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abbybb Iv telling Jan and Apr that she achieved her goals.. 0 8:16PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April thinks it is impressive that there has only been two repeat HOH"s . She says they are all very blessed. NT 0 8:16PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Apr saying, "how friggin insane is that gonna be...there's gonna be one key in that friggin nomination box.." NT 0 8:19PM 08/09/2005
abbybb now they're talking about their zits...particularly Jan's zit on her forehead NT 0 8:19PM 08/09/2005
abbybb As soon as Jan leaves to get her mic, Iv says, "I wouldn't want her to get the best of us so I wouldn't campaign against you girls." 0 8:22PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Jan saying that she gets her hair color from Amsterdam and that you have to be a cosmetologist to get it.. 0 8:24PM 08/09/2005
CougarSpy ~3:00-3:20 pm BBT Ivette on Tush, Janelle on Michael and last boyfriend. All hamsters in community bedroom (about 20 minutes of conversation). 0 8:25PM 08/09/2005
abbybb After Jan leaves to go to DR, Iv says Jan told her they're going shopping on Sun and then Apr says they must have told her to clean the room and then. 0 8:29PM 08/09/2005
abbybb When Apr and Mag are alone together, Apr tells Mag that Iv suggested that they had thrown the HoH.. 0 8:31PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Maggie says ''we've caught her (Jan) cheating... and they've (BB) done nothing about it..." NT 0 8:33PM 08/09/2005
Goddess200xxx Maggie just admitted they have seen Jan cheat before. says BB doesn't do anything NT 0 8:33PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Apr telling Mag that Iv telling her she should have cheated during the HoH game and that she told her that Mag didn't want her to cheat 0 8:33PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Mag saying that when she said that she was going "Home" soon, she welled up b/c Home is a good place for her... 0 8:37PM 08/09/2005
Suzan April/Ivette/Maggie talking about where to sleep 0 8:38PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Mag talking about her smart cookie Dave and wonders if he's firefigting or working on some project... 0 8:40PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Maggie is crying because she wants to go home... Ivette keeps saying "No more tears... no more tears" NT 0 8:40PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Mag crying about wanting to go home..Iv giving her the "no more tears..only 12 days left".. 0 8:41PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Iv, Maggie & Ap in BY doing a mini-Janelle bash NT 0 8:42PM 08/09/2005
abbybb Mag asking rather resentfully why Iv mentioned on air that she & Jan are surprised to make it this far. Mag saying that she should have said her and 0 8:43PM 08/09/2005
amynyc In BY - April and Mag at table, Iv at table --discussing SLEEPING SITUATION 0 8:46PM 08/09/2005
amynyc Janelle's HOH room open... 0 8:54PM 08/09/2005
amynyc A friend of Janelle's sent a pic she had never seen. It's from 2000, or 20001. There's also a couple bags of cookies NT 0 8:55PM 08/09/2005
pooh5983 janie asked if they all wanted to sleep in there with her NT 0 8:56PM 08/09/2005
SentiMentallyIll Janie's HOH room.. 0 8:57PM 08/09/2005
pooh5983 now we have fish NT 0 8:57PM 08/09/2005
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