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bakerladee Janelle and April talking about what happened last night with Ryan 2 1:01PM 11/09/2005
billw84 Lazie Janie: this weather just makes me want to go back to bed NT 0 1:02PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo April: I had a dream that Matt was disappointed in me NT 0 1:03PM 11/09/2005
Piety A: I wish the sun would stay out so we could lay out.. then FISH, glorious FISH. NT 0 1:04PM 11/09/2005
aloha1961 fish must be veto ceremony NT 0 1:04PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 Maggie, Janie, and April in By at table during LD but no sign of Ivette. NT 1 1:04PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 FISH! NT 0 1:05PM 11/09/2005
Vinman Feeds Back! Ivette laying in bed, Maggie packing! NT 0 1:17PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 They back..maggie and ivette in barracks..nothing mentioned about veto yet NT 0 1:18PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 Feeds back, I/M talking, Ivette crying NT 0 1:18PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 April just told BB not to call her to DR yet...something about changing...didnt catch it... 2 1:21PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 Maggie cleaning out frig...says some stuff smells...ivette in barracks just laying there. NT 0 1:23PM 11/09/2005
Blaque03 Ivette laying in bed on her stomach, looking very very depressed NT 0 1:23PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 Cameraman keeps showing something ...looks like at end of barracks bed. Something brown, I think. NT 0 1:24PM 11/09/2005
bbfaninaz cameraman zooming in on Ivettes pictures in barrocks, Maggie and April cleaning Kitchen, Ivette still laying in bed NT 0 1:27PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 April just said she is nervous..maggie telling her to put pepper on eggs. NT 0 1:29PM 11/09/2005
erniebert April and Maggie making eggs, Ivette laying in her bed, no discussion about veto comp at all NT 0 1:31PM 11/09/2005
bbfaninaz Ivette up, went into gold room, got seveal half empty water bottles, took into kitchen NT 0 1:32PM 11/09/2005
bbfaninaz Maggie just told Ivette "it's ok" NT 0 1:33PM 11/09/2005
bbfaninaz Ivette looked out the window in the kitchen, then went to the memory wall NT 0 1:34PM 11/09/2005
neysa54 Maggie and April at BY table eating...chitchating NT 0 1:35PM 11/09/2005
Goddess200xxx April is nominated NT 0 1:35PM 11/09/2005
Zazny A: It sucks that I will only get goodbye messages from you, Ivette, and Janelle... NT 0 1:36PM 11/09/2005
MizJet April just confirmed that she is leaving. NT 0 1:36PM 11/09/2005
erniebert April just told Maggie that it will suck when she leaves because 0 1:36PM 11/09/2005
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