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Parker watches the guinea pigs play, then walks to the backyard, and back to the guinea pigs again. NT - KennyN
2:12AM 13/02/2008

Ryan and Jen were kissing - Parker was looking at the guinea pigs and then FOTH NT - PeachesInMich
2:16AM 13/02/2008

Jen was laughing about making out with a gay guy (IDK if she's joking or not) She said it's probably already been all over t.v. by now NT - PeachesInMich
2:22AM 13/02/2008

Parker is looking at the library-printed wallpaper. Then FOTH NT - Ilovetwins
2:23AM 13/02/2008

Alex & Amanda in bed in HOH, Parker naps on floor near HOH, - Ilovetwins
2:29AM 13/02/2008

Jen & Ryan both head to bed. Jen asks, "Where's Parker?" Parker's still upstairs laying/napping against the wall outside HoH. All else in bed/asleepNT - KennyN
2:38AM 13/02/2008

Parker has been talking to Jen in the sitting area - folieadeux8381
3:19AM 13/02/2008

Jen and Parker whispering in bed. - folieadeux8381
3:28AM 13/02/2008

jen and parker talking about how people are gonna judge them - KingMac
3:41AM 13/02/2008

It looks like everyone is in bed now. NT - folieadeux8381
3:43AM 13/02/2008

Ryan is snoring his head off!! ...Poor Allison! - folieadeux8381
4:19AM 13/02/2008

someone is up and about... female not sure who NT - Antoinette
8:07AM 13/02/2008

Aroud the feeds - cat8mysn
8:07AM 13/02/2008

Sheila Up - PrincessManda
8:07AM 13/02/2008

Sheila is up and in the bathroom looks like she is taking a shower - Raffyroo
8:09AM 13/02/2008

Sheila - PrincessManda
8:24AM 13/02/2008

I looks like Chelsia is getting up soon - Raffyroo
8:25AM 13/02/2008

Movement! - BIGBROTHERinBuf
8:27AM 13/02/2008

Sheila is out of the shower - Raffyroo
8:44AM 13/02/2008

Sheila was in KT making coffee..... - PrincessManda
8:45AM 13/02/2008

James keeps popping his head up and says something to Chelsia before lying back down. NT - KaySeeDubya
8:45AM 13/02/2008

Sheila is still messing with her hair. Nobody else appears to be up. NT - KaySeeDubya
8:49AM 13/02/2008

FOTH NT - Raffyroo
9:05AM 13/02/2008

Cameras are back with all of them on someone sleeping. Not sure what happened to Sheila. NT - KaySeeDubya
9:07AM 13/02/2008

Cameras are back on Sheila who is still making coffee and doing the dishes. She's still the only one up and about. NT - KaySeeDubya
9:08AM 13/02/2008

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