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serac April was talking by the hot tub janelle while sporting her mustache, 0 7:57PM 11/09/2005
pinkglitters April said she used to intern for Dan Rather... then we get FISH. NT 0 7:57PM 11/09/2005
abbybb IV: My veto has caused chaos in the house. MAG: I don't think your veto has. It's just that one of us is going home. 0 7:57PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Mag: B/c we're now both safe, I mean to repay you by winning HoH. I'm sad b/c someone I love is leaving. I love her and I love you too NT 0 7:58PM 11/09/2005
abbybb MAG: I know it'd be better if Beau would be here w/ you b/c then you'd be here as a pair NT 0 7:59PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Mag: I don't like the game. I didn't understand the game when I came in here. I've got to get thru it so I could go home to ppl who love me NT 0 8:01PM 11/09/2005
scoobydoo Maggie just forgot she's 27 years old, and not 25 NT 1 8:01PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Mag said, Ppl who know me for 25 yrs won't judge me. Iv said "aren't you 27?" She said, "F**k me, I'm 27.." NT 0 8:02PM 11/09/2005
serac bb calling april to dr. NT 0 8:03PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Mag saying that this experience won't make their life bad and when she leaves she won't be a sh**ty person. Says they'll call each other after and 0 8:03PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Iv: I don't care what other ppl think. I care what my family and Tush think. If ppl don't care to know me, I don't care what they think NT 0 8:05PM 11/09/2005
serac maggie telling ivette that all they have to worry about is their families. 0 8:05PM 11/09/2005
abbybb apr comes in and convo btw iv and mags stops. Mag asks Apr to ask for Benadryl NT 0 8:05PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Iv: Days here used to go by so fast. MAG: That's debatable. Sometimes they did.. NT 0 8:07PM 11/09/2005
memyselfandi Maggie: I don't want to hang out with Janelle. I don't enjoy it. NT 0 8:10PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Iv cutting tags from Mag's pillow NT 0 8:11PM 11/09/2005
jan1953 Maggie assumes she's safe 0 8:11PM 11/09/2005
abbybb Mag: If Jan wins, we have no idea what she'll do but if she picks you, I'll be happy for you NT 0 8:15PM 11/09/2005
abbybb iv and mags practising for HoH NT 0 8:17PM 11/09/2005
memyselfandi Maggie and Ivette discuss Janelle. Maggie tells Ivette Janelle might think she can win over Ivette at end 0 8:19PM 11/09/2005
puck71 BB: Maggie, please go to the Diary Room NT 0 8:49PM 11/09/2005
puck71 What happened in the last half hour 0 8:51PM 11/09/2005
Insomniac Exciting Stuff: Janelle Eating a cookie, Ivette Reading NT 1 8:51PM 11/09/2005
pinkglitters I: I'd never thought this would end so ugly. M: Maybe it won't. NT 0 9:17PM 11/09/2005
fnfish Ivette and Maggie in barracks 0 9:18PM 11/09/2005
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