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Topic #2444515
kawaiinicole - Ivette tells Maggie she prayed Maggie wouldn't win POV 0 Replies #2444515 3:45PM 10/09/2005
Ivette telling Maggie that she prayed last night that Maggie wouldn't win the POV. Ivette says she meant it in a good way. She didn't want Maggie to have the job of choosing between the Friendship.
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Topic #2444524
memyselfandi - I think that Ivette just laid it out that she thinks April sucks and isn't going to pretend about it anymore 0 Replies #2444524 3:46PM 10/09/2005
Ivette says she's been really unselfish and tried hard to not hurt April's feelings.

Maggie is very "I guess I never thought of it that way" as she listens.

Ivette: How much has she been telling you? (suspiciously)

Maggie says April has just been talking about her hurt.

Ivette: How is it all about her in this? How is it all about her in this?

Ivette is asking lots of questions about what April is saying, Maggie is trying not to give up anything. She says she just feels like sh!t.

Ivette said she prayed that GOd wouldn't give Maggie the POV, not in a bad way, so that she didn't have to choose between Ivette and April. So that when Ivette and Maggie were in the final 2 April wouldn't not vote for Maggie at the end because Maggie picked Ivette over her.
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Topic #2444624
bbaddict2005 - Maggie just asked Ivette what she thought cappy would think with the two of them at the end... 0 Replies #2444624 3:56PM 10/09/2005
looks like april's warning is concerning her and she's ensuring ivette will take her over janelle
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Topic #2444632
Minx - Mag: "How do you think Eric would feel if it were me and you in the end" (To Ivette).... 0 Replies #2444632 3:56PM 10/09/2005
Mag: "I think he would take credit for it"

No comment from Ivette
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Topic #2444664
kaysar_and_janie - maggie just asked ivette: what do you think eric would do if it were you and i in the final two? 1 Replies #2444664 3:59PM 10/09/2005
ivette smiles, and maggie says, "he'd take credit for it. i know him better than you do."

this follows a conversation between maggie and april where april lays out why ivette might take janie to the final two over maggie, bc then she has a chance to win, but knows she won't win against maggie.

