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We come back from FISH and still talk about dogs - memyselfandi
12:09AM 09/09/2005

FISHHHHHHHHHHHhh again NT - memyselfandi
12:12AM 09/09/2005

still fish (wtf????!!!) NT - amynyc
12:30AM 09/09/2005

Talking about evicted HG's and their pet peeves. Ivette being - ShelBel
12:46AM 09/09/2005
Ivette: "my definition of maturity is different." NT - FrodoLass
12:49AM 09/09/2005

Long batch of FISH again. NT - ShelBel
12:57AM 09/09/2005

Feeds back. Still talking about similar subjects. NT - drummer_inblack
1:15AM 09/09/2005
But alas, they continue to mention non-waivered people, and we get fish once again. NT - drummer_inblack
1:16AM 09/09/2005

Feeds back once again. Talk has turned to the other HG's, particularly Howie. NT - drummer_inblack
1:23AM 09/09/2005
Maggie ??? - NiteOwl
1:26AM 09/09/2005

Janie in HOH putting moisturizer on. I in barracks in single bed sleeping, A and M stroking each other in barracks NT - helena
1:48AM 09/09/2005

HGs sleeping. Iv in her own bed in MBR. A and M in single beds next to each other. J in HOH listening ti music. NT - helena
1:52AM 09/09/2005

Janie goes to kitchen, NH starts bashing Janie again... - Maxie
1:54AM 09/09/2005

All HG's in bed. Not all sleeping but none talking. Janie in HOH bed listening to music. FS in barracks. Looks like they are down for the night. NT - ShelBel
2:11AM 09/09/2005
2:35 BBT Janie still awake (in hoh bed,headphones on, eyes open, looks like she is thinking) NT - amynyc
2:36AM 09/09/2005

April woke up to use BR, back in bed now NT - amynyc
2:40AM 09/09/2005

Janelle took off headphones, moved to other side of bed, looks like she is ready to go to sleep NT - amynyc
2:43AM 09/09/2005

3 a.m: Apparently unable to sleep (in that small twin bed with Maggie), April picks up her pillow and blanket and moves to bed in GR,left door open NT - amynyc
3:07AM 09/09/2005

April was up and is now back in GR bed. Not sure what she was doing I came in the middle of her going back to her bed. NT - Panda4
7:49AM 09/09/2005
no what happened was: Maggie woke up and noticed that april was gone. she went and found april in the gold room. She was standing in the door way - JulieHuck
8:49AM 09/09/2005

Much tossing & turning in someone's bed. Not sure who, but I do hear sniffling as well. (ed. note: possibly April's sniffle) NT - Panda4
8:06AM 09/09/2005
It's janelle in the HOH NT - JulieHuck
8:49AM 09/09/2005

Someone just took a drink of water from bottle. (ed. note: scary but I did not see it and I think I recognize Maggies chug a lug.) NT - Panda4
8:47AM 09/09/2005
Janelle just sat up and got something off her night stand. (water botle maybe) then layed back down. Opps shes up again. and laying back again NT - JulieHuck
8:52AM 09/09/2005

Janelle is very restless in the HoH bed. NT - Panda4
8:50AM 09/09/2005

Janelle up and to HoH bathroom WC. She washes hands ( I hear the water and towel/she is not on cam). She is now back in bed. NT - Panda4
9:10AM 09/09/2005

9:38AM 09/09/2005

Fish.(ed. note: possible wake up call). NT - Panda4
9:38AM 09/09/2005

long wake call NT - pooh5983
9:39AM 09/09/2005

janie is upand is - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
9:43AM 09/09/2005

BB HGS plz feed the fish... NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
9:43AM 09/09/2005

april and maggie up in the GR NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
9:43AM 09/09/2005
Janelle came in and flipped the lights on in the gold room she seemed surprised they were in there. she went over to one of the beds...I think the - JulieHuck
9:50AM 09/09/2005

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