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April laying in bed asking Maggie if she will be nervous playing for pov, Maggie says of course NT - bbfaninaz
10:28AM 09/09/2005

Maggie and April getting out of bed NT - bbfaninaz
10:29AM 09/09/2005

Ivette outside at the washer NT - bbfaninaz
10:29AM 09/09/2005

Maggie and April in the storage room getting food NT - bbfaninaz
10:30AM 09/09/2005

Maggie in Kitchen getting her and April coffee, sees that there are clouds outside NT - bbfaninaz
10:31AM 09/09/2005

fish, probably due to Maggie singing NT - bbfaninaz
10:31AM 09/09/2005

Janei still sleeping in HoH, has eye mask on to block the light and has a bunch of pillows she brought up from GR earlier NT - crymerci
10:38AM 09/09/2005

I have video but not sound...then suddenly music for about 10 ...now no sound. NT - neysa54
10:40AM 09/09/2005

Stange going ons....video.........fish...music and fish...........fish! NT - neysa54
10:41AM 09/09/2005

BB: Ivette, please go to DR NT - crymerci
10:47AM 09/09/2005

No cameras on Janelle anymore. F1 LR, F2 Kitch, F3&4 on Ap/Mag in BY NT - crymerci
10:50AM 09/09/2005
Maybe she won America's Choice! - SarahGravie
10:58AM 09/09/2005
Janie in HOH NT - TX_Redhead
11:00AM 09/09/2005

Maggie complaining about having to use the downstairs WC - honeyb
11:00AM 09/09/2005

BB: April, please go to DR. Sleeping Janie back on feeds...then fish NT - crymerci
11:00AM 09/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette in Bathroom on feed 3, still no sign of Janelle, April still in Diary room NT - bbfaninaz
11:06AM 09/09/2005

sound not working when cameras are on all 4 at same time NT - bbfaninaz
11:08AM 09/09/2005

I don't know if it is me or what...but earlier I was hearing either someone talking or singing...every once in while sounds like a mans voice. NT - neysa54
11:09AM 09/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie going over past events NT - bbfaninaz
11:09AM 09/09/2005
Camera zoomed in on Maggie's fingers as she uses them to answer questions. NT - Bonita
11:12AM 09/09/2005

feed 1living room, feed 2 kitchen table, 3 and 4 back yard with Maggie and Ivette studying, still no sound NT - bbfaninaz
11:11AM 09/09/2005

Ivette quizzing Maggie on events...hoh, noms, pov, evictions...maggie counting on fingers - crymerci
11:12AM 09/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie talking about how April sometimes just doesn't understand the game NT - bbfaninaz
11:14AM 09/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette saying "poor Howie", he didn't have a chance against Janelle for the POV NT - Bonita
11:15AM 09/09/2005
Maggie said it was an unfair competition for Howie, because Janie knew it NT - amIsane
11:17AM 09/09/2005

BB: Maggie, please go to DR. No Janelle on feeds NT - crymerci
11:16AM 09/09/2005

Uh oh friendship: Ivette complaining to Maggie that she saved April by not using POV on Beau - memyselfandi
11:21AM 09/09/2005

feed 3 Ivette cleaning Barrocks Bed room Feed 4 a bird in the back yard NT - bbfaninaz
11:22AM 09/09/2005

Ivette is in barracks and seems to be looking for something. NT - neysa54
11:23AM 09/09/2005

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