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Parker met Saphyre from Flavor of love and Amanda says Hoops is a stripper in Atlanta NT - Hippiebitch
10:55AM 13/02/2008

Amanda Loves New York... Matt asks Parker if NY is big enough to ilm and Parker says yes shes been on TMZ NT - Hippiebitch
10:57AM 13/02/2008

James admits to turning on Telemundo and jacking to the host coz they got these huge t tties. NT - Hippiebitch
10:58AM 13/02/2008

Jen: Lola's dead Ryan, we have a new guy. I think she's talking about her mic. - bbshannon
10:59AM 13/02/2008

Parker wants to go to the DR ... gets up and heads that direction NT - Hippiebitch
11:01AM 13/02/2008

Sheila wants Natalie to be HOH so she can make them good coffees - bbshannon
11:03AM 13/02/2008

Matt- shes laying in bed next to me say9ing "saying at least Ill get my kiss on VDay" Im like "From who?" I done wanna lead her on - Hippiebitch
11:04AM 13/02/2008

Someone asks Alex if they bathed naked together.. Alex mumbles "She didnt wanna" - Hippiebitch
11:07AM 13/02/2008

I can hear girls talking bout shopping in another room... f1 NT - Hippiebitch
11:08AM 13/02/2008

Matt, Alex, Neil, Josh all around one bed in the boat room. James also in there on another bed - bbshannon
11:08AM 13/02/2008
Matt asks if Showtime is on everynight. They know last night was a good night for the viewers - bbshannon
11:13AM 13/02/2008

James-sh t hits the fan around 5pm thats when people get cranky thats when pss sss sss starts and by 7 AARRRAAARRRAAAARRR NT - Hippiebitch
11:09AM 13/02/2008

Matt asks if BBAD is on every night... never watched BBAD but had Showtime. He'd turn in Night Vision Cameras and turned it off NT - Hippiebitch
11:10AM 13/02/2008

Josh said it would be crazy to have a BF in the house coz he would have sex. - Hippiebitch
11:12AM 13/02/2008

Amanda and Jen lay on eother side of Matt ... Matt turns face into Amandas boobs and tells her - Hippiebitch
11:15AM 13/02/2008

James asked Neil how to make sunny-side up eggs because he wants to serve Chelsia breakfast in bed. - BBInsider1
11:18AM 13/02/2008

Natalie has been chatting a lot lately-mostly about her job-making coffee & wearing bikini's, and now she's talking about - BBInsider1
11:21AM 13/02/2008

Matt and Parker talking in the boat room, Matt talking about how he is trying to be nice to Natalie and doesn't want to be mean but wants to - Melonie
11:22AM 13/02/2008

Matt & Parker are talking about Natalie - KaySeeDubya
11:23AM 13/02/2008

Parker and Matt still talking about Natalie, Matt says he is not sure what to do, - Melonie
11:27AM 13/02/2008

Matt telling Parker and Chelsia that you can't force love. NT - Melonie
11:28AM 13/02/2008

Chelsia told Matt he should go get natalie right now and talk to her about not being interested in her. He said she said she will start throwing - Melonie
11:30AM 13/02/2008

Sheila says she would totally hook up with Alex..she hates her partner, Adam cried yesterday - bbshannon
11:31AM 13/02/2008

Matt going to get Natalie with Chelsia they leave the room and go to the kitchen to find her. But now he is going to eat first. Random house guests - Melonie
11:32AM 13/02/2008

Neil tells Matt to be gentle with Natalie cuz she's a delicate flower. Matt says he's blunt NT - bbshannon
11:33AM 13/02/2008
Matt grabs Natalie and says we have to talk in a few minutes and kisses her cheek. - bbshannon
11:35AM 13/02/2008

Matt says it would be awesome if Parker hooked up with Jen - bbshannon
11:37AM 13/02/2008

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