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Topic #2472038
scoobydoo - Ivette: If I can't talk to you at the wrap party, you'll know why (smiling) 0 Replies #2472038 9:20PM 12/09/2005
Maggie: April says she'll be walking around like a cowboy
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Topic #2472205
soapy - ivette plucking chin hair (lolololol) NT 0 Replies #2472205 9:40PM 12/09/2005
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Topic #2472210
BBFaininTX - Close up on Ivette picking her nose and now tweezing her chin hair. 0 Replies #2472210 9:41PM 12/09/2005
April and Maggie ran off giggling because you could see Maggie's areola's (nipples) through her shirt.
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Topic #2472242
pittsburgh24 - While April and Maggie were at the kitchen counter, April informed Maggie that Ivette would be voting live. April asked Maggie to talk to Ivette 0 Replies #2472242 9:44PM 12/09/2005
about not saying anything mean. Of course, April told Maggie not to let Ivette know that she doesn't want her to say anything bad - she wants Maggie to let Ivette think it is coming from Maggie.
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Topic #2472273
pittsburgh24 - Ivette came out of the bathroom and just asked Janelle if she knew how much a round trip ticket from 0 Replies #2472273 9:47PM 12/09/2005
Miami to Los Angeles was. Janelle told her American was the cheapest.
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Topic #2472289
pittsburgh24 - April keeps pointing out to Maggie that she can see through her shirt (Maggie is apparently not wearing a bra). This was said while they were in the 0 Replies #2472289 9:49PM 12/09/2005
kitchen and again in the barracks. April told her you could see her armpit skin and that it was sexy.
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Topic #2472299
Snuffles - Maggie computer illiterate - thinks we don't see much - hee hee NT 0 Replies #2472299 9:50PM 12/09/2005
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Topic #2472318
pittsburgh24 - Maggie and April talking about how people only see a small portion of what goes on in the house, per April only 25% plus internet. Maggie says that 0 Replies #2472318 9:53PM 12/09/2005
it is really only 8%. April then says that when they get home, Matt or Dave will say they had an article in US weekly about them. During this whole time, Ivette is just laying in her bed.
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Topic #2472374
pittsburgh24 - Janelle in main bathroom curling her hair for tomorrow. April and Maggie come in so April can put on her facial mask. Maggie sitting in chair 0 Replies #2472374 9:59PM 12/09/2005
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Topic #2472420
pittsburgh24 - Maggie and Janelle talking about their hair. Maggie asks Janelle if her mother has thick hair like Janelle. Jani says no. Maggie then asks if her 0 Replies #2472420 10:05PM 12/09/2005
brothers do. Jani says no but her sister does. Maggie: Her name is Megan right. April and Janelle both say no, it's Angela. Maggie can't imagine where she got Megan from. Jani says she has a cousin named Megan and mentions her last name and we get fish.
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Topic #2472467
pittsburgh24 - April commenting about facial mask being watery, asks Jani if she farted in it. Janie said no, b*tch. April said you make 0 Replies #2472467 10:12PM 12/09/2005
me feel so good about myself. Janelle says I'm not joking. During this time, Ivette came in to use the bathroom. April looks over at Maggie and Maggie goes "what?" April says I'm just staring at her to see if she is going to look at me. (referring to Ivette). Ivette comes out of the WC and leaves the room without saying a word to anyone.
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Topic #2472509
pittsburgh24 - April and Maggie sitting at table. April asks if Mag is nervous. Maggie says if I don't win and get evicted 0 Replies #2472509 10:20PM 12/09/2005
there is nothing I can do about it. Will you be dissapointed? Maggie first says no and then says I mean yes and no. April worried about dissapointing Matt and her family, she's not dissapointed. Maggie doesn't like to think about these things. It brings her down. Neither can April, the one day she did it kept her up and she was pissed. Maggie plans to say "it's just a tv show and blow it off." April concerned about how her family will feel if Ivette says something bad. Maggie says she will take care of it. April says that even Janelle says it sucks that she is evicting you. Maggie thinks that was nice of her to say. April says that Janelle heard a lot of things iv said. Maggie concerned that Jani might evict her.
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Topic #2472522
gomaggiego99 - April and Maggie discussing fight with Ivette... 0 Replies #2472522 10:22PM 12/09/2005
April says she will tell Jen and Beau about it seperately in the SH and it is no one elses buisness... Maggie says she has made it this far without campaigning.
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Topic #2472535
gomaggiego99 - Janelle quoting movies... oh and Censorship again.. FISH!!! NT 0 Replies #2472535 10:23PM 12/09/2005
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Topic #2472537
ferretkiss - APR and MAGGIE whispering alone at kitchen table. [LONG] 0 Replies #2472537 10:23PM 12/09/2005
now the SHE in the maggie/april conversation is Ivette...april worried that SHE (ivette) will say something during the eviciton tomorrow that will embarass april in front of her family. apparently at POV she did say something like this, and april said holy sh*t about it. they say that she is only supposed to say i vote to evict you april, not add any commentary. maggie asks if april wants to tell ivette herself, but april wants maggie to do it. (clearly they both believe ivette will be evicting april). april says if ivette says something bad she (april) will have to jump up on the couch and f*cking take her down.

