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Ivette: If I can't talk to you at the wrap party, you'll know why (smiling) - scoobydoo
9:20PM 12/09/2005

ivette plucking chin hair (lolololol) NT - soapy
9:40PM 12/09/2005

Close up on Ivette picking her nose and now tweezing her chin hair. - BBFaininTX
9:41PM 12/09/2005

While April and Maggie were at the kitchen counter, April informed Maggie that Ivette would be voting live. April asked Maggie to talk to Ivette - pittsburgh24
9:44PM 12/09/2005

Ivette came out of the bathroom and just asked Janelle if she knew how much a round trip ticket from - pittsburgh24
9:47PM 12/09/2005

April keeps pointing out to Maggie that she can see through her shirt (Maggie is apparently not wearing a bra). This was said while they were in the - pittsburgh24
9:49PM 12/09/2005

Maggie computer illiterate - thinks we don't see much - hee hee NT - Snuffles
9:50PM 12/09/2005

Maggie and April talking about how people only see a small portion of what goes on in the house, per April only 25% plus internet. Maggie says that - pittsburgh24
9:53PM 12/09/2005

Janelle in main bathroom curling her hair for tomorrow. April and Maggie come in so April can put on her facial mask. Maggie sitting in chair - pittsburgh24
9:59PM 12/09/2005

Maggie and Janelle talking about their hair. Maggie asks Janelle if her mother has thick hair like Janelle. Jani says no. Maggie then asks if her - pittsburgh24
10:05PM 12/09/2005

April commenting about facial mask being watery, asks Jani if she farted in it. Janie said no, b*tch. April said you make - pittsburgh24
10:12PM 12/09/2005

April and Maggie sitting at table. April asks if Mag is nervous. Maggie says if I don't win and get evicted - pittsburgh24
10:20PM 12/09/2005

April and Maggie discussing fight with Ivette... - gomaggiego99
10:22PM 12/09/2005

Janelle quoting movies... oh and Censorship again.. FISH!!! NT - gomaggiego99
10:23PM 12/09/2005

APR and MAGGIE whispering alone at kitchen table. [LONG] - ferretkiss
10:23PM 12/09/2005

April continues to worry about what Iv will say at the live show tomorrow. Maggie will find out for her. Maggie asked if April wanted to tell her - pittsburgh24
10:24PM 12/09/2005

April and Maggie snuggling in bed together. April whispered a secret to Maggie (couldn't hear though). BB said "Maggie, April stop that" NT - pittsburgh24
10:46PM 12/09/2005

April saying that she didn't realize how much Janelle wanted her to stay and she is sorry she is leaving. April then says that Jani told her today or - pittsburgh24
10:52PM 12/09/2005

April said that Howie told Janelle everything about when they were all in the HOH with Howie and asked him if there was - pittsburgh24
10:55PM 12/09/2005

Maggie telling April that she made a binding promise to vote for the Friendship if there is ever a choice NT - ferretkiss
10:58PM 12/09/2005

Lost my feed for a little bit. Maggie trying to agree that the understanding was if there was a non group member and someone - pittsburgh24
11:02PM 12/09/2005

April and Maggie now talking about James. April says he will say she did Maggie's dirty work. Saying James didn't want either of them at the end. - pittsburgh24
11:22PM 12/09/2005

Maggie thinks April did a really good job in this house. She says that the other side had fun but they played the game. Their side had fun all the - pittsburgh24
11:36PM 12/09/2005

Maggie says America may not like us because of Kaysar but that means they didn't see all the other promises were broken. April asks what promises. - pittsburgh24
11:48PM 12/09/2005

Thinks that because Iv was in shock about the problems between them proves that Iv never listened - pittsburgh24
11:52PM 12/09/2005

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