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Maggie checks in on Ivette (still in bed)... - BB6Addict
7:24PM 10/09/2005

F1 & 2: Ivette in bed, hugging her stuffed animal, F3 & 4: Maggie, April, Janelle in kitchen making dinner. NT - BB6Addict
7:34PM 10/09/2005

April to Jan: America loves you. Jan: I know. April: They hate the rest of us. Maggie: Thank you. April: Thank you, America. NT - BB6Addict
7:36PM 10/09/2005

April: Saying America likes us, Janelle, is like saying that America hates you. It's stupid, because it's not true. NT - BB6Addict
7:37PM 10/09/2005
Janelle: I think they would like you, April. I don't think you're that much of a trash talker. That's why. NT - BB6Addict
7:38PM 10/09/2005
April: I think we've all done our fair share, but you can't love everybody right? Janelle: I've always loved everyone. NT - BB6Addict
7:38PM 10/09/2005

Janelle: You really think America hates you, April? April: I don't think they hate me, but possibly. We'll see. NT - BB6Addict
7:40PM 10/09/2005

April thinks America hates them because of what they did to Kaysar NT - scoobydoo
7:40PM 10/09/2005

April to Janie/was Mag there too?: I can hardly wait to see Matt.... - kristinek
7:43PM 10/09/2005

April & Janelle eating triscuit pizzas NT - scoobydoo
7:46PM 10/09/2005

Ivette curled up in bed with stuffed animal/Maggie cooking potatoes NT - scoobydoo
7:48PM 10/09/2005

Janelle & April talking about post-BB life - scoobydoo
7:54PM 10/09/2005

April asking Maggie what's she going to do after BB - scoobydoo
7:54PM 10/09/2005

Maggie talking about her friend's wedding that she's going to attend - scoobydoo
7:59PM 10/09/2005

Janelle asking Maggie if she thinks about her wedding. - scoobydoo
8:03PM 10/09/2005

Maggie telling Janie she's only been to one Vegas wedding....Dave's sister NT - kristinek
8:03PM 10/09/2005

Janelle wants to have her bachelorette party as a spa day for her & her friends NT - scoobydoo
8:04PM 10/09/2005

Vegas talk... - kristinek
8:07PM 10/09/2005

Janelle loves Big Brother - scoobydoo
8:14PM 10/09/2005

April & Janelle chatting in Hot Tub. Janie tells Michael she loves him NT - scoobydoo
8:15PM 10/09/2005

April says she doesn't want to watch the tapes, then backtracks - scoobydoo
8:17PM 10/09/2005

Janelle says she confessed to Kaysar what she said about him in DR - scoobydoo
8:18PM 10/09/2005

April thinks Maggie will win this. Thinks Maggie is a great person. - scoobydoo
8:20PM 10/09/2005

April and Janelle re: the DR - knifey_spooney
8:21PM 10/09/2005

Janelle asks about Kaysar eviction - scoobydoo
8:23PM 10/09/2005

April singing Maggies praises for some reason. - knifey_spooney
8:23PM 10/09/2005

April says there was a promise made (to Kaysar) and what they did was - scoobydoo
8:23PM 10/09/2005

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