apr: either you will be here with janelle or you will be here with ivette.
mag doesnt want april to say that because it will jinx her.

mag: i still think it will be crapshoot if i make it to the end (saying she is not sure if she will win or not).

mag says she told ivette if it is me and you at the end, it will be a crapshoot. ivette told mag that she is starting to realize she will not win. mag told her you do not know that, we dont know what they are saying in the sequester house, and james is there and could be saying things.

apr: i can tell you one thing, he will be trying to get people to vote for janelle over you.
mag: or over ivette.
apr: ahh, yeah.

mag preparing april to go to the sequester house and deal with james in such a way that it helps maggie. saying to tell james that maggie does not talk game with anyone outside her alliance. but you never know what james could say.

april counting the votes: april and jennifer would vote for maggie. janelle would not vote for ivette.

apr says she will go to seq house and vote for who she wants to win it.
mag says i think thats really nice of you but i dont want you to do that, if people dont think i deserve it then i dont want to give it to me.

apr says janelle noticed how ivette is using her family to say she needs the money, and apr says that people dont like that, thats not cool, i feels sorry for her if her family needs it, neither one of my family has a frigging college degree, i think we are all in the same boat.

apr says if she gets out of that frigging car and james says one thing rude to her she will frigging kick him in the nuts. she rehearses various things that james will say to her.

apr: it will be intersting , interesting.

apr: she thinks her family will be upset wtih her, is she saying that? does she not see that she has been rude, callign people out, hurt peoples feelings, piss people off? i mean i dont know what to say to her before i leave, the way she is pissed, she is pissed off at me, right?

mag: she is more sad than pissed.

apr: she hurt her feelings, is she more sad?

mag: she is not sad about game,its one of her close friends. you ask me and i tell you.

apr: i dont think she sees what she said to me and how she treated me and stuff. the other day she was so nice to me, but there were plenty of days that she beat me f*cking down to the ground. her family im sure will be mad because im going to campaign for you.

maggie frwoning at april.
mag: ive made it this far without campaigning,but i dont want you to say bad about ivette, i really dont.
apr:im not going to tell everyone i got in a fight, i will pulljennifer and beau aside and tell them, its nobody elses business. i can already tell you jennifer will agree with me. i can remember jennifer saying things like ivete was so loud and judgemental i just never really paid attention.

apr: im going to take my key out, take it, pack it, take it.

janelle comes out: i did my hair.

each tells her they like it.
jan: do you like it better like this or straight?
apr: its more natural looking straight, and this is more glamorous. it goes with your red nails
mag: you look like a fem-bot.

jan: i look like a fem-bot when i go to work, screwed, blewed and tattooed.

