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The gist of Mags and April's whispering is that Mag doesn't trust Ivette.... - nickinoodles
10:51AM 10/09/2005

Ivette is back now changing her clothes. Maggie comments that Ivette ahs lost - Disneyisme
10:53AM 10/09/2005

Mag to Ape: after talking to you guys, i feel like i should just let you guys fight it out, but... - nickinoodles
10:56AM 10/09/2005

Maggie is looking haggard, April says "I don't know Maggie, you have to - Disneyisme
10:57AM 10/09/2005

Maggie is telling Ivette now how she doesn't like things to be unfair. - Disneyisme
11:00AM 10/09/2005

The cameras were all on Maggie while she was changing, then they all moved away - Disneyisme
11:02AM 10/09/2005

Janelle is back primping in the HOH bathroom, Ivette is quiet in the barracks, - Disneyisme
11:04AM 10/09/2005

Maggie says "we probably need to be ready at exactly 11:30 because - Disneyisme
11:06AM 10/09/2005

Maggie: I love that we can leave our panties out now. I think every one knows what I mean by that! (Howie?) :) NT - Kaynelle
11:07AM 10/09/2005

April leaves the barracks next, and says to Ivette "you coming?" - Disneyisme
11:09AM 10/09/2005
April also kissed Ivette on the cheek and IV sat stiff, not looking at her nothing. No response from Iv at all. NT - amIsane
11:11AM 10/09/2005

April is in the bathroom picking her nose again, telling Maggie how bad she feels - Disneyisme
11:12AM 10/09/2005

Maggie says to April something about telling the DR last night about the - Disneyisme
11:14AM 10/09/2005

April says to Maggie "I hope that whoever does get evicted this week, leaves on Tuesday." - Disneyisme
11:17AM 10/09/2005

FISH on all 4. NT - Disneyisme
11:17AM 10/09/2005

April says she hopes that who ever is evicted gets to leave tuesday - amIsane
11:18AM 10/09/2005

Janie dressed in a short skirt and the rest in athletic ware. That is strange or did Janelle ask or check in DR? NT - SizzleRI
11:25AM 10/09/2005

Magg/April stretching and ask Ivette if she has stretched - amIsane
11:26AM 10/09/2005

April says that when she was in track, that her nickname was jack rabbit - amIsane
11:27AM 10/09/2005

Close up of Ivette shows a very upset or deep thinking Ivette holding her stuffed bunny - amIsane
11:28AM 10/09/2005

Apr and Ivette whispering under the stairs - amIsane
11:31AM 10/09/2005

Maggie trying to make small talk with Ivette in barracks NT - bbaddict2005
11:33AM 10/09/2005

Maggie: the hippo is my second favorite animal. koala bear is 1st NT - bbaddict2005
11:34AM 10/09/2005

Ivette goes to rest room - april comes into barracks NT - bbaddict2005
11:35AM 10/09/2005

Maggie digs at her nose stating 'pulling an April' NT - thatgirI
11:35AM 10/09/2005

Janie is sitting on her bed in HOH , listening to her music NT - amIsane
11:38AM 10/09/2005

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