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sparkletts NH discuss prison life and how it relates to their situation NT 0 12:13AM 08/09/2005
sparkletts discussion moves to Ivettes brother who is in prison NT 0 12:14AM 08/09/2005
edinboro Howie and Janie in GR reviewing HG history in preparation of next HOH comp NT 0 12:14AM 08/09/2005
sparkletts April complaining of pain in her leg NT 0 12:16AM 08/09/2005
sparkletts Ivette talks about how Howie had 5 empty tubes of toothpaste when she packed his bag for him. She packed it really well according to her NT 0 12:20AM 08/09/2005
sparkletts Maggie makes a pillow pile for Aprils leg so that she can keep it elevated NT 0 12:21AM 08/09/2005
sparkletts April: Don't tell them that I'm hurt. Ivette: She's so dumb. A: I'm not dumb, but that kinda stuff slips out. NT 0 12:22AM 08/09/2005
edinboro Howie leaves the GR 0 12:51AM 08/09/2005
edinboro Janie asks Howie to battle her with the light sabers in the bunk house room. NT 0 12:52AM 08/09/2005
edinboro They've now taken the continuing battle upstairs, just outside the HOH BR NT 0 12:57AM 08/09/2005
edinboro Janie chases Howie back down to the bunk house 0 1:00AM 08/09/2005
edinboro The NH are in the HOH bed, dozing off to sleep NT 0 1:01AM 08/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie in GR under covers; appears to be "jerking it" (Howie's own words) NT 1 1:57AM 08/09/2005
Timbo36 "That's the biggest load since I've been here!" Howie claims to Janie after he finishes masturbating. NT 0 2:01AM 08/09/2005
Timbo36 ROFL; Howie turns to the live feed cam and gives a thumbs up. NT 0 2:02AM 08/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie to Janie in GR: 0 2:15AM 08/09/2005
Timbo36 All HG in bed; Howie and Janie quiet in bed, slowly going to sleep. Good night all. NT 0 2:24AM 08/09/2005
LittleOldLady Howie and Janelle are in the kitchen. Can't sleep. 3 am BBT NT 0 2:57AM 08/09/2005
LittleOldLady Janie and Howie standing at the memory board, discussing 0 3:11AM 08/09/2005
LittleOldLady Back in the GR, talking about possible comp questions. Neither one is sleepy. NT 0 3:14AM 08/09/2005
LittleOldLady Feeds 1 and 2: Janie asleep, Howie trying; Feeds 3 and 4: HOH room slumbering NT 0 3:25AM 08/09/2005
pooh5983 Everyone is sleeping 0 7:42AM 08/09/2005
neysa54 Howie is up...but for how long its hard to tell...lol NT 0 9:02AM 08/09/2005
neysa54 Howie in kitchen now...looks like he is drinking water out of tap...lol 0 9:09AM 08/09/2005
neysa54 Howie is realllllllllllllly thirsty this morning.... NT 0 9:10AM 08/09/2005
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