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Topic #2472538
pittsburgh24 - April continues to worry about what Iv will say at the live show tomorrow. Maggie will find out for her. Maggie asked if April wanted to tell her 0 Replies #2472538 10:24PM 12/09/2005
herself or did she want Maggie to. April still doesn't want her to tell Iv that it was April's idea to talk to her. If she says something bad, April doesn't want to have to take her down, she'll be pissed. April tells Maggie only 7 more days. Either way, you will be here with Janelle or with Iv. Then she asks if Iv said anything about the $500K.
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Topic #2472675
pittsburgh24 - April and Maggie snuggling in bed together. April whispered a secret to Maggie (couldn't hear though). BB said "Maggie, April stop that" NT 0 Replies #2472675 10:46PM 12/09/2005
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Topic #2472717
pittsburgh24 - April saying that she didn't realize how much Janelle wanted her to stay and she is sorry she is leaving. April then says that Jani told her today or 0 Replies #2472717 10:52PM 12/09/2005
yesterday that she wanted to take April to the end of the game. April always knew Janelle was okay with her but she has never talked to her that much. Maggie asks April if Janelle knows where April's vote is going and April says yes. Maggie then asked if Janelle asked her and
April say she knows because I told her. Maggie said you said you're voting for me or Ivette no matter what. April says yes. Maggie says that must have been hard for her to hear. April says they knew from when Ivette told Howie that the votes were secured. And then fish.
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Topic #2472728
pittsburgh24 - April said that Howie told Janelle everything about when they were all in the HOH with Howie and asked him if there was 0 Replies #2472728 10:55PM 12/09/2005
any way that Janelle would use the vote. April and Maggie convincing themselves that they didn't say it, that Iv said it. Maggie worried that Janelle thinks they all said it.
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Topic #2472739
ferretkiss - Maggie telling April that she made a binding promise to vote for the Friendship if there is ever a choice NT 0 Replies #2472739 10:58PM 12/09/2005
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Topic #2472759
pittsburgh24 - Lost my feed for a little bit. Maggie trying to agree that the understanding was if there was a non group member and someone 0 Replies #2472759 11:02PM 12/09/2005
from their group at the end that they would vote for their group. According to Maggie it was a binding thing and is that what April understood and April says yes. April can't seem to remember when it was promised and Maggie tells her during Jennifer's week. April - probably. They discuss how the rule was that they weren't supposed to vote each other out unless two of them were up there. Maggie asked if she doesn't think that was right. April says things change. Maggie says she wouldn't change that.
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Topic #2472854
pittsburgh24 - April and Maggie now talking about James. April says he will say she did Maggie's dirty work. Saying James didn't want either of them at the end. 0 Replies #2472854 11:22PM 12/09/2005
Maggie can't understand why James put so much energy into hating her. Why couldn't he let it go. April then says it hurts her to see Iv sad. But she was just trying to be honest. The damage is done. April wants to know why it was always her,why does she always have to do something. Once she gave in to Iv (mumbled). Now she is pissed off that James got Iv to do her dirty work. Now complaining about how James talked sh*t about everyone. (a lot of mufflng noises). Talking about Janelle being talked about so much. All of those stories told to her even though they were true based on what other people have seen. Maggie saying I thought you saw things too. Saying she listed a lot of things that Janelle did or didn't do and she said but I shouldn't have judged her for that. Maggie says if you don't judge them for that what do you judge them on. Do you not judge people. April says you should form an opinion not judge them (even though they are similar) was wrong. It was her fault. Janelle has done things, I have done things. Told her that she told Jani that the week H/J were very rude don't be surprised because I was pissed off and said some nasty things. Maggie asked what she said and April says she forgave her. Maggie says didn't she say I'm so sorry I deserved it. April says no one deserves it. She did say things back to them only 2% but she did say about Howie and welfare. Asks Maggie do you think I am taking things too seriously and Maggie says yes. She doesn't think April is a mean person and feels April is being too hard on herself and that it bothers her. Maggie - we've all said mean things whether provoked or not and everyone said mean things, we all have, not one person, Jan can't say she wasn't, we all owe each other a huge apology when we get out of here. Not one person was a bigger a**hole. She knows April is a good person and that April doesn't have anything to worry about and that is her opinion. April is fu&&ing hilarious, horny, playful, a free spirit. Doubt is eating her and she should stop it. If Maggie can see these things what makes her think others can't see them. If she had to describe April, one of the major things is really fun. If that is one of the top three words I would use to describe you, you have to know. April says she talks a lot and Maggie said she loves it. April - if they asked one question in the DR, she would answer 5. Maggie sayd she is really going to miss April. April tells her it is really going to go quick. Maggie says she has not slept alone, maybe one week, she always slept with Jen or April. It's not funny,she didn't plan that. Says bedtime is the only time you get personal time.
