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Magg says "The others(Sov6)never cried in this game. Because they didn't love each other like we(friendship) do" NT - amIsane
5:08PM 14/09/2005

Maggie to Ivette: I've cried so much in this game. They've never cried (S6) because they don't love each other. NT - misanthrope
5:09PM 14/09/2005

Mag said she did this in college too - overstudy and then miss out on the easy questions. Says everything happens for a reason NT - abbybb
5:10PM 14/09/2005

M/I whispering in barracks... - Taffy
5:11PM 14/09/2005

Mag advises Iv to relax. She said she relaxed in disc veto that's why did so well (she said "good") - abbybb
5:11PM 14/09/2005

M/Iv in BR talking about upcoming competition on Friday - pokey_ally
5:11PM 14/09/2005

Iv said James said he'd vote for Jan at the end unless Iv was there. Mag said, "So you got his vote". Iv said she can't trust him NT - abbybb
5:12PM 14/09/2005

Ivette: James said he would vote for me over Janelle.... - Insomniac
5:13PM 14/09/2005

Maggie: I cried so much in this game, but their side never cried. But they didn't love each other - memyselfandi
5:16PM 14/09/2005

Mag said, "This entire game we've been playing against her (Jan)"...Iv responded with "I know. Isn't that crazy?" NT - abbybb
5:19PM 14/09/2005

Iv crying saying Mag did so much for her and back home she has her family and only 2 good friends. - abbybb
5:21PM 14/09/2005

Jan popping zits on F3. NT - cellomasta
5:36PM 14/09/2005

F1 Iv sleeping/ F2 Mag sleeping (both in big BR)/ F3 & F4 Janelle in GR bed just sitting there with zit cream on her face NT - amynyc
5:43PM 14/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie are in the barracks bedroom napping. (Separate beds). Janelle is in the Gold Room in bed but awake. The house is so quiet that.... - ChiPrincess
5:44PM 14/09/2005

Ivette unable to fall asleep, got up & looked at her family pictures for a minute, then gathered up the towels in BR and went to BY to do laundry... - amynyc
5:58PM 14/09/2005

Ivette is now walking around the perimeter of backyard. Mag sleeping, Janelle still awake NT - amynyc
6:00PM 14/09/2005

Jan just lying in GR bed, seems to be thinking / Mag sat up, drank some water and is back down in bed (Someone pls take over - boring!!) NT - amynyc
6:03PM 14/09/2005

Maggie's walking funny Janelle gonna ask for Icyhot and wants to sit in hot tub NT - Yesca
6:07PM 14/09/2005

3 girls heading in a hot tub...asking for wine NT - Yesca
6:10PM 14/09/2005

Ivette still marching around the yard, both Maggie and Janelle are out of bed. No one could sleep. - memyselfandi
6:12PM 14/09/2005

BB: Janelle PLEASE stop singing. NT - Janie_Roxx
6:12PM 14/09/2005
Janelle was singing: Lets talks about sex ba-by.. BB: Janelle Please Stop Singing.. J: Sorry BB, it was my boobies again (LOL) NT - Mikkie
6:15PM 14/09/2005

BB tells Janelle to stop singing as she struts/dances into the bathroom to change into her swimsuit - memyselfandi
6:17PM 14/09/2005

Janelle aparently has two HUGE zits on her face and is VERY horrified NT - Janie_Roxx
6:17PM 14/09/2005

BB: Janelle please put on your microphone NT - Janie_Roxx
6:18PM 14/09/2005

BB: Ivette please go to the diary room. NT - Janie_Roxx
6:29PM 14/09/2005

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