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Maggie up again, the 3 discuss April grabbing Maggie's cooter in the shower on accident this morning. NT - SassyPrncess
2:37AM 14/09/2005
They discuss various nicknames for female genitalia. NT - SassyPrncess
2:39AM 14/09/2005

Jan goes to bed in GR. They say their good nights. NT - SassyPrncess
2:41AM 14/09/2005
Iv: You girls! I am so proud of all of us on that thing tonight!! Jan- I'm proud, too. Mag: Yah. NT - SassyPrncess
2:45AM 14/09/2005

All three HG's still sleeping. Jan in GR. Maggie/Ivette in MBR NT - Veruta
8:04AM 14/09/2005

Still sleeping in same positions. NT - Veruta
9:15AM 14/09/2005

Maggie up and in bathroom NT - shesblazzzing
10:42AM 14/09/2005

Maggie is up walking out of BR to K. NT - Timbo36
10:44AM 14/09/2005

Maggie movin slow and leaning on counters ALOT <g> NT - Yesca
10:49AM 14/09/2005
filled ziploc with water to feed fish NT - Yesca
10:49AM 14/09/2005

Maggie is feeding the fish. NT - jalynne
10:49AM 14/09/2005

Maggie back in bed NT - Yesca
10:53AM 14/09/2005

Ivette Up gonna make coffee, Maggie'll join her in a few spoke a lil could hear the mumbles NT - Yesca
10:59AM 14/09/2005

Ivette's legs are killing her Maggie informed Ivette there'd be a comp today too Ivette seemed suprised, "really" NT - Yesca
11:00AM 14/09/2005

Maggie: There is probably going to be another competition today. - bakerladee
11:01AM 14/09/2005

Ivette puttering around kitchen Mag and Jan in bed, Mag rubbin her arm, Jan stirring NT - Yesca
11:05AM 14/09/2005
own respective beds NT - Yesca
11:06AM 14/09/2005

Mag up and in sr again Ivette noisily doin dishes w/ a pleasant look on her face NT - Yesca
11:08AM 14/09/2005

Ivette looks very happy this morning NT - shesblazzzing
11:14AM 14/09/2005

mumble Queens - Yesca
11:14AM 14/09/2005

Janelle awake NT - Yesca
11:15AM 14/09/2005

Janelle's hips hurt and Maggie's calves got her NT - Yesca
11:16AM 14/09/2005
Mag and Ive still talkin bout last night and who's better at what. Mag's hurt Ive thinks Jan will take her coz she never said so NT - Yesca
11:18AM 14/09/2005

Maggie: its never been said and you saying it on a feeling is fu**** up NT - Yesca
11:19AM 14/09/2005

Ivette feels Mag is more sucure in the house than she is NT - Yesca
11:20AM 14/09/2005

Ivette Jen hung onto that thing for 14 hours and wasnt complaining like this NT - Yesca
11:21AM 14/09/2005

Apparantly tomato soup gave Maggie nightmares that woke Ivette up at least once NT - Yesca
11:22AM 14/09/2005

they have bruised hands..Maggie: Damn you have big hands, Ivette: she's 5'9" (Janelle) NT - Yesca
11:23AM 14/09/2005

Ivette talkin bout a guy friend who's fingers look smashed some kinda condition NT - Yesca
11:24AM 14/09/2005

Ivette's feet are jacked up...talkin bout surgury on one foot at a time NT - Yesca
11:25AM 14/09/2005

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