so maggie has just played the cappy card. and ivette seems as tho she's in a lighter mood.
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kaysar_and_janie - maggie just told ivette that she thinks janie is going to try to mess with ivette (again protecting her position). NT #2444704 4:03PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2444698
memyselfandi - Maggie whispers that she doesn't think Janelle is going to try to mess with April, she's going to try to mess with Ivette NT 0 Replies #2444698 4:02PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2444699
bbaddict2005 - maggie just whispered to ivette: "i know janelle messed with april & now she'll try to mess with you" NT 0 Replies #2444699 4:02PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2444739
amIsane - Mggie "I plan on beating her next week in the HOH com(Janelle)" NT 0 Replies #2444739 4:06PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2444783
bbaddict2005 - ivette & maggie going over HOH trivia - maggie acting dumb, telling ivette how great she is NT 1 Replies #2444783 4:10PM 10/09/2005
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puck71 - It sounds like they're going over what questions were in the POV comp NT #2444810 4:12PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2444881
Taffy - Earlier...Janelle is called to DR and says... 0 Replies #2444881 4:19PM 10/09/2005
"Oh for f*cks sake I look horrible" I feel like I've aged...both Maggie and April tell her she looks good, M: you look better without make up J: thank you, but , do I look old?...A: get your butt to the DR...Ivette comes out for a little bit, asks them if they want something to eat, they say no, maggie asks her if she wants to lay in the sun, Ivette says maybe in a little bit...when she leaves Maggie asks April: why does Janelle think that Ivette'll take her?
A: because of the 500K
M: Doesn't she know that the alliance wouldn't...
A: Apparently not, she would probably work...on Ivette, cuz she knows Ivette, all she talks about is her family if she wins the money, how she came to the show for her family, how it would change their lives, you know?
Most likely Janelle will work on her with that.
M: I can't do anything about that
A: nope...and, as much as you would like to think Ivette ultimately will pick you, I don't...I mean, I hope, I would think, but she's so about the money and her family...
M: But she knows...
A: She...I know, bu, she also knows she would be tossing out 500K if she picked you over Janelle...
M: but she knows that if she picked Janelle she'd be giving up the money...it's a toss up with me, it's a toss up...
A: do you not think that beau, do you not think Beau, Beau's gonna stall...you see what I'm saying?...That is her partner, that is her partner, Beau would not go...
M: Yeah, but me, you and Jen are in the jury...
A: You're not there...oh...that's...
M: That's stupid...too big of a gamble...
A: I don't know...I don't know...but I'm gonna tell you right now, they are gonna make her feel like ssshit ovet the next...week
M: I know that
A: Do you understand your family, you can bring your family out of...would she rather you be upset with her, or her family be upset with her? She'd rather you, most likely be upset with her...
M: I know that but, we've, they've been saying that to us in the DR for a long time now...
A: Doesn't matter, until you're in the position, you don't really have to think about it...you see what I'm saying?...
M: it's not how I'm playing...
A: Just because it's...I mean...hello! If I would have won that veto today I wouldn't have jumped and said let me in the DR, I'm in the final three, just because we wouldn't play that way doesn't mean other people won't. We've seen how's she's been over the last week when it comes to her family, when it comes to money, how they used to have money..well I've seen a whole different side of her over the last two weeks, because the money is getting closer range...I think she's a great person, I think she's a nice person, I think she's a giving person...but...
M: I can't...I'm not gonna tell her that if she doesn't...if she has a choice and she doesn't pick me...I'm not gonna tell her that, but she should already know that...
A: yeah, but...
M: If I have a choice I have to pick her. I have promised that from day one, that, in the alliance, if we're given the choice we have to always choose within the alliance...
A: Well let's think of the votes, okay...if it was her and Janelle...
M: she can't...
A: she might take it as a crap shoot, she might look at it as well,it's a bigger chance to win five... she knows she's not gonna win it over you, she knows that...
M: How does she know that? I don't even know that
A: mmmmm(edn. note: as in yeah, right)...no one...I don't think you understand, but no one liked her except for us, they didn't (shakes her head)you see...?
M: yeah
A: I mean she was very...you wanna sit over there, I'm getting hot
M: mkay
They walk over to the patio...
April: I don't know, I don't know
Maggie: uuuuh...
A: Dizzy?
M: I'm dehydrated...I hate that feeling...
M gets more water and they both sit across from each other at the BY table.
M: there's nothing I can do, Im not gonna tell her
A: mmh
M: bu... it's been the deal we've had between the alliance, you don't go against...your fellow alliance members...
A: I don't think that would...I don't
A: I think they're just gonna work on her reeeally hard...because...
M: I know that
A: she has said...she even said today the only reason I'm here is for my family...
M: I know that
A: umm...BB would probably see the best pleasure in her and Janelle sitting down together at the end...you got the two that hated each other thru the whole way of the game...Ivette comes out...convo stops.
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Topic #2445001
bakerladee - April out of the Dr, Maggie says to her do you want to hang out or do you want to be alone 0 Replies #2445001 4:30PM 10/09/2005
April says why what are you all doing?

Maggie: Yvette is laying down.

April: I have to go back in to the DR, I forgot to ask them something.

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Topic #2445014
Taffy - April laying on the hammock talking into her mike... 0 Replies #2445014 4:31PM 10/09/2005
BB would you call me in the DR, I forgot to ask a question...She comes in the house and finds Maggie. she tells her about going to the DR, Maggie asks if she wants company April asks what are they (M/I) doing...Maggie says Iv is laying down, April says they'll hang after she comes out of DR...Feeds 1&2 Ivette laying down in Barracks, awake...F3: April in kitchen using toaster...feed 4 Maggie coming into the kitchen...
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Topic #2445023
bakerladee - April comes back out of the DR and says that she is hungry. 0 Replies #2445023 4:32PM 10/09/2005
Maggie says I wish you would let me make you something.

April proceeds to start making an English Muffin.

April is going to the bathroom and Maggie finishes asking what kind of cheese does she want on it. Maggie says go to the bathroom and I will make it for you.
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Topic #2445055
bakerladee - A comes out the the washroom and Maggie says she has to go now. 0 Replies #2445055 4:36PM 10/09/2005
A: if you want to take a nap, you can.

M: no I'm okay.

April finishes making her sandwich.

A: I'm going to eat outside.

April proceeds to go outside and Maggie follows

A: you look tired, you can go take a nap.

