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Yvette: this has been an emotional roller coaster. - bakerladee
12:20PM 14/09/2005

Maggie & Janelle stretching...Ivette in barracks goin thru clothes NT - Yesca
12:34PM 14/09/2005

Maggie suprised Janelle cares NT - Yesca
12:36PM 14/09/2005
talking Maggies Family and HG's BDays NT - Yesca
12:38PM 14/09/2005

close up of thong sanitary napkins? NT - Yesca
12:37PM 14/09/2005

Maggie wants to fart on cue...asks Janelle for advice...30 fiber pills a day - Yesca
12:40PM 14/09/2005

Amazingly, Janelle and Maggie are getting along SO well.... - nickinoodles
12:45PM 14/09/2005

Jan talks about how she had trouble in last night's comp.... - nickinoodles
12:49PM 14/09/2005

Iv: How do you think she is feeling? M- Fine. I don't think she (J) is nervous about anything. Ever. NT - SassyPrncess
12:55PM 14/09/2005

Maggie doesnt think Janelle gets nervous about anything ever - Yesca
12:56PM 14/09/2005

M announces: I have to poo again!" Janie: (deadpan) That's. Lovely. NT - SassyPrncess
12:58PM 14/09/2005

Janelle and Maggie making food...Ivette playing coaster after organizing NT - Yesca
1:01PM 14/09/2005

maggie's complainging bout being, "all bodily functions" NT - Yesca
1:02PM 14/09/2005
blaming her farts on Janelle NT - Yesca
1:03PM 14/09/2005

Ivette 2 cups of coffee and Janelle and Maggie both had 4 NT - Yesca
1:04PM 14/09/2005

Janelle getting sharp pains under her left boob NT - Yesca
1:05PM 14/09/2005

Beau's cellphone is still in the drawer in the kitchen NT - Yesca
1:06PM 14/09/2005

Ivette back to organizing NT - Yesca
1:06PM 14/09/2005

Maggie thinks shes gonna walk on the treadmill NT - Yesca
1:07PM 14/09/2005

Janelle whining about everything..."I hate jelly its so messy ohhh groooossss" NT - Yesca
1:08PM 14/09/2005

Ivette on floor at foot of bed staring at pics Mag and Jan are eating NT - Yesca
1:09PM 14/09/2005

Ivette wants to do laundry or something Janelle finished her bagel w/cream cheese and grape jelly NT - Yesca
1:15PM 14/09/2005

Maggie comes outta the toilet and Ivette is REfolding towels Maggie picking one for her shower NT - Yesca
1:17PM 14/09/2005

22 towels and they still couldnt keep up with 14 people NT - Yesca
1:19PM 14/09/2005

Magiie in shower...her and Ivette whispering intently I cant understand...running down names? FISH NT - Yesca
1:22PM 14/09/2005

Jan: Oh J*sus G*d! My *ss has exploded in these jeans! NT - SassyPrncess
1:25PM 14/09/2005

Janelle complaining .."what happened to my body I feel like a sausage in these jeans" NT - Yesca
1:25PM 14/09/2005

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