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Janie just announced she got her period NT - voy_your
11:02AM 13/09/2005
more period talk - ostra
11:07AM 13/09/2005

janie came down to the kitchen NT - dabbaby
11:03AM 13/09/2005

All HG sitting at dining table . NT - neysa54
11:04AM 13/09/2005

Talking about Janie gettin off her period in 5 days..janie said that was lucky. lol NT - neysa54
11:06AM 13/09/2005
This was in reference to the show being over in six days. Everyone says: Good Timing! J: ' i guess you could call me a lucky lady!' - Diana
11:09AM 13/09/2005

Sounds like Janie said BB woke her up..they said its 11 o'clock time to get up. NT - neysa54
11:07AM 13/09/2005

short exchange regarding pain medications (Midol, Advil, Aspirin) - ostra
11:18AM 13/09/2005

Janelle: Good morning ladies, I just got my period!!!... - Taffy
11:21AM 13/09/2005

All 4 sitting at the kitchen table over coffee chit chatting about manicures, nail polishes , nail salons etc. NT - ostra
11:22AM 13/09/2005

More talk about houses, remodeling, blinds - ostra
11:36AM 13/09/2005

kitchen session seems to be over, Ivette leaves to barracks to pack her suitcase and BB bag (?) Janelle goes up to HoH room NT - ostra
11:39AM 13/09/2005

Maggie and April hugging in kitchen.. NT - neysa54
11:51AM 13/09/2005

Ivette still in barracks, making the bed, folding the sleeping bag, lot of sniffling (crying or just has a cold?) she just said Stop! out loud NT - ostra
11:52AM 13/09/2005

Maggie and April in kitchen making eggs, MAggie requesting a song for April, she wants to hear "Let's get it on" NT - ostra
11:54AM 13/09/2005

Ivette vacuming in barracks, A/M sitting at the kitchen table eating their BF - ostra
11:58AM 13/09/2005

April, Maggie talking to Janie about her boobs...I think April just told her she ordered a douche for her. NT - neysa54
12:08PM 13/09/2005

M/A/J in kitchen talking (ed. I joined mid conversation ) - ostra
12:12PM 13/09/2005

Janelle just said her nipples hurt bad !!! NT - calgal
12:18PM 13/09/2005

HG cleaning NT - voy_your
12:20PM 13/09/2005

A and M in BR, April sweeping the floor, Maggie sitting in a chair, they discussing Ivette - ostra
12:31PM 13/09/2005

15 min lockdown in HOH coming NT - Suzan
12:47PM 13/09/2005
After that they won't be allowed up for the rest of tody. Also something about when "Rich" gets there he'll come FISH - they are slowing moving up NT - Suzan
12:47PM 13/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette in HOH room- - Suzan
12:50PM 13/09/2005

Shower Time - small talk NT - cjb
1:25PM 13/09/2005

Maggie and april showering..saying they will use the quarters they were keeping. NT - Rzy2
1:31PM 13/09/2005

Janelle is making food in the kitchen..Maggie and April now out of shower..Ivette not on feeds NT - Rzy2
1:38PM 13/09/2005
Ivette is in BR with M and A NT - cjb
1:41PM 13/09/2005

All feeds: downstairs bathroom, A/M just out of the shower..... - Taffy
1:43PM 13/09/2005

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