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Topic #2447074
BB6Addict - Maggie checks in on Ivette (still in bed)... 0 Replies #2447074 7:24PM 10/09/2005
Ivette: I'm going to call it a night early today.

Maggie: You're going to be okay, Ivetta. This house just makes things suck.

Ivette: I thought we all agreed to be bigger than the house.

Maggie: We are. We just need to take a little bit of time. Just give it time.
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Topic #2447178
BB6Addict - F1 & 2: Ivette in bed, hugging her stuffed animal, F3 & 4: Maggie, April, Janelle in kitchen making dinner. NT 0 Replies #2447178 7:34PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447201
BB6Addict - April to Jan: America loves you. Jan: I know. April: They hate the rest of us. Maggie: Thank you. April: Thank you, America. NT 0 Replies #2447201 7:36PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447213
BB6Addict - April: Saying America likes us, Janelle, is like saying that America hates you. It's stupid, because it's not true. NT 2 Replies #2447213 7:37PM 10/09/2005
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BB6Addict - Janelle: I think they would like you, April. I don't think you're that much of a trash talker. That's why. NT #2447215 7:38PM 10/09/2005
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BB6Addict - April: I think we've all done our fair share, but you can't love everybody right? Janelle: I've always loved everyone. NT #2447221 7:38PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447242
BB6Addict - Janelle: You really think America hates you, April? April: I don't think they hate me, but possibly. We'll see. NT 0 Replies #2447242 7:40PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447250
scoobydoo - April thinks America hates them because of what they did to Kaysar NT 0 Replies #2447250 7:40PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447284
kristinek - April to Janie/was Mag there too?: I can hardly wait to see Matt.... 0 Replies #2447284 7:43PM 10/09/2005
Watching show.....looks like April & Maggie cooking. Janie is sitting at kitchen table. Did they get wine? All talking about going to hot tub as they want something to do tonight. Janie missing Beau's bible.
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Topic #2447309
scoobydoo - April & Janelle eating triscuit pizzas NT 0 Replies #2447309 7:46PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447343
scoobydoo - Ivette curled up in bed with stuffed animal/Maggie cooking potatoes NT 0 Replies #2447343 7:48PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447403
scoobydoo - Janelle & April talking about post-BB life 0 Replies #2447403 7:54PM 10/09/2005
Janelle: What are you going to do besides go back to work?
April: Spend as much time with Matt and my dog as possible. Catch up on the news and stuff I've missed.

Janelle says something about going to Mexico with her family in October. April asks if she's going back to the Mansion and Janelle says yeah, she hopes she hasn't been replaced.
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Topic #2447411
scoobydoo - April asking Maggie what's she going to do after BB 0 Replies #2447411 7:54PM 10/09/2005
Maggie wants to visit her friends and hopefully not go back to work the first week
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Topic #2447456
scoobydoo - Maggie talking about her friend's wedding that she's going to attend 0 Replies #2447456 7:59PM 10/09/2005
she's part of the bridal party. They're staying at a beach house. The fiance is Filipino so they are going to do traditional things like pig roast & luau. Says it will be a laid-back wedding. Maggie will be maid of honor
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Topic #2447527
scoobydoo - Janelle asking Maggie if she thinks about her wedding. 0 Replies #2447527 8:03PM 10/09/2005
Maggie: No.
Janelle: why not?
Maggie: Because I'm not engaged
Janelle: But if you were, would you think about it?
Maggie says she doesn't want to get married in Vegas
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Topic #2447535
kristinek - Maggie telling Janie she's only been to one Vegas wedding....Dave's sister NT 0 Replies #2447535 8:03PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447549
scoobydoo - Janelle wants to have her bachelorette party as a spa day for her & her friends NT 0 Replies #2447549 8:04PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447598
kristinek - Vegas talk... 0 Replies #2447598 8:07PM 10/09/2005
April has stayed at the Venician twice through work (how nice!) Janie asks if it's as nice as Mandalay Bay? April says yes....they're doing dishes now
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Topic #2447704
scoobydoo - Janelle loves Big Brother 0 Replies #2447704 8:14PM 10/09/2005
April asking Janelle how she got into Big Brother. Janelle says she saw commercials for first Big Brother. Janelle says she likes the competitions and that they have gotten better.

(before April asked janelle why she said she wanted the game to be over and also said she wanted 4 more months. Janelle said she does want game to be over but if she had to go 4 more months, she could. April says she (Janelle) loves being in the house.

Janelle liked Amy & marcellas. April says that's the first season she remembered seeing. She never got into it. Watched other reality shows. April loved Season 3 when she saw it all on DVD right before she came. Said it was like a soap opera. April wondering if she has to go to wrap party. Wants to see her dog. Janelle tells her to bring her dog to the party.
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Topic #2447713
scoobydoo - April & Janelle chatting in Hot Tub. Janie tells Michael she loves him NT 0 Replies #2447713 8:15PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2447737
scoobydoo - April says she doesn't want to watch the tapes, then backtracks 0 Replies #2447737 8:17PM 10/09/2005
Janelle says she thinks she'll get mad when she watches Ivette in the DR.

April says sometimes you get mad, you say it in DR.
Janelle says if she's mad at someone, she'll say it to their face. When she was mad at Maggie, she said "FU" to her, not in the DR
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Topic #2447752
scoobydoo - Janelle says she confessed to Kaysar what she said about him in DR 0 Replies #2447752 8:18PM 10/09/2005
that she wanted Kaysar evicted over Ashlea.
April: Well, yeah, that was your partner

Now they're talking about how the secret partner twist came out quick.
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Topic #2447773
scoobydoo - April thinks Maggie will win this. Thinks Maggie is a great person. 0 Replies #2447773 8:20PM 10/09/2005
She's been wanted out since Eric.
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Topic #2447791
knifey_spooney - April and Janelle re: the DR 0 Replies #2447791 8:21PM 10/09/2005
April says you can't really get mad about what is said in the DR. People have to say bad stuff in there because thts the only place they can say them.

Janelle says if people have bad things to say, they should say it to their face. Thats why she told Maggie to go f-- herself, she wasn't about to go say it in the DR because she wants everyone to know how she feels, no point in hiding it.

April seems a little taken aback by this, she says to remember that the DR can splice things anyway they want.
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Topic #2447817
scoobydoo - Janelle asks about Kaysar eviction 0 Replies #2447817 8:23PM 10/09/2005
April says it was Beau & Ivette who first came up with the idea
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Topic #2447820
knifey_spooney - April singing Maggies praises for some reason. 0 Replies #2447820 8:23PM 10/09/2005
She says that Maggie is such a nice, good hearted person.. she is definately going to win this. She is definately the most deserving, everyone has wanted her gone since week one. She would give her shirt off her back, but thats just the kind of person that she is. April guesses that its because she is a nurse and helping people comes natural to her.
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Topic #2447823
scoobydoo - April says there was a promise made (to Kaysar) and what they did was 0 Replies #2447823 8:23PM 10/09/2005
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