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Topic #2418934
Blaque03 - *Adult* April's going on about how her and Matt are going to have 0 Replies #2418934 7:04PM 08/09/2005
sex when she gets out April : "Theres gonna be a little bit of poundin going on!" NT
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Topic #2418954
Blaque03 - Janie "Have you ever done the sit and spin??!" NT 2 Replies #2418954 7:05PM 08/09/2005
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Kaynelle - Maggie replies: I thought all of that (talk) was going to stop when Howie left. NT #2418988 7:06PM 08/09/2005
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Lissdawn - And then in next minute made a comment about how horny she is and how she puts her ankles up by her head. NT #2419017 7:07PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2418960
pinkglitters - April: "Those b*tches asking me about smokin'. I'm gonna kick all their a*ses." NT 0 Replies #2418960 7:05PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419021
amIsane - Magg "I can't wait to have sex. I am so horney" NT 0 Replies #2419021 7:07PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419024
Blaque03 - *Adult* Maggie says: 1 Replies #2419024 7:07PM 08/09/2005
Maggie says: "I'm sorry I'm horny Ivetta!!"
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augie - She also made mention about putting her ankles up by her ears. NT #2419061 7:09PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419044
Kaynelle - Regarding HOH questions: "It's not normal to get all of the questions right. That's how we'll look at it!" NT 1 Replies #2419044 7:08PM 08/09/2005
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Kaynelle - Maggie said that teasingly NT #2419055 7:09PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419047
pinkglitters - Maggie: "Maybe we're just average and Janelle just exceeded. It's NOT normal to get them all right. We'll just keep telling ourselves that." 0 Replies #2419047 7:08PM 08/09/2005
(More sore loser talk from Maggie)
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Topic #2419092
bringkaysarback - Ivette... close your mouth when you eat!! NT 0 Replies #2419092 7:11PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419095
ferretkiss - mag: i want to have some fun this week! iv: yeah. ape: mm hmm..... 0 Replies #2419095 7:11PM 08/09/2005
mag: maybe we'll get music a lot !
ape: theres going to be a whole lot of pounding going on.
mag: im sorry ivetta, im horny.
ape: ill be happy, we dont have guys to look at
mag: thats what i was telling ivetta, maybe well turn lesbian, maybe youll turn straight ivetta
ape: shell be so sick of us.

ape: i cant belive i sucked so bad
mag: what
mag: maybe we did average and janelle just succeeded. its not normal to get em all right. thats how ill think of it.

jan: turn this off, right?
mag: no i have toput this back in.
someone: no olives, thats what we are missing.
mag: are there any in the refirgerator
jan: no. ive eaten nachos every single night. this is what i order...
iv: and when they get to your house they are ok?
jan explains that they put everything in separate containers, ordering nachos is great for her because all the food groups are in there veggies, etc.

iv says when she and tush want to spoil themselves she orders the chocolate milkshakes

(iv and jan aretalkign about a specific place in miami for the above, mention their reubens, chocolate cake, sauerkraut, etc.)

more talk about how much they love nachos.

ivette eating nachos too although earlier she seemed like she did not want that.

jan: i always put fresh tomatoes from the garden they are so good, off the vine. nacho talk continues.....................

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Topic #2419210
Blaque03 - Iv to Mag: Do you think you'll ever go back to eating meats? Mag: No.. never NT 0 Replies #2419210 7:17PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419281
Blaque03 - Janelle: I'm a princess! Ivette: This is your world and everyones just living in it! Janelle: Uh huh! 0 Replies #2419281 7:22PM 08/09/2005
Theyre joking around
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Topic #2419298
ferretkiss - april gone to WC alone. took suitcase to subway room. fish on F2 NT 0 Replies #2419298 7:23PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419399
Diana - Maggie: I'm going to look at the fish. April: You LOVE looking at the fish!!! (ed. welcome to our world!) NT 0 Replies #2419399 7:28PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419432
Diana - We get to watch the fishtank and hear Maggie talking about it. Followed by a view of J,M&A watching the fishtank... 0 Replies #2419432 7:30PM 08/09/2005
THRU the fishtank <sigh> I is in DR. they can't find Jennyfish (I feel like i'm posting this in the wrong forum!)
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Topic #2419442
ferretkiss - Ivette please go to the Diary Room .... 0 Replies #2419442 7:31PM 08/09/2005
food clean up talk.
back: ape and mag feeding the fish.
for some reason sound went way down..................
jan and mag and ape watching the fish (ed: wtf going on? either they are quiet or sound went out)

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Topic #2419457
Seny - NEW WORLD RECORD! 0 Replies #2419457 7:32PM 08/09/2005
April sitting alone with maggie
as soon as janie left april never talked for a WHOLE MINUTE... other than sleeping thats the first time this has ever hapened.
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Topic #2419479
Diana - April and Maggie whispering about the HOH comp in front of fishtank... 0 Replies #2419479 7:33PM 08/09/2005
April: People telling me to make a decision freaks me out
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Topic #2419522
just_meee - April said she could see every move Janey made during the comp 0 Replies #2419522 7:35PM 08/09/2005
She said half way through it she could see every move she made, but she wouldn't follow her because that would have been cheating.
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Topic #2419524
Yaya007 - April: I shouldn't say this cause it would be cheating..I could see her every move (Jan), I should have followed her, but that would be cheating. NT 1 Replies #2419524 7:35PM 08/09/2005
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auntjulie - No. Maggie said that would be cheating. April was kicking herself for not cheating. NT #2420176 8:04PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419525
Blaque03 - Maggie: "I really dont want this to get ugly" NT 0 Replies #2419525 7:35PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419537
Blaque03 - April "I dont see her bringing Ivette" (Talking about Janie) NT 0 Replies #2419537 7:35PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419538
Yaya007 - April says she is gonna talk to Janelle later to see what she wants. April don't see Janelle bring Ivette, cause she don't think she wants her. NT 0 Replies #2419538 7:36PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419541
Diana - April just told Maggie she realized halfway thru the game she could see Janelle moving. Maggie points out April had already missed so if she'd.. 0 Replies #2419541 7:36PM 08/09/2005
copied her it wouldn't have mattered.

Maggie is worried about this week getting ugly.
April: I'm pretty carefree about the whole thing (let's see how she feels in a day or two)
April: Ivette doesn't seem bothered, and that bothers me.
April: I don't see her bringing Ivette, but who knows....
April: I might go talk to her later, but who knows
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Topic #2419569
Yaya007 - April wants to cuddle with Maggie cause she likes to touch. NT 0 Replies #2419569 7:37PM 08/09/2005
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Topic #2419575
Diana - Maggie: We knew eventually we'd be sending one of us home. You get this far and it sucks NT 0 Replies #2419575 7:37PM 08/09/2005
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