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Ivette: who's cooking this late I thought it was your feet....mexican food NT - Yesca
11:33PM 14/09/2005

Maggie Ivette Yelling in back yard: hey actors....someone...Maggie, "hey looks theres a mic right there" Ivette "lets climb the fence and leave" NT - Yesca
11:34PM 14/09/2005

Maggie: I want Chevy's........thats my crotch and they both laugh NT - Yesca
11:35PM 14/09/2005

Maggie Beau's a princess and needs to be slapped around a lil but he's a good person NT - Yesca
11:36PM 14/09/2005

Ivette goin through her eviction speech again Cappy's leadership, Jen's small package NT - Yesca
11:37PM 14/09/2005

Maggie wants to be friends with everyone in the friendsship like she can call Beau's cell and not be screened NT - Yesca
11:38PM 14/09/2005

Ivette: I dunno if Im gonna take it personal like I told James my vote doesnt mean Im not your friend NT - Yesca
11:39PM 14/09/2005

Ivette: I think what bothered him was that April was contradicted herselfd alot of times if that makes sense NT - Yesca
11:40PM 14/09/2005

Feed 4 flashes close up and distant views of new table w/money inside. NT - Panda4
11:40PM 14/09/2005

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