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Whatever it was she found it. NT - neysa54
11:24AM 09/09/2005

April in kitchen heating up coffee in the microwave NT - bbfaninaz
11:25AM 09/09/2005

april looking in the gum ball machine, asking Ivette about when bb does shopping sprees NT - bbfaninaz
11:26AM 09/09/2005

Ivette quizing April on when she streched out a bracelet, saying April is horrible at remembering when things happen NT - bbfaninaz
11:27AM 09/09/2005

April again asking Ivette how the shopping spree works, pretty much telling bb they really want a shoping spree NT - bbfaninaz
11:28AM 09/09/2005

April asking Ivette what she thinks the next competition will be NT - bbfaninaz
11:29AM 09/09/2005

bb Houseguests, you have 2 hours until the announcement of Nominations NT - bbfaninaz
11:29AM 09/09/2005

I think BB just announced eviction nomintions NT - neysa54
11:30AM 09/09/2005
April figured out something is going on tonight... because noms are early. NT - MyKingKaysar
11:34AM 09/09/2005

Maggie back in back yard from diary room NT - bbfaninaz
11:30AM 09/09/2005

Ivette talking about how her bracelet shows up at weird times NT - bbfaninaz
11:32AM 09/09/2005

fish, for a second, then back NT - bbfaninaz
11:32AM 09/09/2005

Now FISH again NT - bbfaninaz
11:32AM 09/09/2005

Maggie says 'Kenny' has been all business today then FISH NT - madmax131
11:35AM 09/09/2005

Feeds back, now Janelle is in back yard with everyone else NT - bbfaninaz
11:35AM 09/09/2005

Janelle talking about some pagent she won when she was 17, or no 18, or no 17, lol NT - bbfaninaz
11:37AM 09/09/2005

Janelle hates Miss America, but loves Miss Universe NT - bbfaninaz
11:38AM 09/09/2005

They all think that Milania? is soooo beautiful NT - bbfaninaz
11:39AM 09/09/2005

April says that Kristie Alley was Miss something of her state, Delta Burke was also so pretty Ivette says NT - bbfaninaz
11:40AM 09/09/2005

Janelle says she would not put her kids in Pageants NT - bbfaninaz
11:41AM 09/09/2005

maggie mostly listening, other three talking very fast and on top of each other about pageants NT - bbfaninaz
11:43AM 09/09/2005

Ivette says that you people in the south are all about cheerleading, and pageants NT - bbfaninaz
11:45AM 09/09/2005

you people in Texas NT - bbfaninaz
11:45AM 09/09/2005

April was complaining about a pageant she was in that a librarians daughter won just cause of her mom, then said she got better grades than April, NT - bbfaninaz
11:49AM 09/09/2005

Then Ivette told her then don't say that is why she won don't say that, lol NT - bbfaninaz
11:49AM 09/09/2005

April again being paranoid about what compitions they will be having today NT - bbfaninaz
11:50AM 09/09/2005

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