M: I'm just exhausted. There is nothing to look forward to. Except a luxury comp and we've already discussed that we were not going to compete in that.
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Topic #2445067
bakerladee - Maggie goes inside for a kleenex and April is sitting at the table by herself eating. NT 0 Replies #2445067 4:37PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445087
memyselfandi - April says she will sleep in gold room all rest of week. Maggie: YOU ARE?! 0 Replies #2445087 4:39PM 10/09/2005
April says she's always wanted to sleep in the gold room. She would have last night had Ivette not "pulled that heebie-jeebies sh!t"

Maggie claims it really scared her.
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Topic #2445088
bakerladee - April says I am sleeping in the GR tonight. 0 Replies #2445088 4:39PM 10/09/2005
M: you are?

A: yes, I have always wanted to. I would have slept in there last night but Yvette pulled her heebee-geebee stuff.

M: yeah that gave me the heebee-geebees.
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Topic #2445123
abbybb - jani in HoH room, lying down by her lonesome..she can't sleep NT 0 Replies #2445123 4:42PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445130
amIsane - Maggie is doing more damage control with April now outside NT 0 Replies #2445130 4:43PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445145
AlNisa - MAGGIE Continues to Lie to Ivette's face.... 0 Replies #2445145 4:44PM 10/09/2005
When Janelle, Maggie and April were outside after the POV, Janelle said "maybe there will be a comp for the final safe" Maggie said to Janelle, "I hope not".

Janelle: Why Maggie?

Maggie: Laughs and says "Because I can't win against you"

April says to Maggie "well you won Final three". (Making reference to Ivette saying she will vote April out and keep Maggie).

(Ed: That's how is actually happened)


Maggie relays the story to Ivette and changed the entire story around. She told Ivette that Janelle was "mean" she said Janelle told her "I hope there is a comp for the final safe"

Maggie to Ivette: I told her I don't want to play with you and she said "why Maggie" and I said because I don't. I haven't won anything.

Ivette: OMG you told her that?

Maggie: Yeah I told her that, April was right there. Then she said to me "well you won final three Maggie".

Ivette: She said that to you?

Maggie: Yep

Ivette: What did you say?

Maggie: I said nothing, it was mean.

Ivette: You should have told her to go F*ck herself, I can't believe she said that to you...

(Ed: Another example of Maggie lying on Janelle to manipulate Ivette. I'm so over her. She's the master sheep herder. She makes Eric look like a saint)
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Topic #2445163
notchbaby - Maggie conveys that Ivette is sorry for her actions after winning, but April won't accept it she says 0 Replies #2445163 4:46PM 10/09/2005
For her to act like that means she only thinks of herself and people that only think of themselves I don't understand. I haven't cared for her in a long time (not exact words)
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Topic #2445172
memyselfandi - Maggie trying to bring April back into the fold/Ivette comes out so talk stops 1 Replies #2445172 4:46PM 10/09/2005
April seems resistent. She plans on sleeping in Janelle HOH room sometime this week.

Maggie trying to point out how Ivette cares about April's feelings when she said before HOH that if Maggie won HOH Ivette was willing to go up as a pawn to spare April's feelings.

April doesn't care. April just thinks Ivette only thinks of herself.

April: I care about her. But I have not enjoyed her in a long long time. I can't do right by her. I haven't enjoyed her. I don't know what else to say. I tried to talk to her up there and she wouldn't even listen to what I have to say. I do care about her. (then something I didn't pick up that I think was her saying she doesn't have to hang out with Ivette outside of this house even if she does inside)
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notchbaby - April also said when she mentioned sleeping with Janelle #2445207 4:49PM 10/09/2005
that she is sure Janelle will open up and talk to her.
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Topic #2445209
kristinek - Mag & April convo in BY....more 0 Replies #2445209 4:49PM 10/09/2005
April making loud noises as she eats something...(Just got on feeds, don't know what it is)...
Mag just said She's going to pack lunches with whatever April just finished eating....now talking about the difference between white bread and english muffins in calories...

Sorry phone rang...Maggie just called to DR.
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Topic #2445224
kristinek - All 4 feeds on empty rooms in BB House NT 0 Replies #2445224 4:51PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2445238
kristinek - Feeds 1 & 2 on a sad, tearful looking April lying alone on bed NT 0 Replies #2445238 4:53PM 10/09/2005
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