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Seny Is april a Bisexual?? Click here for update 0 7:38PM 08/09/2005
hajer did april just say that she wants to be alone with maggie so they can touch? NT 0 7:38PM 08/09/2005
ferretkiss mag: im not that good of a fast thinker. apr: what threw me was when julie told me.... 0 7:38PM 08/09/2005
Seny April Swearing and yelling at the fish 0 7:39PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April wondering if she should wash the Gold Member sheets or should they just sleep on top? NT 0 7:41PM 08/09/2005
ferretkiss mag whispers to april: i cant believe its not her NT 0 7:41PM 08/09/2005
Diana Maggie and April really into the fish. "Look at pepperoni" "Blue your late" "Tigger stop it" 0 7:41PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April says she is embarrassed she missed three in a row at the HOH comp. NT 0 7:41PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Ap: Im really embarassed that I missed that many.... three... (Talking about HOH Comp) NT 0 7:41PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 April and Maggie still watching the fish, talking about how they're going to have to send one of their own home 0 7:42PM 08/09/2005
ferretkiss apr: yep we will have to send one of our own home. i mean i think... 1 7:46PM 08/09/2005
bbaddict2005 Janelle & Maggie in front of fish tank - janie trying to make small talk - maggie not cooperating, sitting with arms crossed, one word answers etc NT 0 7:50PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Maggie and Janelle alone staring at the fish tank.........Dead Silence... NT 0 7:51PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Janie finally just walks away... NT 0 7:51PM 08/09/2005
Blaque03 Maggie alone, creepily staring at the fish tank (I don't think she's blinked in like 5 minutes) NT 0 7:54PM 08/09/2005
Goddess200xxx Ivette says Jan is an amazing player, but will not get her vote in the end because she made her life hell for 3 months. NT 1 8:09PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April says that Jan had no fun while in the house, all she did was study, not like NH who had all the fun! NT 0 8:09PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April had cross in bra and praying to God to help her and that is why she is not upset NT 0 8:10PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 Ivette told herself two days ago she would not cry any more. And that calms her. NT 0 8:11PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 Ivette knows she is going up and she is at peace with it, and happy she got to talk to Julie. NT 0 8:11PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 Ivette going to give Veto comp all she has, but she will not beg to stay. She will be blessed if she gets the money, but she won't beg. NT 0 8:12PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April says Jan will only get the second place money, and she knows that. Jan walks out, convo changes. NT 0 8:13PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 Jan, Ivette, April sitting at table in BY talking about how long it is taking to get the HOH. And Power of Veto is up for grabs, says April. NT 0 8:14PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 Ivette says that they wanted her out the frist week, but she is still there and that makes her content. NT 0 8:15PM 08/09/2005
Yaya007 April says the good thing is that we have all won stuff. NT 0 8:15PM 08/09/2005
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