't own up to doing it.

And FISH again.
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