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Taffy All infront of fish tank now... 0 6:38PM 11/09/2005
joannie Ivette comes back inside. Maggie: "Did you walk a mile?" 0 6:39PM 11/09/2005
joannie Now Ivette is at the bathroom mirror popping zits while 0 6:42PM 11/09/2005
joannie Ivette tells Maggie through the WC door 0 6:47PM 11/09/2005
joannie Ivette is in the shower. Maggie is brushing her teeth. NT 0 6:49PM 11/09/2005
amIsane Ivette tells Magg she can't make it 0 6:50PM 11/09/2005
joannie April and Janie are in the HT. NT 0 6:53PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo April telling Janelle about the fight with Ivette 0 7:01PM 11/09/2005
fnfish It's really hard to hear convo over HT but it sounds like April is telling 1 7:02PM 11/09/2005
Jillio71 April: She (Ivette) pretty much told me that I could take the veto and shove it... 0 7:04PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie BB told Ape to put on mic - much easier to understand - telling how she (a) apologized to Janie NT 0 7:05PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie Ape say Iv was calling her a *blank blank blank blank country girl* wasn't blaming Iv, but telling why she apologized NT 1 7:06PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie Iv said in fight its her culture to yell after Ape asked her to talk like adults NT 0 7:07PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie A telling how she told Iv she was never blamed for any eviction..says she told Kaysers group she was - Janie doesn't agree NT 0 7:07PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie A: she (I) says that i was selfish for putting up james and it benefited "them" NT 0 7:08PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo Janelle: If I had known Ivette was behind the Kaysar thing ... 0 7:09PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie A: maggie was telling her to calm down (iv) NT 0 7:09PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo April: She (Ivette) was yelling at me ... cussing at me... I thought you would have 0 7:10PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie Iv wanted to know about fans - ape wouldn't tell her anything Janie said NT 1 7:10PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie Janie asks how she stayed calm? LOL NT 0 7:11PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo Janelle: How could you even stand it, April? 0 7:11PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo Janelle: How did Maggie take it? 0 7:12PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie Janie ask what maggie said - ape says she doesn't say much at all NT 0 7:12PM 11/09/2005
birdiebogie BB - Janelle please put on your mic.... J: sorry BB it was my big boobies (she had got out of tub and put robe on NT 0 7:13PM 11/09/2005
Jillio71 Janie says she got in trouble for telling them about what fans said (when she left the house) NT 0 7:13PM 11/09/2005
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