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amIsane Magg and April going over HOH questions while getting ready at mirror NT 0 3:48PM 08/09/2005
amIsane Talking about Jennifer 0 3:52PM 08/09/2005
amIsane April up close and personal with the mirror picking her nose NT 0 3:52PM 08/09/2005
AlNisa Maggie to Howie: I think Jennifer was the prettiest HG.... 2 3:53PM 08/09/2005
amIsane Magg tells Ivette she looks "Volumptious" (That is how she pronounced it) NT 0 4:06PM 08/09/2005
amIsane Ivettes eyelashes are burnt. (LOL) They are laughing NT 0 4:28PM 08/09/2005
ferretkiss it looks like janelle has decided on an outfit. it is a purple top and jeans.... 0 4:31PM 08/09/2005
pinkglitters Ivette pretty much guarantees Howie's elimination... 1 4:32PM 08/09/2005
VanWinkle 30 minutes...ahhhhhhhhhhhh.......................... NT 0 4:32PM 08/09/2005
amIsane How/Magg/Ape/IV in bathroom (This ones for Kirby. LOL) 0 4:35PM 08/09/2005
fnfish Janie's been lying pensive in the GR for a while. 0 4:36PM 08/09/2005
ferretkiss How and Jan 0 4:37PM 08/09/2005
fnfish Ivette approached Jan in the GR and told her that she could talk to her if she ever needs to. Wow. 0 4:40PM 08/09/2005
SentiMentallyIll I telling J that she knows it is hard to lose someone from the house.. 0 4:40PM 08/09/2005
Sunflake Ivette came into the GR where Janelle is laying on the bed ............ 0 4:42PM 08/09/2005
amIsane April and Ivette at mirror. April putting make up on (still!!!) 0 4:46PM 08/09/2005
bbdev Howie tells Jan she's the best jedi in the game.... 0 4:46PM 08/09/2005
ferretkiss Seems like last Howie and Janie talk in the House (another good pep talk) 0 4:52PM 08/09/2005
Panda4 Fish it is show time. NT 0 4:55PM 08/09/2005
luvinjanie NH totally kissing Janie's butt in the kitchen! NT 0 6:02PM 08/09/2005
Kaynelle Janie saying that she wants her nice pictures of her dogs so they 0 6:09PM 08/09/2005
Kaynelle NH + Janie in the kitchen. April says, "Now we have to look forward is the POV. Janelle secured her place in the final 3 0 6:10PM 08/09/2005
Kaynelle April: I'm not sad at all. Whatever happens happens. NT 0 6:11PM 08/09/2005
Kaynelle April: Thanks guys for keeping me here! 0 6:15PM 08/09/2005
ostra M: I wanna do that thing.. the Jazz Fest in New Orleans NT 1 6:17PM 08/09/2005
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