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neysa54 I see April and Maggie on hammock...is Janelle still at table...Where is Ivette??? NT 0 12:45PM 11/09/2005
Piety M: I asked Holly, do you like this game, and she said no.. 0 12:45PM 11/09/2005
jlplsss A and M on the Hammock. M saying that we (viewers) only like J because she doesn't take the game seriously like THEY do. 0 12:46PM 11/09/2005
bakerladee Maggie trying to convince April that America doesn't hate them NT 0 12:46PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo April worried about America hating her - about leaving the house NT 0 12:47PM 11/09/2005
nickinoodles Mag: i dont' want you to think for one minute that america doesn't like you.... 0 12:47PM 11/09/2005
bakerladee A: we have done a lot of things that Yvette has wanted. 0 12:48PM 11/09/2005
soapy April--- i am always wrong NT 0 12:49PM 11/09/2005
Piety A: I was going to try to be nice to everyone. Whether I liked them or not.. NT 0 12:50PM 11/09/2005
bakerladee A: why do I want to hang around someone who makes me feel like I am wrong all the time 0 12:50PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 A/M still talking on the hammock... 0 12:51PM 11/09/2005
bakerladee I didn't like having to explain why I was being nice to certain people. (Janelle) 0 12:51PM 11/09/2005
bbfaninaz April, and Maggie in hammock talking, Janelle at table, Ivette inside getting ready for POV ceremony NT 0 12:51PM 11/09/2005
bakerladee April: rehashing that Yvette got so excited when she won the veto and that hurt her feelings NT 0 12:52PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 April talking to Maggie about Ivette.... 0 12:53PM 11/09/2005
nickinoodles Ape: when i said i love janelle's hair.... 0 12:54PM 11/09/2005
bbfaninaz Maggie and April have now joined Janelle at the table NT 0 12:54PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo Janelle said BB kept woke her up three times that morning NT 0 12:55PM 11/09/2005
Piety A thinks Luxury comp is tomorrow because she's leaving on Tuesday. NT 0 12:56PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 April say she thinks shes leaving on Tuesday... NT 0 12:57PM 11/09/2005
Piety A: I'd rather be in Mexico (the sq house? Big surprise coming!) than be here. NT 0 12:58PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 April says: I would rather be in Mexico than here!! (She thinks sequester is in Mexico) NT 0 12:58PM 11/09/2005
aloha1961 april and jan telling maggie about a conversation they had with Ryan from bb (thought they were not allowed to conversate with the staff) NT 0 1:01PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 *ADULT* Janie sings: 0 1:01PM 11/09/2005
Piety A: Yeah he (ryan) came on and we were talking about scheduling.. 0 1:01PM 11/09/2005
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