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Ivette tells Maggie she prayed Maggie wouldn't win POV - kawaiinicole
3:45PM 10/09/2005

I think that Ivette just laid it out that she thinks April sucks and isn't going to pretend about it anymore - memyselfandi
3:46PM 10/09/2005

Maggie just asked Ivette what she thought cappy would think with the two of them at the end... - bbaddict2005
3:56PM 10/09/2005

Mag: "How do you think Eric would feel if it were me and you in the end" (To Ivette).... - Minx
3:56PM 10/09/2005

maggie just asked ivette: what do you think eric would do if it were you and i in the final two? - kaysar_and_janie
3:59PM 10/09/2005
maggie just told ivette that she thinks janie is going to try to mess with ivette (again protecting her position). NT - kaysar_and_janie
4:03PM 10/09/2005

Maggie whispers that she doesn't think Janelle is going to try to mess with April, she's going to try to mess with Ivette NT - memyselfandi
4:02PM 10/09/2005

maggie just whispered to ivette: "i know janelle messed with april & now she'll try to mess with you" NT - bbaddict2005
4:02PM 10/09/2005

Mggie "I plan on beating her next week in the HOH com(Janelle)" NT - amIsane
4:06PM 10/09/2005

ivette & maggie going over HOH trivia - maggie acting dumb, telling ivette how great she is NT - bbaddict2005
4:10PM 10/09/2005
It sounds like they're going over what questions were in the POV comp NT - puck71
4:12PM 10/09/2005

Earlier...Janelle is called to DR and says... - Taffy
4:19PM 10/09/2005

April out of the Dr, Maggie says to her do you want to hang out or do you want to be alone - bakerladee
4:30PM 10/09/2005

April laying on the hammock talking into her mike... - Taffy
4:31PM 10/09/2005

April comes back out of the DR and says that she is hungry. - bakerladee
4:32PM 10/09/2005

A comes out the the washroom and Maggie says she has to go now. - bakerladee
4:36PM 10/09/2005

Maggie goes inside for a kleenex and April is sitting at the table by herself eating. NT - bakerladee
4:37PM 10/09/2005

April says she will sleep in gold room all rest of week. Maggie: YOU ARE?! - memyselfandi
4:39PM 10/09/2005

April says I am sleeping in the GR tonight. - bakerladee
4:39PM 10/09/2005

jani in HoH room, lying down by her lonesome..she can't sleep NT - abbybb
4:42PM 10/09/2005

Maggie is doing more damage control with April now outside NT - amIsane
4:43PM 10/09/2005

MAGGIE Continues to Lie to Ivette's face.... - AlNisa
4:44PM 10/09/2005

Maggie conveys that Ivette is sorry for her actions after winning, but April won't accept it she says - notchbaby
4:46PM 10/09/2005

Maggie trying to bring April back into the fold/Ivette comes out so talk stops - memyselfandi
4:46PM 10/09/2005
April also said when she mentioned sleeping with Janelle - notchbaby
4:49PM 10/09/2005

Mag & April convo in BY....more - kristinek
4:49PM 10/09/2005

All 4 feeds on empty rooms in BB House NT - kristinek
4:51PM 10/09/2005

Feeds 1 & 2 on a sad, tearful looking April lying alone on bed NT - kristinek
4:53PM 10/09/2005

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