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Topic #2440725
nickinoodles - The gist of Mags and April's whispering is that Mag doesn't trust Ivette.... 0 Replies #2440725 10:51AM 10/09/2005
so much anymore because Ivette was vague when Mag asked Ive about picking her to go to the final three. Ive gave Mag the impression that she may not ultimately take Mag. Now April and Mag are discussing why, strategically, Ive wouldn't take Mag....
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Topic #2440747
Disneyisme - Ivette is back now changing her clothes. Maggie comments that Ivette ahs lost 0 Replies #2440747 10:53AM 10/09/2005
weight again, "you are such a fluctuator." Ivette says "I have not lost any wieght." April says "you have." Ivette changed quickly and left.
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Topic #2440769
nickinoodles - Mag to Ape: after talking to you guys, i feel like i should just let you guys fight it out, but... 0 Replies #2440769 10:56AM 10/09/2005
after talking to Ivette, i'm not so sure now. I can't rely on someone else to win it for me.

Ape: but i've made a promise to you....

Mag: why hasn't janelle made a deal with you because how/jan made a deal with ivette.

Ape: i don't know. They know we've only broken one promise during this game...when Jen was HOH

Mag: how do they know?

Ape: what? (uh oh, she's in trouble)

Mag: how do they know that was the only broken promise?

Ape: (making it up) because they see...
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Topic #2440780
Disneyisme - Maggie is looking haggard, April says "I don't know Maggie, you have to 0 Replies #2440780 10:57AM 10/09/2005
do what you have to do, but..." Maggie says after talking to you both, I want to say go for it, but now that it doesn't look like 100% from Ivette, "I'm like whoaa!!" April says "I am taking her (Janelle) out of the picture, I can't rely on someone else to win it for me." Maggie says "that's my position too." April says "but, I promised you. Janelle has not made any promises to me." Maggie says how weird that Janelle would propose something to Ivette but not to you "she has always talked about the game with you the most." April says "they tried that since Ivette was the tie breaker, so why not?"
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Topic #2440811
Disneyisme - Maggie is telling Ivette now how she doesn't like things to be unfair. 0 Replies #2440811 11:00AM 10/09/2005
She told her that Janelle wants either her or Ivette gone. Ivette isn't saying anything. Ivette appears to be thinking hard and ready to play.
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Topic #2440831
Disneyisme - The cameras were all on Maggie while she was changing, then they all moved away 0 Replies #2440831 11:02AM 10/09/2005
and Maggie said 'thank you cameras'. Just some small talk between Ivette and Maggie about what to wear.
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Topic #2440864
Disneyisme - Janelle is back primping in the HOH bathroom, Ivette is quiet in the barracks, 0 Replies #2440864 11:04AM 10/09/2005
Maggie is changing her clothes. Ivette says to Maggie "look how tiny you are!" Maggie says "thanks for saying that, I don't feel tiny." Ivette says "you are, tiny, tiny."
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Topic #2440887
Disneyisme - Maggie says "we probably need to be ready at exactly 11:30 because 0 Replies #2440887 11:06AM 10/09/2005
there are no picking teams." She sings then we get FISH for a minute. Maggie then says "you guys, 10 more days!" She smiles. Then she says "it's so nice to be able to leave my underwear out now. Everyone knows what I mean by that." She leaves to brush her teeth.
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Topic #2440901
Kaynelle - Maggie: I love that we can leave our panties out now. I think every one knows what I mean by that! (Howie?) :) NT 0 Replies #2440901 11:07AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2440916
Disneyisme - April leaves the barracks next, and says to Ivette "you coming?" 1 Replies #2440916 11:09AM 10/09/2005
Ivette says "not yet." She is sitting with her chin in her hands thinking hard. April wandered back through the barracks and was looking at Ivette the whole time, then pats her shoulder, gets her mic and leaves.
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amIsane - April also kissed Ivette on the cheek and IV sat stiff, not looking at her nothing. No response from Iv at all. NT #2440938 11:11AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2440955
Disneyisme - April is in the bathroom picking her nose again, telling Maggie how bad she feels 0 Replies #2440955 11:12AM 10/09/2005
for Ivette. She says "I feel bad for both of us, we are not in the best situation." Maggie says "correct."
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Topic #2440984
Disneyisme - Maggie says to April something about telling the DR last night about the 0 Replies #2440984 11:14AM 10/09/2005
high heels they could hear behind the wall, Ivette walked through the bathroom and Maggie repeated this, but Ivette had little response, then went into the WC and shut the door. Now Janelle is with them in the bathroom.
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Topic #2441020
Disneyisme - April says to Maggie "I hope that whoever does get evicted this week, leaves on Tuesday." 0 Replies #2441020 11:17AM 10/09/2005
Maggie says "why Tuesday, that's less time together." April says "but it's sooner getting back to the real world, just to get out of here." Maggie just kind of says "uh, huh". Then FISH.
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Topic #2441028
Disneyisme - FISH on all 4. NT 0 Replies #2441028 11:17AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441033
amIsane - April says she hopes that who ever is evicted gets to leave tuesday 0 Replies #2441033 11:18AM 10/09/2005
Maggie says "Why? That is less time we have together, the 3 of us"
April says because it is in the real world, if it is her, she wants out of the house. No comment from Maggie. Then Fish
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Topic #2441139
SizzleRI - Janie dressed in a short skirt and the rest in athletic ware. That is strange or did Janelle ask or check in DR? NT 0 Replies #2441139 11:25AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441142
amIsane - Magg/April stretching and ask Ivette if she has stretched 0 Replies #2441142 11:26AM 10/09/2005
Iv has been lying in bed for a while very quiet and deep in thought. April to Ivette "Ivette, lets not let this get to us"
Ivette "That is not what gets to me"
April "What's wrong?"
No response from Ivette what so ever
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Topic #2441166
amIsane - April says that when she was in track, that her nickname was jack rabbit 0 Replies #2441166 11:27AM 10/09/2005
She says she was pretty good but that she did not enjoy it because her stomach and legs would cramp after.
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Topic #2441184
amIsane - Close up of Ivette shows a very upset or deep thinking Ivette holding her stuffed bunny 0 Replies #2441184 11:28AM 10/09/2005
She has been like this for a while. (ed. I wish I could read her thoughts!! LOL )
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Topic #2441217
amIsane - Apr and Ivette whispering under the stairs 0 Replies #2441217 11:31AM 10/09/2005
Trying to figure out what is wrong with Ivette. April asking Magg that if it is betwqeen Magg and April to please let Ape have it, because Magg has nothing to worry about with April. But if it is between Magg and Ivette, Magg needs to fight for it because Ivette has not promised to take Maggie.
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Topic #2441245
bbaddict2005 - Maggie trying to make small talk with Ivette in barracks NT 0 Replies #2441245 11:33AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441258
bbaddict2005 - Maggie: the hippo is my second favorite animal. koala bear is 1st NT 0 Replies #2441258 11:34AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441278
bbaddict2005 - Ivette goes to rest room - april comes into barracks NT 0 Replies #2441278 11:35AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441282
thatgirI - Maggie digs at her nose stating 'pulling an April' NT 0 Replies #2441282 11:35AM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2441318
amIsane - Janie is sitting on her bed in HOH , listening to her music NT 0 Replies #2441318 11:38AM 10/09/2005
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