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Topic #2472939
pittsburgh24 - Maggie thinks April did a really good job in this house. She says that the other side had fun but they played the game. Their side had fun all the 0 Replies #2472939 11:36PM 12/09/2005
time. April said she was nice to everyone in the house, even James, she even explained to him that she was going to backdoor him. Saying we had wonderful families and the others don't understand because they don't have what we haev. Starts talking about Janelle and the ring her mother gave her on her 21st birthday. Janelle said she loves her mother so, so much. And, April felt bad, OMG, do you see what I am saying. Maggie says that everything they saw of the other side was game. They never came to her and talked about their personal lives. the only one was Kaysar and he f*cking put her off. Maggie says she saw things first hand (Janelle and the key again). those are things she saw first hand. When K evicted Eric she told him she had to put him up. When Kaysar had evicted Eric and had to put the key around her neck, she hugged him. There is a big difference to her. April agrees and keeps saying I know, I know. Maggie doesn't think what April is putting herself through is justified. Maggie says you never tried to hurt someone's feelings on purpose. The game is about judging and we all judged,we all made mistakes. Somethings we saw and some we didn't, you have to let it go. April brings up what Janelle said about the fans. Maggie says Janelle can say whatever she wants because it can never be proven. April tells her people were yelling things out, like do you miss Howie. Maggie asks if they said anything about April. April said she said they didn't say anything about you or I. Maggie says but they pulled the plug on us, we're not playing the game. April said that Janelle said one of the writers said doesn't she look like April. Maggie makes her repeat it. April says that they know who is left and that one of the writers had a friend outside and FISH. April says that Janelle has never said anything about Maggie and Maggie says that she appreciates that. Doesn't want April to get upset about what Janelle says.
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Topic #2473021
pittsburgh24 - Maggie says America may not like us because of Kaysar but that means they didn't see all the other promises were broken. April asks what promises. 0 Replies #2473021 11:48PM 12/09/2005
Maggie says M/H breaking the promise when Iv was put up. That was one thing. If the fans only see one thing, there is nothing they can do, they don't see all of the other lies. They are probably mad we sent AC's back. If they had sent Eric in and he was sent back out they would have been pissed. It didn't matter who they sent, it means we evicted them for a reason. James was the next one to go. They never changed their minds until K came back in but we wouldn't see it that way. James convinced Iv, and Iv went to them to evict Kaysar. April now says she'll say to Iv that James was feeding her stuff and she is not blaming only her. April doesn't think Iv likes her as much as everyone else in the group and how she bashes her. Of course she would take it more personally than if B/M had said it. If M or A teases her, Iv is going to get mad at April. M agrees but doesn't know why. April saying Iv made her feel like a bad person, it hurt her feelings so bad (M- I know that). She is where she is because they saved her a&* every week. Maggie says she told her that. Maggie said she called her in the gold room 2 weeks ago about an idea put in her head to evict Iv because she had never won anything. Maggie says she hasn't won anything the last few weeks. April asks if she thinks Iv overreacted with the veto and if it was Maggie would her feelings have been hurt. Maggie says yes to both. Doesn't think that Iv hurt her feelings on purpose. April saying she could have voted out Iv so many times and it broke her heart how Iv reacted. The more she thought about it it broke her heart and she was pissed. Everything boiled up inside of her. She is seriously happy that Iv won it. There is a reason God gave her the veto and not the other three, she has no problem with that. Maggie knows she had no problem with her winning the veto. Iv has talked about it many times but it has nothing to do with that. Maggie said she talked to her about it and Iv's explanation of it was different than how she interpreted it. More Iv trashing by April and Maggie.
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Topic #2473043
pittsburgh24 - Thinks that because Iv was in shock about the problems between them proves that Iv never listened 0 Replies #2473043 11:52PM 12/09/2005
to her. Maggie said she never relayed anything April told her. Maybe she should have given her a warning. April says she is sorry, that M or Jen would let things roll of them, but she can't. April saying that Iv makes her feel like a bad person, yelling at her. Talks about her parents yelling, though not abusive, doesn't do it now, very demeaning. Says it's much better now but he sometimes goes back into that mode and when someone yells at her it brings back bad memories.
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