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Yesca Maggie's mom was an activist in Sebastopol, Maggie m,ade peace signs to carry for war when she was younger Ivette Howling laughter NT 0 12:03AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie tellin Ivette she walked 2 miles to school she had chickens and stopped when she was 12 NT 0 12:10AM 15/09/2005
drummer_inblack Mag & Iv still laying in BY hammock; Jan also outside taking out her laundry. NT 0 12:36AM 15/09/2005
drummer_inblack FISH. NT 0 12:39AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie sees in Ivettes eyes she needs to leave Miami...Ivette: part of me wants to be sooo simple NT 0 12:43AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie from all 6 of you from Miami proved to me I dont want veiws like that...too much unimportant stuff is whats imporant to them NT 0 12:44AM 15/09/2005
John_DK_ Jan going back 2 bed, moaning a little, guess sore body from the HoH... NT 0 12:44AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette I can go anywhere in South Beach in my pajamas but people look at you UP and Down NT 0 12:45AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette afraid to make that big change Maggie thinks shes rdy Ivettes tired of Miami NT 0 12:48AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette egging Maggie to hop like the comp...I coulda beat ya Cmon bitch your ass woulda been on crutches today Maggie is Hobbling NT 0 12:51AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette Maggie cant ***** walk calling out to Janelle NT 0 12:52AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle feels 89 yrs old while Ivette is still hopping all in GR BSin Ivette bringing bengay NT 0 12:52AM 15/09/2005
John_DK_ Jan wants valium. NT 0 12:53AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle: Im paralyzed from the waist down NT 0 12:54AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette amazed theyre in such pain NT 0 12:55AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: who's the sick ***** who thought of this game? NT 0 12:56AM 15/09/2005
Yesca all together whining bout how messed up the comp was NT 0 1:01AM 15/09/2005
Yesca BB yelling at Ivette she climbing and farting at the cam they askin for another riddle NT 0 1:03AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle refusing to go to sequester in mexico for one day NT 0 1:06AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle is bored sitting in her bed for 4-5 hours too sore to sleep NT 0 1:08AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette talkin bout her family in Greece and Janelle talkin bout countries she wants to visit she hasnt alrdy been NT 0 1:10AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie was 17 in Russia NT 2 1:10AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette explaining how her mom is so concerned she had to take season 3 to her and show her it was legit NT 0 1:12AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle not gonna tease people with walkers anymore NT 0 1:12AM 15/09/2005
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